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This is the place to show off your LAUERMAN ancestors.
If you have any photos of them, please let me know and we can work together to get them on this page for others to see.

Did YOU send me this photo years ago?
Children in order of age (Youngest to Oldest):
Neil (1895); Albert Leo (1892); Henry (1890); Ted (1887); Ben (1885); Joseph (1883); Charles (1881); John Michael (1877); Frank J. (1872).

Did YOU send me this photo years ago?
From back left:
Anna Catherine (1879); Charles Michael (1881); John Frank (1872); Joseph Henry (1883); Mary C. (1873); John Michael (1877);
From front left:
wife Anna Mary Gilley (1852-1904); Ted Hubert (1887); Henry W. (1890); Ben Otto (1885); John Joseph Lauerman (1849-1918); Albert (1892)(on lap)

taken about 23 September 1896

Front row from left:
Mary Scholl Lauerman (1856-1924); Mathias Lauerman, Jr. (1854-1939);
Maria Heiser Lauerman (1828-1905); Mathias Lauerman, Sr. (1825-1899);
the Rev. Mathias Zumbuelte(1839-1910), pastor of St. Martin's parish, now Holy Name;
John C. Seberger (1851-1912),whose wife, Susanna Lauerman (1862-1893), had died before this event.

Back row from left:
Katherine Lauerman Gard (1859-1933); Jacob Gard (1849-1930);
Angeline Lauerman Wagner (1850-1932), whose husband, Conrad O. Wagner (1828-1892) had died before this event;
Elizabeth Lauerman Stommel (1868-1932); Susan Hoffman Lauerman (1868-1947); John Stommel (1861-1935);
John Lauerman (1866-1950); Veronica (Fannie) Sheibley (1870-1922);
Florence Gates Lauerman (1854-1901), whose husband Peter Lauerman (1852-1893), had died before this event;
Michael Lauerman (1872-1949) [Fannie Sheibley and Michael were husband and wife, basically standing beside one another.]

Offspring not in photo:
Maria Lauerman Hepp (1848-1915), probably living in Tacoma, Washington; Nicholas Lauerman (1857-1867);
Conrad Lauerman (1864-1892) had died in Nebraska before this occasion.
(photo submitted by Andrea Fox, people identified by Paul Davis)

Mary (Scholl) and Mathias Lauerman
(submitted by Andrea Fox)

Taken in the 1940s?

Victor John LAUERMAN & Evelyn Agnes (SOLON)

My Grandparents - taken about 1965 - 1970

LAUERMANs at Peter SCHOLL's 90th birthday celebration - (on or near 13 September 1908)
Click the link above to see the large group photo and the rest of the names of those who attended

(Photo is large and may take a while to load)
Emil Lauerman born 1887
Anna Einsele born 1881 (Mrs. Edward Lauerman)
Edward Lauerman born 1882 (holding son Vincent born 1908)
Mary Scholl born 1856 (Mrs. Mathias Lauerman)
Mathias Lauerman born 1854
Nicholas Lauerman born 1830
Jerome Lauerman born 1889
Martha Lauerman born 1892 (w/ large hairbow)
Victor J. Lauerman born 1898

The LAUERMAN Family Store
(Photo is large and may take a while to load)
Cedar Lake, Indiana taken about 1904-1905
Left to Right: LAUERMAN Brothers
Edward John 1882-1955
Jerome Jacob 1889-1973
Arthur John 1885-1949
Emil Mathias 1887-1967

(Photo is large and may take a while to load)
Standing Left to Right:
Joseph Mathias, Sr. 1880-1959
Edward John 1882-1955
Jerome Jacob 1889-1973
Emil Mathias 1887-1967
Sitting Left to Right:
Arthur John 1885-1949
Mary A. (SCHOLL) 1858-1924
Martha Suzanne 1892-1981
Victor John, Sr. 1899-1975
Mathias Lauermann, Jr. 1855-1939

The Lauerman Guest House Inn Marinette, Wisconsin

The Lauerman Bros. Co. Marinette, Wisconsin

The following photos of "Uncle Mike" (Michael E. LAUERMAN) were provided by Kay Scott:

Jerome Jacob LAUERMAN and Barbara Agnes SPANIER

Submitted by Cheri Lauerman VandenBerg

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