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                    Solomon's Children

This is a webpage dedicated to the family of Solomon Quick Sr., born in the year of 1753.  As most of you know not all the information that we gather is 100% correct.  I'm always eager to receive new information on this family line.  If you have new names to add please let me know.  If you see any errors on the ancestors that I have listed, please let me know.  I do, however, ask that you have factual information.  Sometimes memories can fade and so do the facts.  Bibles are a good source of family history, but here also, is room for human error.  I would also like to hear stories passed down that will help us all get a better understanding of our ancestors.  I hope you enjoy what you see here and that it is enlightening to those that seek the same ancestral  information.

                                This webpage is a work in progress so please be patient with me as I build!

I'll begin this chronology with myself.  I was born Mary Ruth Bennett in a beautiful little town called Cheraw, in the state of South Carolina.  My mother is Ruth Helen Hudson, the only daughter of James Burl Hudson and Clara Lee Quick.  My Grandmother Clara was one of seven children born to Solomon Ady Quick and Margaret Ann Brown.  Here is where we enter the list of Solomon's Children.


Solomon Ady Quick (b.) 7 SEP 1894 in Scotland County, NC (d.) 6 JUN 1977 in Robeson County, NC

m. Margaret Ann Brown (b.) 31 MAR 1889 in Patrick, SC (d.) 11 SEP 1960 in Richmond County, NC


Roberta Elease Quick (b.) 14 APR 1914 in Marlboro County, SC (d.) 17 MAR 2002 in Matthews, NC

m. Elmer Leroy Hudson (b.) 20 APR 1912 (d.) 1 SEP 1996


Ethel Quick Phillips (b.) 20 APR 1917 (d.) 6 JUL 1996

m. Merlin Phillips


Clara Lee Quick (b.) 29 JAN 1919 in the Smithville community of Marlboro County, SC

m. James Burl Hudson (b.) 29 DEC 1908 (d.) 23 JAN 1975


Solomon Arthur Quick (b.) 12 JAN 1920 in the Smithville community of Marlboro County, NC (d.) 1 SEP 1975

m. Letha Teal


William Oscar Quick (b.) 14 SEP 1923 (d.)

m. Lucille Brigman


Lucille Quick (b.) 1924

m. Richardson Skipper


Maggie Aree Quick (b.) 22 APR 1928 (d.) 28 JUL 1995- Heart Attack

m. Robert Hinson


As you can see there are names, dates and spouses that I do not have information on at this time.  As I continue to research my family I will update often, so please keep checking back often.