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Abram and Julia Workman Family 1898  
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Eva Emma Schmidt (Barnett) 1918-2005Charles Westover 1827-1919Mary Ann Lacy Green Barnett 1822-1913Meltiar Hatch 1825-1895Thomas W Barnett 1879-1959Thomas W Barnett 1879-1959Abraham Smith Workman 1852-1943John Workman 1789-1855Abram James Elder 1902-1992 and Edith Workman 1904-1982 Ruby Georgehanna Wright Barnett 1882-1936

Please Note: This photographs page is being phased out and will not be updated. Future photographs will be categorized by surname on a surname research page.


1. Barnett & Schmidt Line Pics

2. Charles Westover Census Photo #1

3. Charles Westover Census Photo #2

4. Gravestone of Claybourne Elder

5. Ira Stearns Hatch Family Photos

6. Ira Stearns Hatch

7. Jacob Lindsay Workman

8. The grave stone of Jacob Lindsay Workman located in Virgin, Utah taken in 2006 (special thanks to Jennifer Bruggeman for the photo!)

9. Jacob Lindsay Workman and Wives

10. John Workman 1789-1855

11. John Workman Grave Stone

12. Isaac Nathaniel Workman & Family

13. Isaac Nathaniel Workman Death Certificate

14. Jacob Lindsay Workman & Family

15. Abram and Julia Workman

16. Abram and Julia Workman Family

17. Abram and Julia Workman Family 1898

18. Julia Rhoana Workman Elder

19. Margarete Emma Grohmann Schmidt

20. Meltiar Hatch

21. Charles Penrose

22. Pierre Billiou Home

23. Reinholt Schmidt


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