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Abram and Julia Workman Family 1898  
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Eva Emma Schmidt (Barnett) 1918-2005Charles Westover 1827-1919Mary Ann Lacy Green Barnett 1822-1913Meltiar Hatch 1825-1895Thomas W Barnett 1879-1959Thomas W Barnett 1879-1959Abraham Smith Workman 1852-1943John Workman 1789-1855Abram James Elder 1902-1992 and Edith Workman 1904-1982 Ruby Georgehanna Wright Barnett 1882-1936

Biographical Documents

Please Note: This biographical documents page is being phased out and will not be updated. Future biographical materials will be categorized by surname on a surname research page.


1. Westenskows: Chapter 12 from the book A Legacy of Faith: A Portrait of Lewis Burton and Eliza Johanna Westover and Their Parentage by Paul Lewis Westover

2. Electa Beal Westover

3. Family History Stories: A collection of biographical information on my ancestors collected from various sites on the internet. View HTML version here. The collection includes: Wealthea Bradford, William Bradford, William Brewster, Francis Cooke, Claybourne Montgomery Elder, John Ellis, Mary Ann Ellis, Charles Henry Hales, Harriet Hales, Mary Isabella Hales, Stephen Hales, Sr., George Hales, Ira Stearns Hatch, Meltiar Hatch, Sr., and Orrin Hatch, Brothers: a story about Meltiar Hatch and Orin Hatch while the served in the Mormon Battalion, Charles Westover, Eliza Ann Haven, John Workman, and Jacob Lindsay Workman.

4. History of Ruby Wright Barnett (HTML version.)

5. History of Julia Rhoana Workman Elder (HTML version.)

6. John Workman (from

7. John Workman Family History by Mary Workman Chidester (from

8. Rebecca Willard Turner Memories (from

9. History of Rebecca Willard Turner by Elizabeth Anderson (from

10. Workman Family History Book: Wortman to Workman, pp. 28-41 (from

11. John and Jacob Workman Handwritten History (from

12. Journal of William Bradford – Excerpts from Of Plymouth Plantation

13. Mary Ann Lacey Green Barnett: Contains excerpts from a book on her ancestry.

14. Meltiar Hatch

15. Speech that discusses some experiences of Charles Westover and Eliza Ann Haven

16. Eva Emma Schmidt Barnett: Life History Interview, Part 1

17. Shirl (Barney) W. Barnett: Life History by Dona Kolb


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