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Abram and Julia Workman Family 1898  
Genealogy & Family History  
Eva Emma Schmidt (Barnett) 1918-2005Charles Westover 1827-1919Mary Ann Lacy Green Barnett 1822-1913Meltiar Hatch 1825-1895Thomas W Barnett 1879-1959Thomas W Barnett 1879-1959Abraham Smith Workman 1852-1943John Workman 1789-1855Abram James Elder 1902-1992 and Edith Workman 1904-1982 Ruby Georgehanna Wright Barnett 1882-1936

Death Certificates

Claybourn Elder

Eliza Ann Haven

Esther Jane Buchanan

George Wright

Julia Ann Hatch

Magdalene Olsen Westenskow

Mary Ann Ellis

Mary Ann Lacey

Rachel Mary Shreeve

Harriet Roseina White

Eliza Johanna Funk

Marcus Esper Funk

Ruby Georgehanna Wright

Isaac Nathaniel Workman



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