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Abram and Julia Workman Family 1898  
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Eva Emma Schmidt (Barnett) 1918-2005Charles Westover 1827-1919Mary Ann Lacy Green Barnett 1822-1913Meltiar Hatch 1825-1895Thomas W Barnett 1879-1959Thomas W Barnett 1879-1959Abraham Smith Workman 1852-1943John Workman 1789-1855Abram James Elder 1902-1992 and Edith Workman 1904-1982 Ruby Georgehanna Wright Barnett 1882-1936
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This website is dedicated to the preservation of our genealogy and family history. Our lines on this site begin with Elder, Barnett, Osborne, and Schmidt. Naturally, these are just the beginning of a much larger tree as these surnames branch out into many others such as Westover, Workman, Hatch, Hales, Wright, Grohmann, and so many more. We hope that this site will continue to be a work in progress as our family joins together in a common goal and desire to preserve our family history. Day by day we are losing the opportunity to learn about who we came from, and thereby are missing an opportunity to know ourselves better. We welcome your comments and contributions to the research, material, and media on this site. We are very grateful for the many who have already contributed!


John Workman 1789-1855

John Workman was born on October 8, 1789 in Cumberland, Allegheny, Maryland. John was a religious man and gave up land and possessions three times to stay true to his God. Read more about this valiant pioneer here.

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