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Heacock, Nathan
Birth: 03 AUG 1784, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Death:05 JUN 1863, Stark County Ohio
Gender: Male

Father: Heacock, John Morgan
Birth: 19 SEP 1761, Richland, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Death: 17 FEB 1844, Caroll, Stark County, Ohio

Mother: Pyle, Esther
Birth: 03 JUL 1761, Concord, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Death: 03 JUL 1831, John, Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, French Guiana

Marriage: 1806

John, Hannah
Birth : 26 JUN 1786, Alliance, Columbiana, Ohio
Death : 04 OCT 1868, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Gender: Female

Father: John, Joseph
Birth: 20 SEP 1756, Menallen Township, York County, Pennsylvania
Death: 27 AUG 1843, Cambria, Pennsylvania

Mother: Bonine, Mary
Birth: 04 FEB 1760, Derry Township, York County, Pennsylvania
Death: 13 OCT 1817

Heacock, Phebe
Birth: 24 OCT 1807, Washington, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Death: Marlboro, Stark County, Ohio
Gender: Female

Heacock, Joseph
Birth: 1810
Death: 10 AUG 1827
Gender: Male

Heacock, Sarah
Birth: 16 DEC 1812
Gender: Female

Heacock, Josiah
Birth: 12 MAR 1815
Gender: Male

Heacock, Jacob
Birth : DEC 1817, Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male

Heacock, Esther
Birth: 04 SEP 1820
Death: 23 AUG 1822
Gender: Female

Heacock, Joel P.
Birth : 11 DEC 1823, Marlboro, Stark County, Ohio
Death: 24 MAR 1910, Canton, Stark County, Ohio
Gender: Male

Heacock, Mary
Birth: 17 MAR 1826
Death: 16 FEB 1836
Gender: Female

Heacock, John Joseph
Birth: 11 MAR 1817, Marlboro, Stark County, Ohio
Death: 18 JUL 1888, West Branch, Cedar County, Iowa
Gender: Male

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