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  Area Locator - Santa Clara Valley

This step is designed to help you figure out "where else" to look to find an obituary for your ancestor. Many of the area newspapers were designed as "regional" publications, intended to serve several communities. You will be more successful if you broaden your search to include these surrounding communities, in addition to the community in which your relative lived.

We are already working on an easier search method for these pages, and we appreciate your patience. Until we get this new "technical magic" completed, here is how you might best use this information.

"Copy and paste" the list of communities, or print out this page, or just jot down the names of these cities and towns. You can refer to your notes when you search for newspapers. When you're done copying the list, just click on the "newspaper" icon to go to find newspapers that fit this region.

For the time being, just ignore the "Lookup Code" column. That is something we'll be using to create the next level of "technical magic."

If your relative lived in Also look in papers that serve these Neighborhoods or areas: Lookup Code County
Santa Clarita Valley Canyon Country
Del Valle
Las Cantilles
Rancho Santa Clarita
Santa Clarita
LASCV Los Angeles

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