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I am currently interested in the following family names:

Anna Maria BAIER (BEIER), b. 14.03.1757, Hainzell, Hesse.
m. 1774, Schletzenhausen, Hesse, to Johan Georg GÄRTNER. d. 14.01.1815, Hainzell.
Daughter of Georg BAIER (BEIER) and UNKNOWN.
Franziska BERANEK, b. 13.06.1828, Napajedl, Czech., d. 13.12.1873.
m. 31.01.1859, Napajedl, Czech. to Wenzel SOBEK, Otrokowitz, Czech.
Daughter of Franz BERANEK and Katharina SUKUP.
Comes from Beran, a diminutive of Ram.
Johann Caspar LINGEMANN married Catharina Margaretha BOLTE on 25.11.1781.
They had child Anna Maria Elisabeth LINGEMANN, bp. 26.9.1782.
Brehler/Brähler/Braehler/Preler *updated*
Gertrud BREHLER, b. 17.11.1806, Hainzell/Fulda, Germany, d. 6.12.1882, Hainzell/Fulda.
She was married to Cornelius FREBEL (see below).
Daughter of Johann BREHLER, b. 1736, Lütterz, d. 1809, Hainzell, and Anna Catharina VON KEITZ, m. 16.06.1844, Hainzell.
The origins of the Brähler and Prel/Breler families are discussed in Volume 26 of the Deutschen Familienarchiv series of books by Degener & Co. *new*
Busch *Updated*
Maria Elisabeth BUSCH, b. 19.11.1809, Rulle, bei Osnabrück, Lower Saxony. (see Münnich).
Parents Franz Henrich BUSCH and Katharina Elizabeth STEINBRINK.
Dachsel *updated*
Daughter of Franz Joseph DACHSEL, from Deutsch Paulowitz, and Josepha Maria Joanna A HEINISCH.
Gottlieb DACHSEL, b. 04.07.1743, Deutsch Paulowitz, had 7 children with his spouse.
Eduard DANEHL m. Karoline HAMBUCH? and had 5 children.
Eckard *new*
Karolina ECKARD, b. 26.04.1843, Oberfeld bei Michelsrombach, Hesse. d. 7.12.1885, Hainzell/Fulda, Hesse.
m. Diaconus FREBEL, 1863. They had 6 children: Franz, Leo, Rosalia, Wilhelm, Victor, and Ludmilla.
Had parents Nikolaus ECKARD and Anna Katharina KOLB.
Faust *updated*
Henrich FAUST, b. ?, d. 26.03.1724, Hainzell.
Had parents Hilbert (Liberti) FAUST and Amalia ..., d. 27.04.1685, Hainzell.
Had spouse Gertrud RIEMENSCHNEIDER, m. 5.02.1690, Hainzell. (click here for more) Had child Elisabeth FAUST, b. 25.11.1701, Hainzell.
Katharina Margaretha FINKE,
had spouse Bernd Henrich BUSCH,
and 3 children, including Maria Elizabeth BUSCH, b. 31.08.1809, Rulle, bei Osnabrück, Germany.
Johann Melchior FREVEL and FREWEL and FRÖBEL, bapt: 12.10.1654, Schlechtenwegen/Herbstein, d. 9.11.1707, Herbstein.
Had spouse Ursula LEISTER, m. 30.08.1683, Herbstein, d. 7.03.1712, Herbstein.
Had parents Johann FRÖBEL, b. 3.08.1625, Schlechtenwegen, d. 25.01.1694, Schlechtenwegen,
and (Maria) Margaretha SCHNEIDER, b. 1627., d. 13.07.1680, Schlechtenwegen/Herbstein.
Johannes FREVEL b. 13.06.1749, Hainzell/Hosenfeld, Germany.
m. Anna Margaretha HEYD, cb. 1770, Hainzell.
His grandchild seems to have had a name change Cornelius FREBEL, b. 17.09.1806, Hainzell, Germany. d. 25.03.1878, Hainzell, Germany.
Anna Catharina GÄRTNER, b. 29.11.1786, Gersrod/Fulda, Hesse, Germany, d. 4.02.1846, Hainzell,
m. Johannes FREVEL, 31.08.1808, Hainzell.  Had
1 child  Cornelius FREBEL, b. 17.09.1806, Hainzell, d. 25.03.1878, Hainzell.
Parents Johan Georg GÄRTNER, b. 9.09.1753, Schletzenhausen, Hesse. d. 27.02.1831, Hainzell, Hesse. and
Anna Maria BAIER (BEIER), b. 14.03.1757, Hainzell., d. 14.01.1815, Hainzell.
See Danehl above.
Havickmeyer *new*
Johann Gerhardus LINGEMANN married Anna Margaretha HAVICKMEYER on 12.9.1706 at Osnabrück Cathedral, and had child Franciscus Hermannus LINGEMANN, b. 26.02.1708.
Heinisch *new*
Josepha Maria Joanna Anna HEINISCH, b. 26 May 1775, Deutsch Paulowitz.
married Franz Joseph DACHSEL on 18.01.1796, Deutsch Paulowitz.
They had 6 children: Theresia, Josepha, Ernst, Joseph Franz, Vinzenz, and Maria Franziska.
Helmer *new*
Agnes HELMER, b. 1705, Unterbimbach, Hesse. d. 12.12.1777, Oberbimbach,
m. Henricus KREIS, 3.06.1727, Oberbimbach, Hesse.
They had child Anna Barbarta KREIS, b. 09.04.1734, Oberbimbach.
Homann *new*
Catharina HOMANN, b. 13.10.1749, Hainzell, d. 25.03.1827, Hainzell,
m. 28.11.1769, Hainzell, Johann BREHLER, b. 1736, Lütterz.
1 child Johann BREHLER, b. 27.10.1770, Hainzell, d. 16.01.1844, Hainzell (father of Brehler above
Hosenfeld *new*
person: Petri HOSENFELD born: ca. 1630.
had spouse Elisabeth VON KEITZ, b. 1635, m. 6.05.1659, Großenlüder, Hesse. and they had a
child: Christian HOSENFELD b. 30.05.1666, Lüder, Hesse. d. 24.01.1732, Großenlüder.
spouse: Agnes LANG, m. 23.10.1689, Großenlüder.
child: Agnes HOSENFELD, b. 4.10.1700, Lüder., d. 8.08.1730, Lütterz, Hesse.
Elisabeth Hübner had child Karl Wilhelm (Paul?) Hübner, b. 23.02.1835, Groß Schnellendorf, Upper Silesia ., d. 29.07.1876.
He had child Anna Hübner, b. 2.10.1863, Hotzenplotz, Austria/Czech. d. 2.07.1936.
She also had child Joseph Hübner,b. 05.11.1832, Gross Schnellendorf.
She married Joseph KUTSCHE from Lammsdorf, on 10.01.1837.
Janos *new*
Valentin JANOS? had child Katerina JANOS who m. Josef TESARIK
and had child Barbara TESARIK (see Tesarik below)
Jost *new*
Georg JOST, b. Ullersberg (Ulmbach),
m. Elisabeth UNKNOWN, b. Ullersberg (Ulmbach). They had child
Elisabeth JOST, m. Johannes (Henrich) SCHNEIDER, 13.06.1702, Hainzell.
They had child Johannes (Henrich) SCHNEIDER, b. 1703, Hainzell., d. Hainzell.
von Keitz *new*
person: Elisabeth VON KEITZ. b. ca 1635, d. ? spouse: Petri HOSENFELD, m. 1659, Großenlüder, Hesse. child: Christian HOSENFELD, b. 1666, Lüdera, Hesse, d. 1732, Großenlüder
Anna Catharina VON KEITZ, b. 17.06.1775, Hainzell, Hesse, Germany. d. 04.04.1828, Hainzell.
Johann BREHLER, m. 16.06.1844, Hainzell.
Had child Gertrud BREHLER (see Brehler above).
The origins of the von Keitz family is described in a volume of Deutsche Geschlechterbücher compiled on their CD-ROM #6 *new*
See Eckard above.
Katharina KNAZ, b. zur Krevinghausen, Markkötten, bei Osnabrück,
had spouse Wilhelm H VOSKÜHLER , called Möller, cb. 1843.
Kraft *new*
Caecilia KRAFT, b. 17 Oct 1772, Hainzell, Hesse, Germany, d. 23.02.1832, Hainzell.
Parents Johannes KRAFT, b. 6.08.1740, Hainzell and Anna Barbara KREIS , b. 9 Apr 1734, Oberbimbach, Hesse. m. 1808, Johannes Adam FREVEL, Hainzell.
Kreis *new*
Anna Barbarta KREIS, b. 09.04.1734, Oberbimbach, Hesse, Germany. see her parents Henricus KREIS, b. 1702-1705, Oberbimbach, Hesse.
and Agnes HELMER here.
Mariana KREJKA, b. Kvitkovice or Halenkovice, Moravia,
had father Adam KREJCI/KREJCA, and
spouse Josef SOBEK, cb. 1806. Had 2 children.
Krejci means "tailor" or "dressmaker" in Czech.
see Riemenschneider.
Barbora KUDELA, b. about 1807, had father Franz KUDELA, and
had spouse Josef SOBEK, m. 21.06.1831.
Kuntze *new*
Hans KUNTZE and Eva SCHNEIDER, b. 1676., d. 1744, Deutsch Paulowitz, Moravia/Silesia.
had child Sabina KUNTZE, b. 20.04.1717, Deutsch Paulowitz, d. 18.11.1779, Deutsch Paulowitz, Moravia/Silesia.
Lang *new*
Margaretha LANG, father Velten (=Valentin) LANG, b. Rixfeld/Herbstein with
spouse Claus FRÖBEL, m. 1607, Hopfmannsfeld, Hesse.
had child Johann FRÖBEL, b. 1625, Schlechtenwegen/Herbstein, Hesse, d. 1694, Schlechtenwegen, Hesse.
Agnes LANG, b. 1673, d. 29.03.1747, Großenlüder, Hesse. father: Henrici LANG
spouse: Christian HOSENFELD, m. 23.10.1689, Großenlüder, Hesse. (see Hosenfeld above) child: Agnes HOSENFELD, b. 1700, Lüder., d. 1730, Lütterz.
Leister *new*
Ursula LEISTER, b. ?, d. 7.03.1712, Herbstein. (see Frevel above)
Lingeman(n) *updated*
Anna Maria Elisabeth LINGEMANN, b. 26.9.1782, m 15 NOV 1810, d. 28.12.1856, Schinkel, Wellmanns Kotten., bei Osnabrück, had
spouse Hermann Henrich MÜNNICH, b. 12.01.1785, Nanne bei OS. They had
child Carl Heinrich MÜNNICH, b. 7.08.1811, Osnabrück-Schinkel, Germany.
Mertz/Metz *new*
Maria Elisabeth MERTZ, b. 1725, Daretz-Hof Kleinlüder, Hesse, Germany. d. 14.06.1771, Hainzell, Hesse.
father: Adam MERTZ, mother: ?
spouse: Georg Conrad SCHNEIDER, m. 1747, Hainzell, Hesse.
child: Anna Maria SCHNEIDER, b. 1750, Hainzell, Hesse., d. 1802, Hainzell, Hesse.
Molckenstrot *new*
Franciscus Hermannus LINGEMAN married Maria Elisabeth MOLCKENSTROT on 8.07.1735, at the Osnabrück Cathedral.
They had child Johann Casparus LINGEMAN, b. 20.03.1750, Schinkel, Osnabrück,
Christoph Bernhard MÖLLER, b. 29.12.1843, Schledehausen, Germany,
had father Wilhelm Heinrich MÖLLER and mother Katharina KNAZ.
He married Anna Maria Gertrud MÜNNICH on 3.05.1874 in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, Germany,
and had a child Sofia Anna Maria MÖLLER, b. 1.11.1877, Osnabrück-Schinkel, Germany., d. 11.02.1961, Dortmund-Kirchderne, Germany.
Hermann Henrich MÜNNICH, b. 12.01.1785, Nanne bei Osnabrück
m. Anna Maria Elisabeth LINGEMANN, 15.11.1810, Wellmanns Kotten, Osnabrück
Had child Carl Heinrich MÜNNICH, b. 7.08.1811, Osnabrück-Schinkel.
Carl Heinrich m. Maria Elisabeth BUSCH, 29.04.1838, Dom zu OS.
They had 3 children:
  1. Maria Elisabeth, b. 22.02.1839, Osnabrück-Schinkel,
  2. Carl Heinrich, b. 4.05.1841, Osnabrück-Schinkel. d. 21.02.1842, Osnabrück-Schinkel, and
  3. Anna Maria Gertrud MÜNNICH, b. 8.05.1850, Osnabrück-Schinkel, Germany, (see also Möller above),
Pfeil *new*
Elisabeth PFEIL, b. ca. 1640, Hainzell, Hesse, Germany.
father: Johannis PFEIL, b. Hainzell., d. before 1662.
spouse: Joes SCHNEIDER, m. 5.02.1662, Großenlüder, Hesse.
child: Johannes (Henrich) SCHNEIDER, b. 1687, Hainzell., d. 1756, Hainzell, Hesse
Plock *new*
Elisabeth PLOCK, b. 24.06.1706, Hainzell, Hesse. d. 27.03.1775, ?.
Parents Sebastian PLOCK, b. 4.05.1679, Hainzell., d. 30.02.1714, Hainzell, Hesse.
and Anna (el) RIZ, b. 24.02.1682, Lüdra, Hesse. d. 31.03.1742, Hainzell, Hesse.
Spouse Johannes Adam KRAFT, m. 6.02.1737, Hainzell, Hesse.
Child Johannes KRAFT, b. 6.08.1740, Hainzell. (see also Kraft above)
Henrici RIEMENSCHNEIDER, b. Gersrod, Hesse.
m. Barbara KRESS, 05.01.1659, Hosenfeld, Hesse.
child Gertrud RIEMENSCHNEIDER, b. Gersrod, Hesse, Germany.
Anna (el) RIZ, b. 24.02.1682, Lüdra, Hesse. d. 31.03.1742, Hainzell.
Parents Sebastian (el) RIZ, d. 17 7bris. 1686, Lüdera. and
Mararetha ?, d. 5.11.1710, Lüder. (also see Plock above.)
Schaub *updated*
Franziska SCHAUB, m. cb. 1886, Alexander FREBEL, had 2 children:
  1. Maria FREBEL, b. 18.08.1886, Hainzell.,
    m. Eduard WEISMÜLLER, 11.07.1911, Hainzell/Fulda, and
  2. Leo FREBEL, m. Elise Pauline FREBEL.
Scheibelhut *new*
Anna Maria SCHEIBELHUT, b. 1677/78. d. 1.03.1767, Hainzell, Hesse
father Heinrich SCHEIBELHUT, b. 1634, Herbstein., d. 21.01.1709, Hainzell.
spouse: Johannes FREVEL, b. 6.10.1693, Herbstein, m. Herbstein.
child: Johannes FREVEL, b. 1749, Germany., d. 1813, Germany.
Schmid/Schmidt *updated*
Heinrich SCHMIDT, b. Dittersdorf, m. Anna Rosina MÜLLER, and had as child:
Johann Heinrich SCHMIDT, b. 1803/1805, Deutsch Paulowitz, d. 26.07.1856, Deutsch Paulowitz.
m. Maria Franziska DACHSEL, 3.02.1829, b. 12.11.1805, Deutsch Paulowitz Nr 35
and had 5 children: Johann Heinrich, Veronika, Maria Josepha, Unknown, and
Franziska SCHMID, b. 6.07.1838, Deutsch Paulowitz, d. 22.05.1920.
Franziska SCHMID, m. Karl Wilhelm (Paul) HÜBNER, 16 Apr. 1860, Hotzenplotz.
Schneider *updated*
Melchior SCHNEIDER, b. Steinfurt/Herbstein, Hesse.
Child (Maria) Margaretha SCHNEIDER, b. 1627. d. 13.07.1680, Schlechtenwegen/Herbstein.
Sebastian SCHNEIDER, b. Herbstein. d. before 1662.
Child Joes SCHNEIDER, b. 1640, Herbstein. d. 3.05.1715, Hainzell.
Spouse Elisabeth PFEIL, m. 1662, Großenlüder. (see Pfeil above.)
Eva SCHNEIDER, b. 1676, d. 18.11.1744, Deutsch Paulowitz.
m. Hans KUNTZE, before 1717, in Deutsch Paulowitz, Moravia/Silesia.
None of the above SCHNEIDER branches is related.
Schrimpf *new*
Conrad SCHRIMPF had child Anna Margaretha SCHRIMPF, b. Schletzenhausen, Hesse
who m. Joes GÄRTNER, 15.11.1742, Hosenfeld. (see Gärtner above)
Schmalkin *new*
Gertrude SCHMALKIN m. Ignatz HÜBNER, and had children
  1. Anna Maria HÜBNER, b. 06.12.1810, Gross Schnellendorf. *new*
  2. Elisabeth HÜBNER, b. around 1811, Gross Schnellendorf. *updated*
  3. Veronica HÜBNER, b. 12.06.1813, Gross Schnellendorf. *new*
Sobek *updated*
Pavel SOBEK had a son Josef SOBEK, b. early 1800's Halenkovice, Moravia, d. 1836-1838
who had a son Franz SOBEK, d. before 1861
who had a son Wenzel SOBEK, b. 3.12.1827, Otrokowitz 78, Moravia, Czech.,
who had a son Johann SOBEK, b. 21.04.1861, Otrokowitz Nr. 78, Austria, d. 10.10.1917 who moved to Brünn.
I am looking for the family of Miroslava Sobkowa, my deceased Father's ex-wife. She lived in Brno, Czech Republic, and she passed away in the late 1970s or early 1980s.  All that I know is that family of hers escaped to Austria during the reign of Dubcek. I have no idea of her maiden name. Her marriage to my Father was annulled around 1949 or 1950, because of the Iron Curtain separating them.
Maria Elisabeth SPICKE or Anna Maria SPECKE married Christoph MÖLLER on 1.11.1792, Schledehausen. (The bride was named Anna Maria SPECKE.) They had one child Wilhelm Heinrich MÖLLER (d. 17.06.1860) (see Möller above)
Katharina Elizabeth STEINBRINK, m. Franz Henrich BUSCH, and had child
Maria Elizabeth BUSCH, b. 19.11.1809, Rulle, bei Osnabrück. (see Münnich above).
Katharina SUKUP, b. Napajedl, Czech. (see Beranek above).
Comes from Soukup - a man who makes deals, who intermediates at puchase, from verb KUPovat, to buy.  In Bohemia prevails SOUKUP, in Moravia both forms. Very common family name.
Tenenbaum *updated*
Wilhelm TENENBAUM, b. 1896.  Husband of Anita SOBEK, whose mother is Anna HÜBNER (see HÜBNER above), and whose father is Johann SOBEK, b. 21.04.1861, Otrokowitz Nr. 78, Moravia, Czech. Unconfirmed rumor has it that both Wilhelm and Anita perished in the Theresienstadt Ghetto.
Josef TESARIK m. Katerina JANOS, and had a child:
Barbara TESARIK m. Wenzel SOBEK on 31.01.1859, Napajedl, Czech. and had 3 children.
Means a small carpenter in opposite to Tesar.
Wels *new*
Johann WELS, royal gardener in Brünn, had spouse Josefine HÜBNER, b. after 2 Oct. 1863, probably Hotzenplotz, Moravia. They had four children: Karl, Joseph, Anna, and Elsa.
Wingenfeld *new*
Anna Maria WINGENFELD, b. 23.05.1722, Ufhausen/ Großenlüder, d. 14.02.1786, Hainzell, Hesse. She married on 26.07.1744 in Hainzell Johannes Georgius FREVEL.

Family Surnames available on the Internet
I am interested in the following places.
In my wife's family interest lies in the following names: Fritsch, Herman, Massé, O'Leyn, Smolikowski, Thierry, Vialla, among others. Click here *new* for more information.
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