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Grandmother Jane Huntley

Bromly Common
Oct 12 1859

I would have ? Before but ? of money
            My dear neglected but not forgotten Child, I received your kind letter and was happy to hear from them    I am sorry to hear of your bad health    I have been ill for a long time but am much better now    I have been suffering with a liver complaint and spasms ever since last Christmas    not been able to work but very little but God has been very good   I must have suffered such but through Marys kindness she has been very kind to me    I applied to the Parish but that I cannot bear the thought of    ? Peck has very bad Health    she has been ill a long while   Aunt Eliza is all well    she is in the country a long way off   I very seldom hear from them as you wanted to hear about ?   his health is not good    he suffers with Erysipelas in the head and face    His Wife is a nice person and works very hard    they have two children but not any of his own    Richard is not married but am sorry to say he is of a roving mind not settled in his plans or any where long together    it grieves me very much    he thinks but little of the world to come - Your Father wished Richard to have his watch at his death but by some means Isaac went and got it from him with a pretense to give him his own ?    Isaac sent it to John to give to his Brother Richard but he would not and sent it back and then Isaac sold it    Richard and myself is much hurt about it and makes him so angry about it with his Brothers    Richard is now at ?    he is Horse Jockey but I live in hopes he may go to Brighton with his Master in a large Public House as Waiter - You wanted to know why I did not remain in France    it did not agree with me    it is so very hot and Marys Husband is a great lover of money and having then his own mother to support I thought it best to return home    Your Sister Jane is married to an Engraver in London    she has no family and seems very well    I saw her a short time since she has nothing to give me    they both like drink too well    If my children would only allow me 6 pence a week each   it would keep me from the Union    John lives but 4 miles off    I dont see him for 6 months together    Richard gives me a schilling now & then    He ought I know living so near to let me want or go to an union to die    I dont expect you to help me with a large family & Bad Health    now my dear child I must conclude with kind love to Martha and all dear children - Jane


Grandmother Jane Huntley wrote this letter to her daughter Martha (Huntley) Saunders, mother of Fannie Austin. The letter must have come into the possession of Fannie Austin who saved it along with her other letters. This letter was written just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War in America.