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This family history is dedicated to Jacob Arthur Snowberger and Sarah Alma Wygal. It represents the research that has been compiled over many years on their ancestors and descendants.
Jacob Arthur Snowberger was born in Hughes Township, Nodaway County, Missouri, 18 August 1902. His father died when he was only 15 years old and since he was the only male in the family he became the main manager of the Snowberger farm. He lived and worked this farm until his death in 1954.
Sarah Alma Wygal was born in Ravenwood, Nodaway County, Missouri, 19 September 1902. She was the eldest child in her family, attended Northwest Missouri State Teachers College and became a teacher. She taught in rural schools and in 1924 she was teaching at the Morgan school in Hughes Township. This school was about an eighth of a mile from the Snowberger farm. This is where she met Jacob, her husband to be. They were married at the parsonage of the Methodist Church in Ravenwood, 24 August 1926.
Both Jacob and Sarah used their middle name in everyday life and were known as Arthur and Alma Snowberger and this is what they will be called in the rest of this introduction.
It was on the Snowberger farm that Arthur and Alma lived and where they raised their family. That family consisted of my older brother, Charles William, known at Bill, a daughter, me, Virginia and my younger brother, John. After graduating from high school I went to college and the boys went into the military service We were never to return to the farm except for visits. The farm is no longer under Snowberger ownership. The land, of course, is still there but all of the buildings have been removed.

Information about this family history.

This history has been compiled by Dean and Virginia Snowberger Hagen. The genealogy program used is "The Master Genealogist", produced by Wholly Genes. The CD was made using a companion program called "Second Site",written and produced by John Cardinal.
The disc contains the six branches of the family tree that are the ancestors of either my father, Arthur, or of my mother, Alma. Links to those branches appear below. The Wygal Branch, Foresman Branch and Dryden Branch are ancestors of my mother. The Snowberger Branch, Shamberger Branch and Lindsay Branch are ancestors of my father. The Snowberger Branch will also include the descendants of the Arthur and Alma Snowberger family.
There are many people and/or organizations who have done research on these family histories and who have knownly or unknownly passed that research on to us. They will be given credit within the specific event or individual data.
Each branch of the family has an introduction of the family name and a descendant branch chart. As you use the history you will find photo's or exhibits that pertain to certain individuals. You will also finds relationships to the earliest ancestor by each individual, when there is a relationship.
We are sure that you will find error's within the data that appear because of your own research or family knowledge. We hope that you will communicate with us when you find those errors so that they can be corrected or additions can be made. Also you may have photo's that you would like to see included within the history. Those can be sent either e-mail or parcel post and they will be added to the program.
This has been a labor of love and we hope that you enjoy the project.
s/ Virginia Snowberger Hagen

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Dean Hagen

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