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Samuel and Sarah (Wattenberger) McGehan's Property Deed
Washington County, Tennessee Deed Book, page 420
22 August 1835

[The following deed was transcribed and typed into html for this Tennesee Ties website only by Sandra (Nipper) Ratledge, great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Samuel and Sarah (Wattenbarger) McKeehan, with spelling and punctuation in tact. Do not copy and upload this on other websites or blogs of any kind, attach any pages to family trees, or print in publications. See copyright notice below.]

State of Tennessee

Washington County

Know all men by these presents that I, Samuel McGehan and Sarah his [sic] wife formerly Sarah Wattenberger have this day sold and convayed and by these presents sold and transferred to Solomon Wattenberger all the right, title, interest and claim which we have in and to a certain tract of land wherein Elizabeth Wattenberger now lives, adjoins the line of William Crookshanks, John Cowan, Lewis Jordon and others. The said land being Sarah Wattenbergers, now Sarah McGehan undivided part of her father Adam Wattenberger's tract of land. The said Solomon having paid unto the said Sarah and her husband, Sam'l McGehan the sum of seventy dollars, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and we do hereby forever warrant and defend the title of, in and to the said undivided piece of land against the claim or claims of ourselves, our heirs Executors, etc. and all other persons claiming under us. In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our names and affix our seals this 22 day of August in the year of our Lord 1835.

Sam'l McGehan (his X mark)
Sarah McGehan (her X mark)

John Ryland
Wm. Dyer
George Wilson

State of Tennessee

Washington County

Personally came before me, James Sevier, Clerk of Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for said county, Sam'l McGehan and Sarah McGehan the obligers in the within deed, with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged the same to be their act and deed for the purpose herein contained, at same time the aforesaid Sarah McGehan being examined separate and apart from her husband, acknowledged she signed the same of her own free will and accord without the threat, persuasion or imperil of her said husband.

Given under my hand at office this 22nd day of August 1835.

Jas. Sevier, Clerk
by Sam'l Greer, D. C.

State of Tennessee
Washington County
August 22, 1835 Then was this deed with the certificate thereon duly registered in the registers office of said county.

By Sam'l Greer, D. C.

Adam Wattenberger's Will, Washington County, Tennessee, Will Book, dated 15 October 1820

Adam Wattenberger's Inventory and Estate Settlement, sold by public auction on Friday July 29, 1825

Much appreciation is due Cousin Maude "Dooley" (Stanton) Vaughn, now deceased, for help with transcribing the old handwriting!


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