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Riceville, TN
Jan 10 1927

Mrs. Rand Scrogs
My Dear Niece

I received your letter in due time was glad you made the trip O.K. Rand I have tried to get ready to write you but something happens to it so cold & dark most of the time it snowed here a little last night. I think it got to cold to snow have yu had any snow up there guess you have. well our sweet potatoes are rotening some I am feeding them to my cow & pig as fast as I can we can't sell them at no price I am still makeing lots of buttter wish you was here to help me eat butter & taters. I could ent understand about the Morgan girls. I dont know about Cousin Adaline North havent heard any thing only what I told you.
as to the North generation I dont know much. our Grand Father North was brought over from England & all his Brother and sisters he had but one Bro & four sisters my own Gran Father name was George & his Bro name was Gabrel one of the sisters name was Easter. Thats whre I got my name it was caried down. My Mother had a sister named Easter. You know my Mother had five Brother Padon John & George, Gabe & Squire. the girls names was Sarah, Rebeca, Kathrine Mary they called he Poly & then Easter & Eliza. My Great Grand Fathers name was John thats the most I can tell you. No Santa dident bring me any thing but Post Cards. Gordon Stalcup died last week he was Marys step son. he died at his Grand Father Sliger's he went there after his Father died. I wrote Mary as soon as I heard it I don't suppose she went to the funral she is in such hard luck. I wish some times she was here & I could take care of her & she could help me some but then school buisness is a terible thing we cant promis to put another one through high school. we did get Anne through but it just about cleaned us up all except our home
well Rand I don't know any thing more to write that would inerest you so I will close wishing you good luck.

your aunt
Easter Stiles
write again
Pa said if you ever got back here be sure to come & see us

NOTE: The letter above is typed by Sandra (Nipper) Ratledge as true to the original in spelling, punctuation, and organization as possible. Many thanks to Cousin David Stiles of Athens, McMinn CO, TN for sharing his copy of this old letter with us! Easter Anne (McCurdy) Stiles, wife of Aurelius Shelton Stiles, was the daughter of Henry McCurdy of Monroe CO, TN. Rand, her niece to whom this letter is addressed, is Miranda (McCurdy) Scroggs, daughter of Thomas Benton McCurdy.

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