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William Squire Palmer Roberts and Sarah (Allen) Roberts'
Family Photo

b ca 1842 Buncombe CO, NC d ca 1918 buried Rafter Cemetery, near Tellico, Monroe CO, TN

b ca 1837 - 1839 d 1908 buried Rafter Cemetery, near Tellico, Monroe CO, TN

Many thanks to Janie Lasiter for emailing this photo and for identification and explanation written below!

Standing in the back row, the black-haired, short lady is Sarah B. (Allen) Roberts; the tall man to her right with the beard is William S. P. Roberts. To try to make a long story short, my new cousin's grandmother was Synthia Jane Roberts, the older sister of my great-grandmother Lydia Ann Roberts. My new cousin Gladys sent me the information on the Roberts family and had another cousin drive all the way from Tennessee to Arkansas to bring the picture. I made a copy, but it's not very good. The picture was made in about 1894 and under a round, domed glass. I have tried to enlarge it.

Others in the picture are as follows: the man to the left of Sarah B. (Allen) Roberts is Harrison Brindle, her son-in-law and husband of Parthenia Roberts. The man to the right of William Roberts is my great-grandfather John Burns Raper. Seated, starting on the left is Parthenia (Roberts) Brindle, holding her son Henry. The young boy to her right is John Brindle. The taller boy behind John is Houston Brindle. The next lady to the right is Martha Ellen Roberts, holding her daughter Elizabeth. Martha married Marcus Raper, the older brother of John B. Raper. The little boy in front is Meredith Houston Raper, son of Lydia Ann (Roberts) Raper. She is the last lady sitting on the right and holding my grandfather Thomas Chase Raper. He was born 26 Jan 1894. The last little girl standing on the bottom right of the picture is Rosa Cansada Raper, daughter of Martha Ellen (Roberts) Raper.

photo contributed by and text written by Janie Lasiter


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