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Beaverdam, Cherokee CO, NC

Family Group of

Israel P. Roberts* b ca 1794 Buncombe CO, NC d Aug 1869 in Gravel, Cherokee Co, NC per 1870 Mortality Schedule
occupation - farmer

  • appointed deacon of Hanging Dog Baptist Church, Cherokee CO, NC 6 June 1845
    son of

    m ca 1814 NC TO

    Jane _________ * b ca 1794 Newberry District, SC d Feb 1870 Cherokee CO, NC of consumption (TB) per 1870 Mortality Schedule in Sarah (Roberts) Bryson's home
    dau of

    issue: (number & birth order uncertain; #1 - 3 need additional specific proofs)
    1(M) Richard "Dick" Roberts b ca 1814 Buncombe, NC d 1861 NC
    m ca 1835 (Buncombe, CO?) NC TO
    Caroline Guthrie b ca 1815 Buncombe CO, NC d after 1890 NC

    2(M) John Roberts b ca 1819 - 1820 Buncombe CO, NC d June 1891 Clay CO, NC
    m ca 1840 TO
    Jane Ledford b ca 1818 Buncombe CO, NC d ca 1881 - before June 1891 (Clay CO, NC?)

    3(F) _______ Roberts b ca 1820? d

    4(M) Elijah "Eli" Roberts b 1820 - 1825? d 22 Jul 1864 executed in Civil War, Hatcher's Run, Petersburg, VA
    1 SGT of Capt Goldman Bryson's Union Volunteers of 1863
    m 23 Apr 1843 Franklin, Macon CO, NC by J. K. Gray, clerk, wit: Joseph Justice TO
    Mary A. M. Eller b d

    5(F) _______ Roberts b ca 1820 - 1825 d

    6(M) Reason "Rease" Roberts** b Feb 1823 Buncombe Co, NC per1900 Cherokee CO, NC census d after 7 Jul & before 1 Sep 1902 Cherokee CO, NC
    m ca 1844 to
    Mary M. "Polly" Allen** b ca 1825 Rutherford CO, NC d after 1902 Cherokee CO, NC

    7(F) Sarah Ann Roberts b 14 Oct 1824 Buncombe Co, NC d 19 Nov 1914 Cherokee CO, NC buried Unaka Baptist Church Cemetery, Cherokee CO, NC
    m 1850 to
    William G. Bryson b 14 Mar 1822 Haywood CO, NC d after 1890

    8(M) James Roberts b ca 1828 NC d

    9(F) Rachel C. Roberts b ca 1830 NC d

    10(F) Elizabeth J. Roberts b ca 1834 Buncombe CO, NC d

    11(M) Joel "Joe" M. Roberts b ca 1838 NC d ca 1881 - 1899 buried Rafter Cemetery, near Tellico, Monroe CO, TN
    m ca 1855 to
    Rebecca "Becky" A. (Arminda?) Allen b May 1838 NC [per census =1828 /30 /33 /38 & 40] d 10 Mar 1913 [1912 dc] Rafter, Monroe CO, TN buried Rafter Cemetery Monroe CO, TN

    12(M) William Squire Palmer Roberts b ca 1842 Buncombe CO, NC d after 1920 census Monroe CO, TN buried Rafter Cemetery, near Tellico Plains, Monroe CO, TN
    photo of William Squire Palmer Roberts' family
    m ca 1862 Beaverdam, Cherokee CO, NC to
    Sarah Allen b ca 1839 - 1847 Cherokee CO, NC d 1908 buried Rafter Cemetery, near Tellico Plains, Monroe CO, TN

    Many thanks to the following for help: Mary Lee Farmer, Bill Allen (deceased), Scott Arwood, Lester Hamilton, Janie Lasiter, and most of all my mother, Beulah (Cline) Nipper, without whose help this never would have begun!

    * great-great-great-great-grandparents &
    ** great-great-great-grandparents of Sandra (Nipper) Ratledge

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