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John Sherman and Rachel Louisa (Tucker) Patterson
Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Athens, McMinn CO, TN

The photo above was taken on their wedding anniversary celebration with family and friends. Uncle John and Aunt "Ide" (Tucker) Patterson are holding their anniversary cake and standing beside their home in Athens, TN. Aunt Ide was ill at the time and may not have survived much longer. Since she died April 24, 1939, this photo may date to June 1938. Their last anniversary together would have been June 22, 1938 after thirty-six years of marriage.

Your help will also be appreciated in identifying any folks above whose names aren't listed. Seated in the middle of second row is Rachel Louisa "Ide" (Tucker) Patterson and husband John Sherman Patterson. Standing in the row behind them wearing a dark dress with white trim and white buttons is Margaret Elizabeth "Bessie" (Tucker) McKeehan, my great-grandmother, a sister to Aunt "Ide" Patterson. Standing to her right, directly behind Uncle John, is their younger sister Sarah " Aunt Sally" Jane (Tucker) Patterson. Standing to Sally's right and just behind her is Sally's daughter Ada (Patterson) Shaeffer, who is holding her baby daughter Bertha Shaeffer. The man wearing a hat and standing on far left near the corner of the house is Cousin James "Jim" McDonald, first cousin to Ide, Bessie, and Sally. I'm most grateful to Aunt Harriet (McKeehan) Wyatt, deceased, who gave me these and nearly all her photos many years ago!


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