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Aug. 15 1870

Notcha Creek Monroe Co Tenn

My dear daughter

I wright you a few lines to inform you we are al in comon helth but easter an she has been un wel al Sumer we have not heard from you sence februry last we wrote two letters sens but got no anser we are gitting a long much after the old fation we have a fine prospect for a gode crop of corn this season the best we have had for years past our wheat luct fine but has a heap of smut in it we are luking for you and son all over to come and see us in September try and cum the first weak in September
we wil have a Camp meting commencing the first Sundy and we would be so glad to h your compiny at it you would se a great many of your old friends and even old neighbors wel i think i have dun my last summers work hear on this lo ground of trouble tryels and dificultys and if we never mete hear on earth may we be so hapy as to meate whare friends never part again is my humbel and sinsear prare for the redeemers sake

My dear Son I directing a line or to infrm you we are stil on the land of the living and in commen helth except an Stiles She is not wel we have cause to be thankful that it is as wel with us as it is hoping these lines may find you in good helth i wrote the other side to Adeline and i want you to send this letter to her in a new envelop as i dont kno whare to direct a letter to we have to or thre and got no anser send it on as sune as you can if you pleas and oblige your old father i am writing this letter (en rut?) from home at Wm Stiles. have had spectels can't half se what I am writing. you must excuse this short letter and hand writin i cn't se so remains your loven father and friend until deth

henry McCurdy
pray for us

NOTE: The letter above is typed by Sandra (Nipper) Ratledge as true to the original in spelling, punctuation, and organization as possible. Many thanks to Cousin David Stiles of Athens, McMinn CO, TN for sharing his copy of this old letter with us! Henry McCurdy died 1 Sept. 1879, almost nine years after writing the letter. He is buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery, Monroe CO, TN along with his wife and son Thomas Benton McCurdy mentioned above. His daughter Easter Anne (McCurdy) Stiles, mentioned above, was the wife of Aurelius Shelton Stiles and daughter-in-law of William McConnell Stiles, also mentioned, a resident of Mt. Vernon, Monroe CO, TN.

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