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106 M'Minn Boys Back for Two Weeks After Successful Army Induction

After a two weeks furlough, the McMinn Countians listed below are to report to a reception center. They were inducted into the Army of the United States the latter part of last week, and transferred to the Enlistment Reserve Corps.

The group is the twenty-eighth call for White draftees in the Selective Service.

The list follows:

Thomas A. Shell, William H. Walls, Clarence A. Odum, Charlie M. Cowart, John E. Wilson, Clarence N. Cornett, Kenneth A. Moser, Ralph M. Moore, James B. Bridges, William F. Underwood, William N. Joyner, Walter H. Jacks, Jimmie Ray, Clyde Wilson, James N. Gross / Cross?, Norman R. Thompson, Jess D. McElroy, Thomas M. Davis, James W. Boyd, Robert C. Cochran, Leonard Walsh, Connie J. Pearman, Austin Bullington, Edward M. Byrd;
Arthur R. Knox, Walter L. Cate, Grady L. Morrow, Homer F. Guffey, Jr., Joseph D. Gregory, Bruce Burns, Thomas E. Thompson, Charles R. McAmis, Jr., Roy L. Ables, John J. Daughtery, Walter L. Foster, William L. Farmer, Ulyss H. Torbett, George G. Moore, Richard H. Crye, Paul J. Ware, Roy L. Womack, Carl E. Hicks;
Paul J. Hembree, Thomas T. Burns, Marvin A. Pierce, James A. Walker, Fred M. Williams, Evens W. Vaughn, Clifford Hughes, James V. McNabb, Charles J. Rayburn, James T. Newman, John G. Mayfield, James G. Fauls, James M.Willis, William H. Crabtree, Frank H. Carter, Alfred F. Solsbee, Woodrow Rucker;
Carl E. Davis, Clayton O. Zimmerman, Clifford H. Lequire, James W. Woods, Thomas F. Irons, Ernest Moore, James A. Guffey, Dallas D. Cook, Fred H. Padgett, James E. Raper, James R. Crabtree, Burley Swafford, Frank Richesin, Dennis L. Norwood, Hazle K. White, Pulaskia J. C. White, Joseph F. Elliott, Millard Mullins, Walter E. Kelley, Arnold L. Wilson;
Joe E. Wear, John R. Cate, Warren G. C. Farmer, Edwin K. Lankford, Theodore R. Cooper, Lawrence R. Dennis, Earl D. Shugart, Buford E. Butler, Vernell Anderson, Robert N. Beaver, Paul P. Wilson, Elmer V. Thompson, Elbert N. Gay, Sam W. Thompson, Robert L. Ricks, David P. Choat, Luther H. Hill, Raymond E. Raper, Bill J. McCallister, Clarence L. Thompson, Alexander Townsend, Lemuel E. Brazzell, George L. Johnston, Pearl J. Breedlove, Horace T. Beavers, Herbert L. Fain, Charlie N. Harris.

SOURCE: old issue of The McMinn County Herald, Athens, McMinn CO, TN, Thursday, September 17, 1942, VOL. XIII -- NO. 11

[Editorial comment from Sandra Ratledge: Many draftees above relate to families in this website, and hyperlinks will be made as family groups are added. Several above were friends of our family and neighbors in North Athens. Robert Beavers above lived at the intersection of Million Street and worked as a taxi driver in Athens for many years.]

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