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Captain: Joseph C. Gray

Recruits were enrolled at Madisonville, Monroe CO, TN from Sept. - Oct. 1864. One muster-in date was 30 Nov. 1864 at Knoxville, TN; another was 2 Dec. 1864 at Loudon, TN.

Arwood, Edmond pvt
Bist, Samuel P. Sgt (surname probably Best)
Brockman, Fredering S. pvt
Burger, George F. pvt
Burlison, Roadman V. pvt
Burriss, Abraham pvt
Burriss, Gideon pvt
Byers, King David pvt
Carr, George (cook)
Colvin, Lee pvt
Crisp, Alfred pvt
Culver, Dwight V. 1st Lt
Cummins, Augustus Cpl
Cummins, Jacob pvt
Cummins, Ray pvt
Davis, John pvt
Davis, Joseph M. Cpl
Delany, Daniel Cpl
Dodd, William pvt
Farmer, John N. pvt
Freeman, David E. pvt
Freeman, Riley pvt
Garner, John F. pvt
Gentry, Charles pvt
Gentry, William T. pvt
Gray, Miles, pvt
Gray, Rufus F. Cpl
Harris, Lewis M. pvt
Harrison, Calvin 2nd Lt
Harrison, William Cpl
Hartsell, William pvt
Hawkins, Howard pvt
Hawkins, John pvt
Hentrick, Patrick pvt
Horton, Henry pvt
Horton, Henry pvt
Howard, Joseph B. pvt
Howard, William B. Sgt
Isbill, William pvt
Jenkins, Hugh pvt
Jones, George Sgt
Kennedy, John L. pvt
King, Robert pvt
Kirkland, Charles J. Cpl
Kirkland, James A. pvt
Kirkland, James A. pvt
Kirkland, William T. pvt
Kitheart, W. Lafayette pvt
Lindsey, Isaac Jr. Cpl
Lindsey, Isaac Sr. 1st Sgt
Lively, Henry pvt
McDonald, Jonathan pvt
McGhee, Richmond (cok)
Mills, Richard pvt
Millsaps, Alfred pvt
Mullens, Jackson pvt
Murr, Andrew pvt
Ohr, David pvt (probably surname Orr)
O'Neal, William A. pvt
Panel, Jackson pvt
Panter, Alfred B. pvt
Payne, Miles C. pvt
Roberts, Benjamin pvt
Roberts, James D. pvt
Robinson, Samuel pvt
Rutherford, Louis pvt
Saunders, Alfred pvt
Scarbrough, Thomas pvt
Service, Franklin pvt
Shuler, George W. pvt
Talent, Lemuel pvt
Tutheron, James pvt
Vaugn, Allen G. pvt
Vicry, Joseph H. pvt
Wehunt, Jackson pvt
White, George pvt
White, William pvt
Williams, Bartlett pvt
Williams, George pvt
Williams, Jesse pvt
Williams, Marion pvt
Young, Rufus T. pvt

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