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Captain: Enoch "Pete" Voyles from Persimmon Creek in Cherokee CO, NC

Recruits were mustered at Knoxville, TN 1 Oct. 1864, with men from Monroe and Roane COS, TN and Cherokee CO, NC.

Adams, Humphrey P. pvt
Barnett, Newton V. pvt
Beaver, James pvt
Beaver, Jesse W. pvt
Beaver, Shepherd pvt
Blain, Franklin pvt
Bowers, James L. pvt
Bowers, John 2nd Lt
Bright, David T. Cpl
Bruger, Joshua pvt (probably Burger)
Bryson, Joseph H. pvt
Caldwell, William pvt
Carringer, Daniel W. pvt
Carringer, Thomas M. pvt
Carroll, Richard pvt
Collins, John W. pvt
Cruise, Caleb W. pvt
Cuthbertson, William pvt
Daniel, James pvt
David, Henry A. pvt
Davidson, Ninivar G. pvt
Davis, Clem pvt
Davis, James Cpl
Davis, Mitchell pvt
Deaver, Thomas pvt
Dever, William H. pvt
Duncan, Joseph W. Cpl
Edwards, Allen T. pvt
Farmer, Eli M. pvt
Farmer, Enoch pvt
Farmer, Jesse F. pvt
Farrell, Jonathan
Fleming, William M. pvt
Fleming, William M. pvt
Gann, Samuel N. pvt
Goins, James pvt
Graves, Samuel pvt
Green, Charles J. pvt
Harris, William pvt
Henson, Benjamin pvt
Henson, Edmond pvt
Henson, Isaac pvt
Henson, Leonidas pvt
Hickey, James G. pvt
Hickey, Robert pvt
Hickey, Roy pvt
Hoggin, William L. 1st Sgt
Howard, Noah J. Sgt
Ingram, James pvt
Irons, Peter pvt
Jamison, George P. pvt
Johnson, John pvt
Johnson, William R. Sgt
Jones, Joseph pvt
Kearley, Culbert pvt
Kenly, Henry pvt
Kinder, John pvt
Kirkland, James Cpl
McDonald, James Cpl
McLamore, Archie D. pvt
McMillan, Frank pvt
McMillan, William pvt
Morrow, Aaron L. pvt
Morrow, George W. pvt
Morrow, James 1st Lt
Morrow, Marion pvt
Murphy, David pvt
Newman, Clem pvt
Paine, Benjamin F. pvt
Paine, Thomas J. pvt
Paine, William P. pvt
Pates, William J. pvt
Phillips, Rufus C. Cpl
Ragan, Wesley pvt
Ray, John L. pvt
Rhodes, George E. pvt
Robinson, Wyatt pvt
Rodgers, Jonathan L. pvt
Rogers, Andrew pvt
Rogers, John T. pvt
Rogers, Thomas pvt
Rogers, William pvt
Rose, James G. Cpl
Ross, Arthur pvt
Scott, Thoams C. pvt
Scott, William pvt
Spurlin, Lewis pvt
Stanley, William pvt
Stanly, William pvt
Stiles, Benjamin pvt
Stiles, James pvt
Stiles, John G. Cpl
Stow, William H. pvt
Sutton, George W. pvt
Sutton, William B. pvt
Tallent, Amos pvt
Voyles, James pvt
Voyles, John pvt
Voyles, Samuel pvt
Winder, Allen pvt
Winfrey, Isaac B. Sgt
Woolridge, Robert (He was the chuckwagon cook for the company.)
Yeoman, Cleveland pvt (possibly surname Newman)

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