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Captain: Joseph R. Bowers

Recruits were enrolled at Greene and Knox COS, TN during July 1864. Muster -in date was 29 Sept. 1864 at Knoxville, TN.

Armstrong, Lanty pvt
Barlow, Alfred pvt
Basket, John pvt
Basket, Milburn pvt
Basket, Richard pvt
Basket, Richard H. pvt
Bean, Alexander pvt
Bennett, Lewis pvt
Bird, John pvt
Britt, John pvt
Bunch, William pvt
Caldwell, Reuben pvt
Cradick, George pvt
Crawford, Isaac pvt
Crawford, Lewis pvt
Crawford, Shaderic pvt
Crawford, William pvt
Criger, Robert pvt
Cup, John H. pvt
Eads, Isaac pvt
English, Alexander pvt
Gam, Henry pvt
Goard, Peter pvt
Green, William pvt
Hacker, William R. pvt
Hart, George W. pvt
Hatcher, David pvt
Humphres, Jamez pvt [sic]
Humphres, William pvt
Hutchinson, Samuel pvt
Jackson, James P. pvt
Kirby, Claiborn pvt
Latham, George pvt
Lewis, George pvt
Lipe, John W. pvt
Lipe, Thomas pvt
Lloyd, Robert pvt
Lonas, Adam pvt
Mabe, Samuel N. pvt
Manuel, George pvt
Mays, Jesse pvt
Mays, John pvt
McCollum, Samuel Sgt
McCollum, Voluntin pvt
McCollum, William pvt
McFarlin, Marcis pvt
McFarlin, William pvt
Mills, James pvt
Mosely, George pvt
Moul, William J. pvt
Oaks, Esquire pvt
Ogg, John G. pvt
Paine, William L. pvt
Parrot, Daniel H. pvt
Perkins, Andrew J. pvt
Phillips, William H. Cpl
Pickering, Nathaniel pvt
Poe, Henry pvt
Posten, James P. pvt
Posten, Johnathan H. pvt
Pratt, Andrew M. pvt
Ratliff, Stephen pvt
Rector, John pvt
Redick, Albert pvt
Robertson, Andrew pvt
Saylor, David pvt
Simmons, Jackson Cpl
Simons, Alanan pvt
Sims, Rice pvt
Slagle, William H. pvt
Smith, George W. pvt
Smith, Nathan B. pvt
Sykes, Joseph S. pvt
Taylor, John pvt
Tilson, Benjamin F. pvt
Wain, William pvt
Waller, William pvt
Wells, Henry H. pvt
Williams, Robert pvt
Wilson, Franklin pvt
Wines, Pinckney pvt
Wines, William pvt
Wyan, Peter pvt

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