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Captain: James L. J. Pearson

Recruits were mustered at Loudon, TN on 10 Aug. 1864 with men from Monroe CO, TN.

Ardin, George W. pvt
Ardin, Richard pvt
Arp, Alfred pvt
Arp, Benjamin pvt
Bivens, Benjamin pvt
Bivins, James pvt
Blanton, George pvt
Blanton, John T. pvt
Bluford, James pvt
Bright, Alphonso pvt
Bright, Ambrose S. pvt
Brooks, Joseph pvt
Burchfield, Joseph C. pvt
Burk, Jackson pvt
Burnet, James pvt
Cagle, John M. pvt
Caldwell, Stephen D. pvt
Clayton, Robert pvt
Cottrell, John pvt
Crowder, Alphis M. pvt
Crowder, Robert P. pvt
Dean, Andrew C. 1st Lt
Dean, Riley pvt
Dean, William C. pvt
Divine, James pvt
Dotson, John pvt
Dotson, Martin pvt
Dye, John pvt
Ervin, George W. pvt
Foster, Martin pvt
Fry, Thomas pvt
Gentry, Pleasant pvt
Giles, James M. Lt
Giles, Meadow pvt
Giles, Thomas J. R. pvt
Giles, Tillman pvt
Goad, Henry pvt
Graham, William E. pvt
Graves, Geroge W. pvt
Griffith, Alfred (cook)
Hardin, John C. R. pvt
Hardin, William pvt
Hardin, William E. pvt
Harris, Eli pvt
Harris, William pvt
Henderson, Charles B. pvt
Henry, George W. C. 7th Cpl
Hibbards, John Sgt (surname Hibberts)
Hicks, James pvt
Hicks, John Cpl
Hitson, Calvin pvt
Humphries, Abraham pvt
Humphries, Washington pvt
Hunt, Calvin pvt
Hunt, Newton pvt
Isbill, Jesse 1st Sgt
Isbill, Marion pvt
Isbill, Pendleton pvt
Isbill, Theoderick L. Comm Sgt
Ivins, William I. pvt
Jenkins, Josiah L. pvt
Kirby, Thomas pvt
Lafter, Samuel H. pvt
Linn, Edward pvt
Linn, Jordan pvt
Lynn, Thomas J. Cpl
Mainer, Jackson pvt
Maize, Powel L. 5th Sgt
Mason, Rufus pvt
McClelland, Samuel pvt
McDaniel, Thomas pvt
McKelvey, Samuel H. pvt
McSpadden, Aaron pvt
McSpadden, Hanibal pvt
Medling, William pvt
Milligan, Thomas P. pvt
Milligan, William B. Capt
Morgan, Andrew A. pvt
Payne, Decatur A. pvt
Payne, James W. pvt
Pealer, William A. Sgt Maj
Powell, Isaac pvt
Powell, Robert pvt
Presley, Isaac pvt
Quinn, Filmon Cpl [Tilman Summars Quinn]
Rains, James pvt
Ray, George pvt
Ray, Oziah pvt
Reed, Michael A. pvt
Roberts, William C. pvt
Shope, William F. Cpl
Sloan, James R. pvt
Sloan, Madison Cpl
Smith, Elijah L. pvt
Stephens, Daniel P. 4th Sgt
Sutton, John B. pvt
Tate, Robert pvt
Tate, William pvt
Webb, Elisha pvt
Webb, Newton pvt
Yarber, John pvt

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