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Captain: Joseph Divine "Fightin' Joe" from Big Creek, Monroe CO, TN, promoted to Lt. Colonel of this regiment

Captain: Timothy Lyons

Recruits were mustered at Loudon, TN on 10 Aug. 1864 with most men being residents of either North Carolina or Blount and Monroe COS, TN.

Adams, David Cpl
Adams, John Cpl
Amons, William pvt
Anthony, Charles W. 1st Lt
Anthony, Jasper W. pvt
Anthony, John L. pvt
Anthony, William W. Cpl
Barns, Joseph A. pvt
Bateman, John pvt
Best, Isaac pvt
Bowers, --------- pvt
Bradshaw, John H. 1st Sgt
Bradshaw, Julius pvt
Briant, Richard pvt
Brown, John pvt
Bryant, Isaac pvt
Bryant, Johnson A. pvt
Bryant, Wiley R. pvt
Cabe, Lucius pvt
Caringer, William pvt
Carver, Thomas pvt
Cline, Joseph pvt
Coleman, Jonas D. pvt
Crisp, John pvt
Crisp, Joseph pvt
Crisp, Philip Cpl
Crisp, William pvt
Dale, Alfred pvt
Davis, Humis I. pvt
Devall, Benjamin F. pvt
Ditmore, George W. pvt
Dyer, Sandy (cook)
Fair, Granville pvt
Fair, John pvt
Fair, Roger pvt
Frazier, George pvt
Freshour, William W. pvt
Givens, Jesse pvt
Gladden, Thomas Sgt
Gladden, Thomas pvt
Godden, Dickson pvt
Goforth, John pvt
Goings, Hugh pvt
Goings, Stephen J. pvt
Golden, Haston pvt
Golden, Logan Cpl
Golden, William Sgt
Gregory, Alexander G. pvt
Gregory, James H. pvt
Hawkins, William pvt
Henson, William M. pvt
Hill, William pvt
Hix, David A. pvt
Hodge, Anderson pvt
Hogue, Cairy J. 3rd Cpl
Hogue, Daniel W. pvt
Hogue, James L. Sgt
Hogue, William pvt
Holder, David pvt
Hooper, Enos M. pvt
Keith, Thomas S. pvt
Kelly, Clark M. pvt
Kirkland, Jesse pvt
Kirkland, Rufus M. pvt
Kite, Harrison 8th Cpl
Lemons, George W. pvt
Lemons, James L. pvt
Maing, Madison pvt
Marcus, John S. pvt
McClure, Jesse pvt
Medlong, Lewis M. pvt
Millsaps, John pvt
Morgan, Jason H. pvt
Moss, Henry A. 6th Cpl
Moss, James L. pvt
Pasey, Daniel pvt
Raby, Marcus A. 4th Sgt
Ridge, John pvt
Sawyer, Nathan T. pvt
Shalar, George pvt
Shearer, James pvt
Shope, Patton pvt
Shular, Joseph pvt
Spradling, David pvt
Spradling, Thomas M. pvt
Swinney, David pvt
Swinney, James pvt
Swinney, John J. 5th Sgt
Tate, Rusell G. pvt
Taylor, George S. pvt
Tucker, John J. pvt
Turner, Baylor M. pvt
Webb, Daniel C. pvt
Williams, Houston pvt
Willox, William B. pvt
Wright, Thomas J. pvt
Young, Eli M. pvt
Young, John pvt

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