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Captain: Benson M. Bailey

Recruits were enrolled at Strawberry Plains, Jefferson CO, TN 30 June 1864 and mustered out there on 8 Aug. 1864.

Andes, Adam pvt
Armstrong, Alfred W.Cpl
Armstrong, John pvt
Bailey, Daniel pvt
Bailey, John B. pvt
Barlow, Alfred pvt
Berry, Joshua 3rd Sgt
Bunch, Francis pvt
Bunch, Hillry C. pvt
Bunch, James P. pvt
Burns, William pvt
Casady, George W. pvt
Cook, George R. pvt
Crozier, Samuel pvt
Doud, James 1st Cpl
Dykes, George pvt
Dykes, John pvt
Fletcher, William R.
Foster, George pvt
Fry, Nehemiah pvt
Gaby, John N. pvt
Gardner, William pvt
Gray, William pvt
Grigsby, Joseph A. pvt
Gully, James pvt
Guthrie, John A. pvt
Hacker, William R. pvt
Hagood, James M. 2nd Sgt
Hagood, John T. pvt
Hagood, Thomas C. pvt
Hall, Calsar, Clerk
Haun, John T. pvt
Hawkins, James 1st Sgt
Hilbes, NIchols J. pvt
Hinchaw, William pvt
Jones, Chesley pvt
Jones, Fulton pvt
Jones James F. pvt
Jones, Landon C. pvt
Jones, Marcus F. pvt
Kelly, Joseph D. 8th Cpl
Kenney, Joel N. 4th Cpl
Kenney, Lorenzo pvt
Kenney, Lorenzo pvt
Kenney, William J. pvt
Kenney, William W. pvt
Key, Christopher C. pvt
Key, Marcus S. pvt
Killda, John pvt
King, Hiram pvt
King, James M. pvt
Kirkpatrick, Joseph W. pvt
Kule, Thomas B. pvt
Larrance, Joseph S. pvt
Long, James E. 2nd Cpl
Low, Andrew J. pvt
Loyd, Robert pvt
Malone, Thomas pvt
Manus, Allsey pvt
McCannis, John pvt
McLland, George pvt
McNabb, Emanuel pvt
Mercer, Joseph F. pvt
Moore, Sewel H. pvt
Morelock, William pvt
Morrison, Elijah pvt
Patterson, Joseph pvt
Price, Jackson, (Clerk)
Rector, John R. pvt
Ripley, William P. 5th Sgt
Rush, Sylvanis pvt
Saterfield, Thomas pvt
Sellers, Alford H. pvt
Shook, Alford D. pvt
Short, Eldredg pvt
Slater, Henry pvt
Slater, William M. pvt
Smith, Robert pvt
Spears, William A. pvt
Thomas, Noah L. pvt
Tunnel, James 2nd Lt
Tunnell, Isaac pvt
Vineyard, Peasant pvt
Ward, Ephraim pvt
Ward, William pvt
Webster, John pvt
Weems, Robert H. pvt
West, William pvt
White, Archibald pvt
White, George A. pvt
White, Isaac pvt
Williams, Joseph P. pvt
Williams, Robert pvt
Wines, Pinckey pvt

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