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Captain: Robert C. Carter

Recruits were enrolled at Strawberry Plains, Jefferson CO, TN 30 June 1864 and mustered out there on 8 Aug. 1864.

Ambrose, William A. pvt
Anderson, James pvt
Archer, Aaron pvt
Archer, John pvt
Arnold, William C. pvt
Arwood, Thomas pvt
Balch, Hartless [Hartwell] pvt
Barham, David pvt
Barham, Henry pvt
Barham, Howd pvt
Barham, John L. pvt
Berry, Archabald pvt
Bible, Christian pvt
Bingham, Thomas pvt
Boyers, Creed F. pvt
Bright, David M. pvt
Britton, James 1st Lt
Brown, John pvt --
Brown, Louis pvt
Burnett, William 8th Cpl
Calaway, James N. pvt
Casteel, Ephraim pvt
Casteel, Jonathan R. pvt
Colback, Peter pvt
Cooper, Isaac pvt
Cox, Charles pvt
Crisman, William L. pvt
Davis, John L. Sgt
Drymon, Abraham pvt
Eisenhower, Eranious pvt
Farnesworth, Charles (cook)
Feasel, Eli P. pvt
Fletcher, Spencer pvt
Foster, William A. pvt
Gauntt, John H. pvt
Grace, James H. pvt
Halder, Jesse A. pvt (surname Holder?)
Hancock, Perry pvt
Harris, Robert 4th Cpl
Hartman, William pvt
Haymaker, James 7th Cpl
Haymaker, John B. 2nd Sgt
Henderson, William J. Cpl
Heritage, John pvt
Heritage, Thompson pvt
Hicks, William pvt
Hottsinger, John R. pvt
Hullett, Charles pvt
Hysinger, George S. pvt
Isaacks, Elisha pvt
Isaacks, Noah pvt
Johnson, John H. pvt
Johnson, William pvt
Jones, James A. pvt
Kelton, James R. 5th Sgt
Kiblen, Josiah Cpl
Kibler, Josiah pvt
King, Leander W. pvt
Lamb, James pvt
Lankford, John W. pvt
Linebaugh, Henry pvt
McGill, John pvt
McGill, Patick pvt
McGill, William pvt
McLaughlin, William A. pvt
Meadlock, Francis M. pvt
Miller, William pvt
Miller, William pvt
Mitchell, Andrew J. pvt
Mitchell, Burrell Undr. Clerk
Morgan, David pvt
Morison, Archibald C. pvt
Morrison, Jesse Cpl
Morrison, Pleasant pvt
Morrow, Adam pvt
Obrient, Morgan pvt
Patrick, Seias pvt
Pearson, William pvt
Pearson, William pvt
Pitman, John M. 3rd Sgt
Price, Robert pvt
Profit, James H. pvt
Rader, Matison 1st Cpt
Ragon, Jacob P. pvt
Reynolds, Peter pvt
Ricker, James W. pvt
Ricker, Samuel L. pvt
Ricker, William A. pvt
Ross, William A. pvt
Rowark, Joshua pvt
Salley, Thomas F. pvt
Seamore, Edward pvt
Sexton, James pvt
Simpson, Daniel Lt
Simpson, Robert pvt
Smith, Daniel pvt
Smith, John pvt
Swatsel, Thomas pvt
Thornburg, William Cpl
Westmoreland, Howard pvt
Whitson, Jesse pvt
Widner, Henry pvt
Williams, Pleasant M. pvt
Wright, William H. pvt

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