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Grant's Family Tree


Family and Descendants
Tom Edgar DOUGLAS and Kathleen Mary OWENS and Anne Yvonne Johnson

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Tom and Kathleen are my Grandparents.
Anne is Tom's second wife.

These are some small pieces of their story ...

Third Generation


Kathleen Mary OWENS

Anne Yvonne JOHNSON

Tom Edgar DOUGLAS  ( Robert George , Robert )
Tom Edgar was born on Wednesday 28th August 1895, in Henley Park, Adelaide, South Australia.
Tom Edgar was the son of  Eliza Hannah BROMLEY and Robert George DOUGLAS. Robert George was a Tent Maker aged 55 years, Eliza was aged 44 years and the family was living in Henley Park. Eliza registered Tom Edgar's birth on Thursday 3rd of October 1895 in Hindmarsh. ~s01, s02

Tom Edgar DOUGLAS   

Tom Edgar was the 11th of  11 children , 8 boys and 3 girls.
Tom Edgar's siblings were   Alice Maude WOODS (b1871) , Alexander George (b1873) , Frederick Arthur (b1876) , Albert Edward (b1878), Archie William (b1880) , Bertha Elizabeth KELLY (b1882) , Harry Robert (b1885) , Ethel Hannah BARRINGTON (b1887) , Hugh Norman (b1889)  and  Wallace Gordon (b1892).

Tom Edgar moved to Broken Hill with his family sometime around 1900.  Tom edgar probably sprent most of his childhood years in Broken Hill.  Tom Edgar was employed from 25 Sep 1911 till 20 Oct 1911 at the BHP Mine in the Boy Dept., in Broken Hill.  Tom Edgar was employed again, from 25 Jan 1912 till 4 Jul 1912 at the BHP Mine, in Broken Hill.  Several of Tom Edgars older siblings married and had children, whilst living in Broken Hill.  After returning to Adelaide, Tom Edgar worked as a clerk and joined the Senior Cadets.


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Tom Edgar DOUGLAS volunteered for service with the Australian Imperial Force ( AIF ) during World War 1.
Tom Edgar's service records show that he :

Tom Edgar DOUGLAS was a Private with the 3rd Light Horse Regiment.  His Regimental Number was 1442.
Tom Edgar served with the AIF during WW1 for 3 years 339 days, including 3 years 116 days service abroad.
Tom Edgar was awarded the 1914/15 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.


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Kathleen Mary OWENS  ( George John , Dominick , Edward )
Kathleen was born on Wednesday 3rd July 1901 in Orange Grove, West Mitcham, Adelaide, South Australia.
Kathleen was the 2nd of  3 children , 2 boys and 1 girl for  Ethel ORCHARD and George John OWENS. 

Kathleen's birth was registered on Monday 12th August 1901 by her father.
Ethel was 26 aged years and George was a Policeman aged 27 years and living on South Terrace.
Kathleen's siblings were  Ernest Frederick (b1899) and  John Dominic (b1902). ~s01, s02


Tom Edgar DOUGLAS married Kathleen Mary OWENS
on Thursday 3rd February 1921
in Adelaide, South Australia.

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They were married in the residence of Harry Robert DOUGLAS in Norwood.
Tom was a bachelor, aged 25 years and an engine fitter living at Annesly Avenue, Norwood.
Kathleen was a spinster, aged 19 year and a domestic worker living at Beulah Road, Norwood.
The witnesses were Tom's sister-in-law Olive and Kathleen's brother Ernst, a chainman from Second Valley. ~s01, s02

Molly and Gordon DOUGLAS   

Tom Edgar and Kathleen had the following children :

1 M Gordon John DOUGLAS  was born on 15th August 1921 in Cowandilla.
2 F Mary Dorothy Olive DOUGLAS  was born on 26th March 1925 in New Mile End.
3 M Robert Harry DOUGLAS  was born on 28th July 1926 in Maylands.
Robert married  Margaret Joy SCANNELL.
Robert and Magaret are my parents.
4 M Colin Norman DOUGLAS  was born on 6th October 1927 in Kapunda.

Tom Edgar and Kathleen separated about 1928 , and divorced on 10th September 1937. ~s01


Cecil Charles RICHARDS
Cecil was born on 14th December 1901 in Point Pass, South Australia.
Cecil was the son of  Annie Elizabeth LEHMANN and William RICHARDS.
Cecil was known to family and friends as  "Snowy" Richards.

"Snowy" was the 13th of  14 children , 9 boys and 5 girls.
"Snowy's" siblings were   Robert Ernest William (b1882- ) , Ethel Maud (b1883- ) , Agnes Elvira MICKAN (b1886- ) , Silvia May (b1887- 1899) , Henry Harold (b1889- ) , Edvin John (b1891- ) , Charles George (b1892- 1899) , unnamed male twin (b1894- 3h) , unnamed male twin (b1894- 1d) , Arthur William (b1896- 1910) , Dorothy Gertrude BURDETT (b1898- ) , George Roy (b1900- )  and   Gladys May (b1903- ).


g3-richards- snowy

Kathleen Mary DOUGLAS married Cecil Charles "Snowy" RICHARDS
in 1937
in Broken Hill, New South Wales.

Kathleen was aged about 36 years and "Snowy" was aged about 36 years. ~s02
They met whilst Kathleen was working as a cook, on outback stations.

Not long after they married, Kathleen and "Snowy" removed Kathleen's children, Bob and Molly from Morialta Children's Home.  Bob was aged about 10 years, and Molly was aged about 12 years when they moved to Broken Hill, to live with Kathleen and "Snowy".

"Snowy" RICHARDS   
1945 in Broken Hill   

Kathleen and "Snowy" separated about ...., and divorced about 1958.

Cecil Charles "Snowy" RICHARDS  died in 1958 in Cobar, New South Wales.
"Snowy" was aged about 56 years. ~s02


Francis Samuel STOREY
Frank was born about 1904.


g3-storey -kathleen-01n

Kathleen Mary RICHARDS married Francis Samuel STOREY
about 1958
in Adelaide, South Australia.

Kathleen and Frank STOREY   
in 1958 in Adelaide   

Kathleen Mary STOREY formerly RICHARDS, formerly DOUGLAS nee OWENS
died on Saturday 14th July 1973 in Normanville, South Australia.
Kathleen was buried on 17th July 1973 in the Yankalilla Public Cemetery.
Kathleen was aged 72 years. ~s01

Francis Samuel STOREY  died on Saturday 9th May 1998 in Adelaide, South Australia.
Frank was buried next to Kathleen, in the Yankalilla Public Cemetery.
Frank was aged about 94 years. ~s02
Kathleen and Frank's grave  is at the end of the row, 2/3 way up the hill, on the left.


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Anne Yvonne JOHNSON 
Anne was born on Tuesday 12th October 1915 in Warwick, Queensland.
Anne was the daughter of   Mary Yvonne LA VENNO and Charles Edgar JOHNSON.


Tom Edgar DOUGLAS married Anne Yvonne JOHNSON
on Monday, 30th June 1941
in Marrickville, Sydney, New South wales.

g3-douglas -tom-e-02

They were married in the Church of Christ minister's residence, 14 Dudley Street.
Tom was aged 45 years and a Leading Aircraftsman in 455 Squadron, RAAF, Williamstown.
Anne was single, aged 25 years, a machinist and living at 151 Trafalgar Street, Stanmore.
Their witnesses were Annie COLLINS and V M THOMAS. ~s01

Tom Edgar DOUGLAS served in the Australian Military Forces during World War 2.
Tom Edgar's service records show that he :
  • enlisted in the Australian Army on 27 Sep 1939 at Kirkcaldy, South Australia
  • was discharged from the 4th Garrison Battalion on 8 Jul 1940, as Sergeant S212088
  • enlisted in the RAAF in Adelaide on 9 Jul 1940
  • served in North Africa with the RAAF
  • was discharged from the 3rd Air Observer School, RAAF on 24 Jun 1947, as Sergeant # 27016
  • g2-douglas- tomb-02-wp Tom Edgar and Anne had the following children :

    5 M Tom Bader DOUGLAS
    6 F Heather DOUGLAS


    Tom Edgar DOUGLAS  died on Sunday 22nd January 1950 in the Repatriation Hospital, Springbank, Adelaide, South Australia.
    Tom Edgar was buried on Tuesday 24th January 1950 in West Terrace Cemetery.  Tom Edgar was aged 54 years.
    Tom Edgar's grave  is in the AIF Cemetery, in Kendrew Oval, row 14, grave 27.
    Tom Edgar is buried with his fellow serviceman, including 3 of his brothers and several other close relations. ~s01, s12

    Anne Yvonne DOUGLAS nee JOHNSON  died on Thursday 11th November 1999 in Adelaide, South Australia.
    Anne was cremated and her remains are buried in Centennial Park Cemetery.
    Anne was aged 84 years. ~s13


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