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Dear Doris and Others,

Also have from Chestnut Hill: A Chronicle 1783-1986
There were several Hill families in early Jefferson County.  First, the
family of Rev/Dr. Thomas Hill who died in Cocke County, March 1, 1845.
His son, Thomas Arrunah Hill settled in the Trion section.  The T.A.
Hill married Nancy Austelle and their son was A.O.P. Hill who married
Mary Carter, a daughter of George W. Carter and Nancy Coleman.  (ref:
Mrs. Philip F. Shore, 301 Sunset Drive, Longview, WA 98632)

Abraham (Abram) Hill was born in New Jersey, July 24, 1759 and died in
Ray County, Missouri, May 26, 1843.  His parents moved to Loudoun
County, Virginia in 1761 and later to what is now Washington County,
Tennessee where Abraham entered the American Revolution at the age of
16.  Abraham Hill was a ferry master on the Nolichucky River, at the
mouth of the French Broad River, sometimes living in Cocke County,
sometimes in Jefferson.  His children were Samuel Hill, John Hill, Jesse
Hill, William Hill, James Hill, Alexander Hill and Martha Hill.  (ref:
Jenna V. Ownsby, 1115 Bell, Amarillo, Texas 79106)

There was a Revolutionary soldier Daniel Hill, who once was in Jefferson
County but later to into Middle Tennessee.  Also, there was a James hill
who in 1783 was one of the first settlers of Jefferson, being on the
north side of the Chucky River. (Ramsey's Annals, p.277)

Then there was the family of Joseph Hill, Sr. who it appears migrated to
this area from Hampshire County, Virginia (now West Virginia).  This
Joseph Hill is the ancestor of many of the Chestnut people.

Facts about this early pioneer were written by Frances Lee Hill on July
18, 1937, taken from her father Lon C. Hill, "wrote to Edwin C. Hill in
answer to his letter pertaining to the Hills." (A copy of the above was
furnished y Lillian H. Dubke).

"This record is based on what dad has gathered from his people; there
are no written records from which any of this is taken.

Four Hill brothers migrated from Virginia to East Tennessee about 1770
or 1780 up to 1785.  My immediate great-great-grandfather was Joseph
Hill settling on Indian land in Jefferson County. Tennessee, also, on
Cocke County line.  There is an old rock tombstone said to be his grave
has it cut on the rock 1732, and I suppose this is his birth year.  Six
generations of Hills have lived in southern part of Jefferson County, to
wit; Joseph Hill, James Hill, son of Joseph Hill and he married a Cowan
which is about 125 years ago.  James Maston Hill son of James Hill.

My grandfather married a Moore; he had several brothers.  Harrison Hill,
a brother, moved to Kansas and his sons fought in the Union Army
1861-65.  Another of his brothers migrated down Tennessee River to San
Mountain, Alabama.  His sons were Confederate soldiers "Mosbys Scouts."
May grandfather had two sons in Tennessee old enough o fight in the
Union Army 1863-1865, serving in the 9th Tennessee Union calvary.

My father's name was John W. Hill (now deceased).  He married my mother
Frances E. Nichols January 1881.  She was of Virginia stock."

Nothing beyond Joseph Hill is known.  However, the similarity of names
in the following notation could possibly raise a question.  In Augusta
County, Virginia records, the will of William Hill (a weaver) was dated
January 27, 1748 and mentions wife Mary, sons, James, John and Joseph,
daughters, Sarah, Mary, Rachel, Hannah, and Elizabeth.  It was witnessed
by William Carroll, Isaac Johnson and John Dokiken and was probated May
17, 1749. (Chalkley, Vol. 3, page 11)

Records are found for Joseph Hill in Hampshire County, Virginia.  In
HEADS OF FAMILIES FOR VIRGINIA in 1782 among the list of Stephen Ruddell
are found the following names Hill, James Taaff, Amos Lewis, Jacob
Denton and Daniel Hill.  In that year Joseph Hill's family had increased
by one.

Joseph Hill sold land in Hampshire County.  On March 11, 1783, he sold
150 acres on Little Cacapeon River to James Stone.  This transfer was
witnessed by Daniel Hill, David Collins and George Lewis.  Also, on the
same date as above, Joseph Hill sold Daniel Hill 73 acres on Little
Cacapeon River, witnessed by James Stone, David Collins, and George

It is not known exactly when Joseph Hill Sr. and his family arrived in
what is now Jefferson County.  There is no record of a land grant until
1807.  However, Jefferson County was not formed until 1792, from Greene
County, so perhaps the land entry is there.  Joseph Hill is listed in an
1800 tax list for Jefferson County.

According to Rev. Price in HOLSTON METHODISM, the Cunninghams and the
Lewises arrived in the area in 1786 and soon started Little Pine
Chapel.  Since these people have been neighbors to the Hills in
Hampshire County and the Hills have been closely identified with the
Methodist in Jefferson County, it is the opinion of this writer that the
Hills accompanied this little group into the wilderness south of the
French Broad.  This opinion can be supported by the fact that in the
1850 Jefferson County, census, Joseph Hill, Sr.'s daughter Sarah
(Thornton) was listed as age 65 (1785) born in Virginia, whereas
daughter hannah (Taff) was listed as 63 (1787), born in Tennessee.

The grant for land to Joseph Hill, Sr.'s heirs is as follows:
   ". . . .An act of the General Assembly November 23, 1809 there is a
grant by said State of Tennessee unto heirs of Joseph Hill, a certain or
parcel of land containing 127 acres lying in the county of Jefferson in
the District south of the French Broad and Holston on Muddy Creek.
There being due and charge able on said land the sum of 127 dollars with
the interest doe thereon. . . ."

This tract was surveyed February 4, 1807 and the grant was signed May
26, 1810 by Governor Willie Blount.  The question arises, "Why were the
heirs of Joseph Hill able to obtain this land?  Had he made the request
for the grant before his death, which is supposed to have occurred
February 1, 1807, three days before the survey?

It is from the TVA records that the death of Joseph Hill, Sr. is found.
These records show that the date of death at the age of 72 (born then
1735) were taken from a tombstone at his grave in the Hills Chapel
Methodist Cemetery.  There is a discrepancy between this date of birth
and that given by Lon. C. Hill.

When Douglas Lake was built in 1942, the majority of the graves in the
Hills Chapel Cemetery were moved and combined with the Pleasant Hill
Cemetery to form Hills Union.  Permission to move the grave of Joseph
Hill, Sr. was granted by a great grandson I.H. Hill.  Joseph Hill, Sr.
was reinterred on August 27, 1942 in Grave 376, section E, lot H of
Hills Union Cemetery.  The grave is now marked.

Who was the wife of Joseph Hill, Sr.? Unfortunately, her name is unknown
at this time but an insight into her character does exist.  In the
tender obituary of Margaret Cowan Hill (1826), James Hill reveals that
his wife was aided in her conversion by "pious conversations" with her
own "pious mother."  The obituary also listed that on her deathbed,
Margaret Hill remarked to her sister-in-law, Hannah Hill Taff, "All this
day it appears like I can see your mother in glory, and I expect that
she will be the first that I shall shake hands with on the sweet banks
of deliverance."

Although Joseph Hill, Sr. died in 1807, his property was not divided
among his children until 1823, indicating that his widow  did not die
until a short before the division.  Undoubtedly, this godly grandmother
was at Hills Chapel but her grave was evidently unmarked, so today she
probably lies in the "unknown section" of Hills Union.

The children of Joseph Hill, Sr. are listed in the division of his
estate which is found in Jefferson County Will Book 2, pp. 402-403.
Unfortunately none of the married names of the daughters were listed.

1.  John Hill. . . In the 1830 census of Jefferson County there is
listed a John Hill, born 1750-1760.  In margaret Cowan Hill's obituary
mention is made of "old brother John Hill."  The will of John Hill was
probated January 6, 1840 (Minute Book 10, p. 87), but  copy of the will
is unavailable.

2.  Elizabeth Hill. . . Was she the Elizabeth Hill  who married Aaron
Slover January 4, 1794 in Jefferson County?

3.  Mary Hill. . . Could she have married James Baker whose will was
dated April 8, 1839, Sevier County?

4.  Martha Hill. . . Abraham Slover mentions his wife Martha in his
will, dated December 25, 1833, as well as friend James Taff.  Witnesses
James Hill and William Hill.  Could this have been Martha Hill, although
no marriage record for such has been found?

5.  William Hill. . . William Hill, age 64, in 1832 made an affidavit
verifying George Taff's Revolutionary Service.  He stated that they had
known each other in Hampshire County, Virginia.  In 1830, William Hill,
age 60-70, was the head of household with one male under 5, one male
5-10, on female under 5, amd one female 20-30.  Could he have been the
William Hill who married Mary Carmichael June 24, 1827 in Jefferson

6.  Joseph Hill (July 23 1778-1854) m. March 12, 1807, Susannah McMinn
(McMeans).  For their family see the following data.

7.  James Hill (c1783-1841) m. (1) November 26, 1811, Margaret Cowan
(d. May 6, 1826, age 33) d/o John Cowan and Leah Lewis.  In the obituary
of Margaret Cowan Lewis which follows, it is stated that there eight
children born to her and James Hill.  Of that number, only the names of
six are known.
     1.  Levina Hill (b. 1813) m. March 26, 1832, Thomas C. Davis (Could
this man have been the son of Thomas Davis and Sarah Hill?)

     2.  John Hill (b. c1814)  according to a letter from Joseph Hill,
Holton, Kansas, October 27, 1903, John Hill died c1883 in Parksville,
Missouri and had two children: Margaret Hill and Isaac Hill.

     3.  William McKendree Hill (c1816-July 18, 1890) m. (1) March 25,
1840, Pettis County, Missouri, Malinda Wells, died November 18, 1862.
         Their children:
         1. Nancy Ann Hill (died young)
         2. Joseph Hill (Holton, Kansas)
                    His Children:
                    1. John C. Hill
                    2. Jesse R. Hill
                    3. Gracie Hill
                    4. Oscar J. Hill
                    5. Thomas L. Hill
                    6. Irl N. Hill
         3. Hannah Hill (never married)
         4. Permelia J. Hill Manuel
         5. William Hill (never married)

William McKendree Hill m. Mrs. Fleming, no issue.

William M. Hill left Tennessee about 1839.  In the above mentioned
letter from Joseph Hill, Holton, Kansas, to W.M. Hill, undoubtedly the
son of J. Maston Hill amd Sarah Moore, Joseph Hill mentions the James
Taff family and Uncle Barnett Thornton.  The original in the possession,
Mabel Hill Burchfield, Dandridge, Tennessee.

4.  Harrison Hill, according to Lon C. Hill, this man settled in Kansas.

5. Joseph Hill, from the letter of Joseph Hill, Holton, Kansas, this
brother settled in Alabama

6.  The Rev. James Maston Hill (January 17, 1822-March 27, 1882) m. (1)
November 15, 1841, Sarah Moore (October 1, 1821-April 14, 1868) d/o of
James and Elizabeth Moore.  Their children:
              1. William M. Hill (August 25, 1842-September 26, 1918) m.
Margaret Nichols
              2.  James Press Hill (January 1, 1844-May 20, 1920) m.
December 30, 1868,
                   Mary L.J. (Mollie) Thurman, b. December 15, 1853.
Their children:
                                1. Sarah Elizabeth Hill (November 22,
1869-November 11, 1934)
                                    m. (1) Dr. W.T. Senter (2) Dr. F.B.
                                2. Martha Victoria Hill (b. July 7,
1871) m. Ralph Swann.
                                3. William C. (Dooley) Hill (b. July 1,

Sorry folks, that's all the pages I copied.

Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 20:42:40 -0600 From: Joe Comp To: Message-ID: <> Subject: [HILL-L] Re: HILL-D Digest V03 #130 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Dear Doris and others, Looking for Joseph Hill, it took me some time to discover your Joseph Hill was not the one I was looking for. However, I did collect some information on him I'd like to share. If you have it--maybe others don't. >From Jefferson County, Tennessee Families and History 1792-1996 Page 112 290 HILL Joseph Hill Sr. migrated from Hampshire County, Virginia (now West Virginia) to Jefferson County about 1786. This date is approximated from the fact that in the 1850 census of Jefferson County, his daughter Sarah Thornton was listed as having been born in Virginia and his daughter Hannah Taff was listed was listed as having been born in Tennessee. Sarah was born about 1785 and Hannah was born in 1787. Son William made an affidavit relative to the Revolutionary pension for George Taff and said that eh had known Taff in Hampshire County, and that he remembered Taff serving in the war. Records in Hampshire County show other early Jefferson County names like Taff, Kidner (Ketner) and Lewis living near Joseph Hill. In the first volume of Holston Methodism by R.N. Price, is it stated that was a migration of settlers from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to Greene County, North Carolina in 1786 and the Lewis family is listed as part of that migration. Judging from the birth dates of the Hill daughters and the fact that they were neighbors in Hampshire County, as well as the fact that both were affiliated with the Pine Chapel Church in Jefferson County, it could be logical to assume that the Hills were part of the 1786 migration. At present there is no record of the name of Joseph Hill, Sr.'s wife. It is thought that she lived to an older age as she is mentioned in the obituary of her daughter-in-law, Margaret (Cowan) Hill, published in Correspondence Instructor, Knoxville, November 1826. Possibly her maiden name could have been Warden, since the Wardens and the Taffs were also Hampshire County neighbors and also a granddaughter was named Abigail Warden Hill. Joseph Hill, Sr. died February 1, 1807, at the age of 72. These dates are found in TVA records for the removal of his remains from Chapel Hill cemetery in 1942 when Douglas Lake was built. The remains were transferred to the Hills Union Cemetery, Block E, lot 5, Grave 376. A new marker was erected in recent years. Joseph Hill's estate was not settled until January 1823 and is recorded in Jefferson County Will Book 2, pp 402-403. The fact that his estate was not settled nearly 16 years after his death might indicate that his widow did not die until shortly prior to that date. The following children are listed in the settlement: (1) William Hill born 1768; (2) John hill (was he the John Hill who died December 23, 1839, age 70 and was buried in the MacCampbell U.M. Cemetery?); (3) Martha Hill; (4) Mary Hill (her marriage to James Baker is listed in Augusta County, Virginia, September 28, 1785. His will, dated April 8, 1839, Sevier County, listed executors as James and William Hill, James Taff, and Barnabas Thornton); (5) Elizabeth, married Aaron Slover in Jefferson County January 4, 1794; (6) Joseph Hill (July 23, 1778-1854) married Susannah McMeans on March 12, 1807, Jefferson County; (7) James Hill circa 1780-1841, he married (1) November 26, 1811 to Margaret Cowan, (2) November 6, 1827 to Elizabeth Black; (8) Sarah Hill circa 1785-after 1870, she married (1) July 7, 1801 to Thomas Davis; (2) Barnabas Thornton; (() Hannah Hill (July 19, 1787-September 12, 1851) married July 16, 1817 to James Taff. Submitted by Edna H. Ottinger, 3575 Hwy 411, Dandridge, TN 37725. Page 113 292 JOSEPH HILL Joseph Hill was July 23, 1778 in Hampshire County, Virginia (now West Virginia). He migrated into what is now Jefferson County when his family came about 1786, he was father was Joseph Hill Sr. Joseph Hill and Susannah McMeans were married March 12, 1807 in Jefferson County. She was born August 31, 1789 in Tennessee and she probably was a granddaughter of Thomas McMeans, schoolmaster whose will is dated February 20, 1804, in Jefferson County. Joseph and Susannah Hill lived about two miles northeast of Chestnut Hill and their home is presently occupied by the great-granddaughter, Ira (Hill) Hance. There is a family tradition that the house was built before Tennessee became a state in 1796. Architectural from the Tennessee Historical Commission inspected the house and dated it "about 1800." In 1982, it was placed on the National register of Historic places. The house is constructed of poplar logs which have been weatherboarded. The original log crib remains and the same spring still provides water. What is now considered the front of the house used to be the rear; this changed in 1910 when the present highway 411 was built. Joseph Hill died in 1854 and his wife Susannah died about 1862 or 1863. They are buried in he Taff Cemetery, which is on a hill behind their house. Their children were: (1) Abigail Warden Hill (April 12, 1808-circa 1849) married (a) John Rinehart (b) Hamilton Copeland; (2) Elizabeth "Betsy" Hill (January 12, 1810-January 26, 1892) never married; (3) Martha Hill (born December 17, 1811) married a Kennedy; (4) Nathaniel Preston "Press" Hill (July 14, 1813-circa 1880) married Lucinda Stinnett; (5) Sarah "Sally" Hill (October 17, 1815-November 22, 1893) married James Webb; (6) Joseph Alvey Hill (August 19, 1817-April 29, 1878) married Anna M. Shults; (7) William Carroll Hill (October 23, 1819-November 13, 1892) never married; (8) Hannah Emily Hill (June 3, 1821-April 30, 1904) married Nathaniel Wesley Emert; (9) Margaret Quintine Hill (April 6, 1827-October 20, 1878) married John T. Shields; (10) James Seldon Hill (June 2, 1832-July 20, 1912) married Sarah Elizabeth Taff. Of the above children, Martha Hill was the only one to leave the area; she moved to Alabama. Joseph Alvey Hill lived near Wilsonville, Cocke County. Emily (Hill) Emert lived near Pigeon Forge, Sevier County. The rest lived in the Chestnut Hill area. Submitted by Martha Moore Hobson, 159 South Columbia Drive, Oak Ridge, TN 37830.

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