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"For Those Who Have Come Before…

Mollie Bishop Smith and Lucius Curry King

…And Those Who Will Come After"

Welcome to Serena & Colleen’s

Family Tree Home Page!

In our quest to uncover the trails of our ancestors, we have found some very old roots. We have also run into a few snags and bumps along the way. If you have any further information on anyone of these surnames, please e-mail us (link below). Or, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! We will do our best to answer.

Primary Surnames and Localities:

Bishop – Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee
Carter – Georgia, South Carolina
Collmar/Colmer – Germany
Greer/Grier – Georgia, South Carolina
Harless – Indiana, Ohio
Jameson/Jamieson – Indiana, Ohio, Canada, Scotland
Mauch/Mauck – Ohio, Germany
Manson - Scotland
Mobley/Mobberly – Arkansas, South Carolina
Pitman/Pittman - Georgia, Illinois, Ohio
Shaw – Arkansas, North Carolina
Smith – Arkansas, Georgia
Stanley – Indiana
Walker - Scotland

Family Tree
Carter/Grier Family Photos
King Family Photos
Mauch/Collmer Family Photos
 Shaw/Wilson Family Photos
Smith/Bishop Family Photos
Stanley/Jamieson Family Photos

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