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                          Smiths, Lanes, Butlers, McAllisters, and many more.


Smith Family…

Elijah Smith…


Elijah Smith was born ca 1837-40 probably in Tennessee, although some records state Kentucky. According to some records his father was James Smith of Georgia (all that is known). Elijah Smith married Sarah Elizabeth Butler ca 1852-56 in Indiana after an elopement. Elijah Smith died 12/June/1898 in Adair Co. Ky.Elijah Smith served in the Union Army during the Civil War, Com.D,13th Reg.Ky.Volunteer Cavalry.


Sarah Elizabeth Butler was born ca 1837-40 either in Tennessee or Kentucky, both are stated on records. According to her pension file, she ran away to be married when she was about 12 years old. According to her pension file she was the daughter of Simon Butler and Mary Polly Frazier.

Sarah Elizabeth Butler’s father Simon, was of native American descent, which tribe is unknown, some researchers say his name was Simon Running From Bear, but this is not proven except by family lore, no documents exist so far to prove this. Sarah remarried after the death of Elijah to a Samuel L. Miller 30-Dec.-1909 in Casey Co. Ky. However she returned to her home in Adair Co. Ky. by 1/May/1916 where she died.


Both Elijah Smith and Sarah Elizabeth Butler Smith are buried in the old family cemetery located in Adair Co. Ky. , A list of persons believed buried there will be added to this information later.


Children of Elijah Smith and Sarah Elizabeth Butler Smith……


1.     Mary Jane “Mollie” Smith, b.3/Apr./1858 in either Mercer or Boyle Counties Ky. Mollie married three times 1.David R. Garland, 12/Mar./1876 Adair Co. Ky.,2.Robert B. Fair, 22/Mar./1879 Adair Co. Ky.,3.George Washington Poff, may have been in Tennessee, no record found. Mary Jane Mollie Smith died 8/Aug./1949 in Adair Co. Ky.

2.     Margaret Elizabeth “Teen” Smith, b.5/April/1859 in Pulaski Co. Ky. was married three times, 1.William T. Jones, 8/Sept./1872 in Adair Co. Ky.,2. Miles Dove, 25/Sept./1876 in Adair Co. Ky., 3.James Parker Carter, no record found, by 1879. Margaret Elizabeth Teen Smith died 17/Mar./1908 in Hardeman Co. Texas.

3.     Unknown Male b.and d. Pulaski Co. Ky. 1859.

4.     Lucinda Paradine Smith, b.15/Nov./1861 in Pulaski Co. Ky. and d.22/Dec./1861 in Pulaski Co. Ky.

5.     William Newton Smith, b.7/Dec./1862 in Pulaski Co. Ky. was married three times, 1.Mary Ann McAllister ca 1880-83, no record, 2.Mary “Mamie” Isgrigg Breeding, 29/Jan./1906 in Adair Co. Ky.,3.Julia Burton Hadley, 31/Aug./1929 in Adair Co. Ky. William Newton Smith died 26/Oct./1943 in Adair Co. Ky.

6.     Vesta Ann Smith, b.10/Feb./1865 in Adair Co. Ky. married her cousin Ambrose Spradling (son of James and Rachel Smith Spradling),25/Dec./1877 in Adair Co. Ky. Vesta Ann Smith died 30/Jan./1917 in Adair Co. Ky.

7.     John Elijah “Lige” Smith, b.20/May/1869 in Adair Co. Ky. married Ada Prindle 17/June/1904 in Adair Co. Ky. John Elijah  “Lige”Smith died 2/Feb./1936 in Adair Co. Ky.

8.     Sarah Belle Smith, b.14/Mar./1872-74 in Adair Co. married Benjamin Elisha Lane 11/Oct./1894 in Adair Co. Ky., Sarah Belle Smith died 26/Feb./1955 in Jefferson Co. Ky.

9.     Susan Louvenia Smith, (some researchers say her full name was Susan Louvenia Alice Victoria, not proven), b.6/Mar./1875 in Adair Co. Ky. married John Washington Wilson 1/Nov./1896 in Adair Co. Ky. Susan Louvenia Smith died 4/Mar./1920 in Adair Co. Ky.

10. Angeline Smith, 1876-77 appears in only one  census record, 1880, no other information.

11. George Tolbert “George Tole” Smith, b.10/Feb./1878 in Adair Co. Ky. married two times, 1.Elizy Dove , 20/Dec./1905 Adair Co. Ky.,2.Lucy Shuck, before 1930 census. George Tolbert Smith died 30/Jan./1962 in Adair Co. Ky.

12. James W. Smith, b.29/Aug./1879 Adair Co. Ky. disappears after 1900 census, no other information.

13. Rosa Lee Smith, b.29/Mar./1881 in Adair Co. Ky. married Joseph Henry Burris 1897 in Adair Co. Ky. record at court house annex but in too bad shape to be copied or fully read, Rosa Lee Smith died 12/Mar./1964 in Adair Co. Ky.

14. Joe Beanie Smith, Just found in 2009 Joe Beany Smith was shot and killed 12-April-1903 at the homeplace in Adair Co. Ky. ,he was born ca 1883.

15. Robert Leslie Smith, b.9/Jan./1884 in Adair Co. Ky. married Mary Baldock 30/Nov./1903 in Casey Co. Ky., Robert Leslie Smith served in the army in WWI, he died of influenza 28/Feb./1919 in Jefferson Co. Ky.

16. Addie Lee Smith, b.18/Aug./1898 in Adair Co. Ky., Addie was raised by Sarah E. Butler Smith, she was an orphan, Addie married Alfred Sneed 8/Oct./1914 in Adair Co. Ky. Addie Lee Smith died 5/Dec./1976 in Edinburg, Illinois.


A list of the children of all the above Smiths may be obtained from the compiler.

The above Sarah Belle Smith Lane was the Great Grandmother of the compiler.


Lane Family

Elisha Benjamin Lane.


Elisha Benjamin Lane was born ca 1823 in either Ky. or Tennessee, records state both places. , parents are unknown at this time, Elisha Benjamin Lane married Nancy Mary Reed, daughter of James M. Reed and Nelly Gravatt in Green Co. Ky. 10/July/1845, with the grandmother of Nancy Mary, Nancy Gravatt , giving permission.Nancy Mary Reed was born 10-Jan.-1834 and died 12-Jan.-1896 (death info found in 2009). Elisha Benjamin Lane died 19/Aug./1889 in Jefferson Co. Ky.


Children of Elisha Benjamin Lane and Nancy Mary Reed……

1. Sarah Jane Lane b.Oct.1846 in Green Co. Ky. married Richard T. Wooldridge 4/Aug./1861 in Green Co. Ky., Sarah Jane Lane died 7/Nov./1931 in Taylor Co. Ky.

2. Mary Ellen Lane, 1848 in Green Co. Ky. married William Keith 19/Nov.1865 in Green Co. Ky. Mary Ellen Lane died 16/Oct./1921 in Bullitt Co. Ky.

3. Martha Williams Lane, b.10/May/1851-53 married Dr.Charles D. Moore 25/Dec./1869 in Green Co. Ky.,Martha Williams Lane died 19/Feb./1920 in Adair Co. Ky.

4. Richard S. or T. Lane, 1854, Green Co. Ky., no other information.

5. Ann Elizabeth Lane, 1856 Green Co. Ky. married James Henry Sharp.

6. Laura Thomassa Lane,b.April 1858 Green Co. Ky. married John C. Sharp ca 1883, Laura T. Lane died 15/Nov./1909.

7. James E. Lane, b.16/June/1860 Green Co. Ky., married Emily J. Ray or Roy, James E. Lane died 2/Oct./1944 in Jefferson Co. KY.

8. Joseph Woodson Lane, b.Nov.1862 in Green Co. Ky., married Elizabeth Minerva Brockman, Joseph Woodson Lane died 2/June/1906 may have been in Harlan Co. Ky.

9. John Henry Lane, b.Jan.1865 in Green Co. Ky., married 1.Pharaba Gurley Combest 22/Nov./1885 in Green Co. Ky.,2.Estelle Jones Troll Redford,24/Aug./1909 in Casey Co. Ky. John Henry Lane died 18/May/1937 in Bullitt Co. Ky.

10. Benjamin Elisha Lane, b.June 1866 in Green Co. Ky. , married Sarah Belle Smith (daughter of Elijah and Sarah E. Butler Smith) 11/Oct./1894 in Adair Co. Ky., Benjamin Elisha Lane died 6/Oct./1949 in Jefferson Co. Ky.

11. Catherine Lane, 1870, appears in 1880 census, found in 2009, Catherine Lane married Allen Jones Saunders 2-May-1897, she died 25-Feb.-1950 in Taylor Co.KY.

12. C.A. Lane, male baby b.1872 in Green Co. Ky. , died 18/Oct./1874 in Green Co. Ky.

13. Franklin Lewis Lane, b.Feb.1875 in Green Co. Ky., married Carrie Belle Drawbaugh by 1920, Franklin Lewis Lane died 27/July/1952 in Jefferson Co. Ky.


A list of all the children of the above Lanes may be obtained from the compiler. Note…..No one knows when Nancy Mary Reed Lane died or where she is buried, she disappears after the 1880 census.


The above Benjamin Elisha Lane was the Great Grandfather of the compiler. One of the children of Ben E. Lane and Sarah Belle Smith was Charles McKinley Lane, my mother’s father.


Simon Butler…..mystery….Brickwall…….


Simon Butler 1776 in either Tennessee, or Indian Territory, was the father of Sarah Elizabeth Butler Smith, she being the wife of Elijah Smith. From the pension file of Sarah E. Butler Smith, she says the following …Date, 29/March/1899 “My father’s name was Simon Butler and my mother’s name was Polly Frazier. Both are long since dead. I have neither brother nor sister living and no aunt or uncle alive. I haven’t a relative in the world living. My father died on Smith Cain’s farm in Pulaski Co. Ky. He has been dead 30 years, my mother died in this county (being Adair Co.Ky.)” ….more…”My name before I was married was Sarah Butler” question by interviewer, “was your father a white man”…answer…”He was a half Indian, half Cherokee” Recent information proves that indeed Simon Butler died on Smith Cain’s farm in Pulaski Co. Ky. ca 1867-69 but is buried on the old Garner Farm in Pulaski Co. next door to the Smith Cain Farm. Simon Butler appears on the Wayne Co. Ky. Tax Lists in 1842, 1844, 1845, 1846, and 1848 as a free colored man. Simon married Mary Polly Frazier (Frazor) unknown date , Frazier was indeed her maiden name and is proved by the death record recorded in Adair Co. Ky.(Ky.Births, Marriages, Deaths, 1852-1910 microfilm #994027 at Mid Continent Library, Independence, MO.) as ….Polly A. Butler, 60 yrs. old, died 17/Dec./1875 in Adair Co. Ky. b.Pulaski Co. Ky., parents Micajah and Sally Frazor. According to family lore, Mary Polly Frazier Butler was the first person buried in the Smith Family  Cemetery.


1840 Wayne Co. Ky. Census……Line 24, Pg.173B

Simon Butler/ Coll.

1 free white female age 70-80

1 free male colored person, age 55-100

Total of two in household


Next. Door. Line 25

Polley Frasier

1 free white male, age 5-10

1 free white female, age 0-5

1 free white female, age 20-30

Note….The above leads this researcher to believe that Sarah Elizabeth Butler Smith had at least one brother, the male age 5-10. Why Simon and Polly are listed as two separate households is unknown. Also, the older female in Simon’s house hold is a mystery.


Not found in 1850 census…..Neither Simon or Polly.


1860 Whitley Co. Ky. census, Marsh Creek Dist. Pg.131, Dwelling 942.

Simon Butlor …Indian…age 84…b.Tenn…occupation Fifer

Mary Butlor……White…age 48…b.Tenn.

Sally Smith……. White…age 19…b.Tenn.

Mary J. Smith……White…age 3…b.Tenn.

Elizabeth Smith…..White…age 2…b.Tenn.

Note…….The age difference of Simon and Mary Polly are striking and causes some questions to arise. Their daughter Sarah Elizabeth Butler Smith may be just visiting or residing with them, as her husband, Elijah Smith has not been found in this census, and has not entered the service yet.


Mary Butler resides in the household of her daughter Sarah Elizabeth Butler Smith and Elijah Smith in the 1870 Adair Co. census, and she died there in 1875.


In the 1910 Casey Co. KY. census Sarah Elizabeth Butler Smith Miller states that her father was born in Indian Territory. , however in 1900 Adair Co. census she states that her father was born in Kansas.


Further information in both Elijah Smith’s and Sarah Elizabeth Butler Smith’s pension files states that both families, Smiths and Butlers once resided in Scott Co. Tennessee. , however, records from that area especially for the Civil War years are very scarce, most being destroyed by the Confederate army in a courthouse fire during the war.


Any information whatsoever would truly be appreciated on the parentage of Simon Butler, Indian.


McAllister Family ……

Alberta Florence Lane, the daughter of Charles McKinley Lane and Mary Ellen Woods, and grand daughter of Benjamin Elisha Lane and Sarah Belle Smith, married Raymond Rollin McAllister, they were the parents of the compiler.


Raymond Rollin McAllister was the son of Lawrence Lincoln McAllister and Mary Frances Gowen of Adair and Green counties Ky. Lawrence Lincoln McAllister was the son of Alfred Alexander McAllister and Elizabeth Ann Floyd of Adair Co. Ky.


Alfred Alexander McAllister, b.13/Dec./1844 in Adair Co. Ky. son of Samuel McAllister and Mary K. Williams, married Elizabeth Ann Floyd, daughter of James L. Floyd and Margaret Ann Bryane. 18/Oct./1865 in Adair Co. Ky. Alfred Alexander McAllister died 20/Feb./1916 in Adair Co. Ky., Elizabeth Ann “Betsy” Floyd McAllister was born 19/Feb./1948-47 and died 1/May/1931 in Casey Co. Ky.


Children of Alfred Alexander McAllister and Elizabeth Ann Floyd…..

1.    Mary Ann McAllister, b.15/Mar./1867 in Adair Co. Ky. married William Newton Smith by 1883, son of Elijah and Sarah E. Butler Smith. Mary Ann McAllister died 27/Mar./1902 in Adair Co. Ky.

2.    James William McAllister “Jemmison”, b.23/April/1869-70 in Adair Co. Ky. married Callie ? Jemmison died 3/Jan./1957 in Adair Co. Ky.

3.    Alfred Alexander McAllister Jr., b.28/Jan./1871 in Adair Co. Ky. married Ada B. Spradling, dau. of Ambrose and Vesta Ann Smith Spradling,

4.    Luetta McAllister, b.3/Aug./1873-74 in either Adair or Green Cos.Ky. married John Bishop, Luetta McAllister died 28/May/1943.

5.    Laura B. McAllister, b.13/Feb./1876 in either Adair or Green Cos.Ky. married William F. Martin 24/Jan./1897 in Adair Co. Ky.

6.    Charles McAllister, b.19/Mar./1878, died before the 1900 census, no other information.

7.    Martin Luther McAllister, b.14/May/1884 in Adair or Green Cos.Ky. married Etta Floyd 26/Nov./1904 in Adair Co. Ky. Martin Luther McAllister died 2/April/1970.

8.    Rosa Lee McAllister, b.26/April/1887 in Adair or Green Cos.Ky. married William R. Garland 13/Aug./1902 in Adair Co. Ky.

9.    Lawrence Lincoln McAllister, b.2/Aug./1892 in Adair or Green Cos.Ky. married Mary Frances Gowen , b.7/Nov./1895 in Adair Co. Ky. dau. of Henry Clay Gowen and Martha Jane Patton. Lawrence Lincoln McAllister died 20/Feb./1920 in Jefferson Co. Ky. Mary Frances Gowen McAllister died 17/May/1979 in Green Co. Ky.


A list of children of the above McAllisters may be obtained from the compiler.


                           Smith Family Cemetery, Adair Co. Ky.

This cemetery is located  on what once was the Wayne Legg farm and once was the Smith farm, Milltown Adair Co. Ky. Take 61 north from the square in Columbia going towards Greensburg, turn left at #768 or Milltown Rd., turn left again at Milltown Church Rd. and then a final left at Wayne Leff Farm Rd. .The property is now owned by a Mr. Reed so permission to go on the property would be necessary. The cemetery is located across the creek and directly behind the field adjacent to the corral and barn, accessibility is very difficult. Once there was a road leading down to the creek and a wood bridge but neither exist now. Accessibility might be easier through what once was the Bud Gilpin farm next door. This list was compiled by Marilyn M. Fair and Pat Ware after much research and interviews with older members of the family. Pat and I made a trip to the cemetery in Oct. 1992 that was very helpful. Thanks to Etta Cook and Rose Rodgers for their input.

There are only a few readable stones left, most have sunk into the ground due to erosion of the ground next to the creek, most comments are from the memory of those who once visited the cemetery and have relatives there.



Mary Polly Frazier Butler, died 17/Dec./1875, mother of Sarah E. Butler Smith.

Elijah Smith, died 12/June/1898, Co.D, 13th Ky.Volunteer Calvary

Sarah Elizabeth Butler Smith died 1/May/1916, mother of 15, wife of Elijah.

Angeline Smith, not sure about this one.

William Newton Smith, died 26/Oct./1943, son of Elijah and Sarah Smith.

Mary Ann McAllister Smith, died 27/Mar./1902, wife of William Newton Smith.

Magnolia Snith,  dau. of William Newton and Mary Ann Smith.

Leslie Smith, grandson of William Newton and Mary Ann Smith.

Ella Mae Smith, died, 18/Aug./1925-26, dau. of Newton Leslie and Maggie Finn Smith.

Robert Leslie Smith, died 28/Feb./1919, son of Elijah and Sarah Smith.

John Elijah “Lige” Smith, son of Elijah and Sarah Smith.

Maggie Finn Smith, died 20/Oct./1930, wife of Newton Leslie Smith.

Mary Jane “Mollie” Smith Poff, died 8/Aug./1949, wife of George W. Poff.

George W. Poff, died 8/Oct./1949, son of John Poff and Hannah Meese Poff., husband of Mollie Smith Poff.

Baby Poff, infant of George and Mollie Poff.

Susan Louvenia Smith Wilson, died 4/Mar./1920, dau. of Elijah and Sarah Smith, wife of John W. Wilson.

Mary Ann Wilson, dau. of John W. and Susan Smith Wilson.

John M. Wilson, died Nov.1910, age 70.

James W.G.Wilson, died 19/Mar./1949, husband of Annie Smith.

Mollie M. Wilson, dau. of Jms.W.G. and Annie Smith Wilson.

Annie Smith Wilson, dau. of Wm.Newton and Mary Ann Smith, wife of Jms.W.G. Wilson.

Ella Mae Wilson, dau. of John W. and Susan Smith Wilson.

Elizabeth A. Wilson, died 5/April/1948

James Goff, son of Bryant and Janie Wilson Goff.

Christine Goff, dau. of Bryant and Janie Wilson Goff.

Nannie Wilson Burris, dau. of John W. and Susan Smith Wilson, wife of Dave Burris.

Rachel Smith Spradling, dau. of James Smith of Georgia, sister of Elijah Smith, wife of James Spradling, died 1877, mother of John R. and Ambrose.

Ambrose M. Spradling, son of James and Rachel Smith Spradling, husband of Vesta Ann Smith.

Emma Spradling Burris, dau. of Ambrose and Vesta Smith Spradling.

William “Willie” Lane , son of Benjamin E. and Sarah Belle Smith Lane.

Nannie Elizabeth Lane, died 1902, dau. of Benjamin E. and Sarah Belle Smith Lane.

Charles McKinley Lane, son of Benjamin E. and Sarah Belle Smith Lane, father of Alberta, Benny, and Charles “Shaggy” Lane, died 23/Mar./1931.,husband of Mary Ellen Woods.

Charles “Shaggy” Lane, son of Charles McKinley “Ken” Lane and Mary Ellen Woods, died 1933.

Geneva Lane, died 1940, dau. of John A. Lane and Mary F. Gilpin

Aunt Liz, an old colored woman

4 unknown colored persons


This compiler has much more information on all the above families, and other related families such as Gowen, Floyd, Bryant, Woods, Hoskins, Reed, O’Brien,Gilpin, Martin, Rice, Hensley, Sneed,  too many to name here. Any input or corrections would accepted cordially. I am always willing to share.


Thanks to Julie Click, Paula Smallwood, Charlotte Miller, for continuing research help. This is still an ongoing project.