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This information was sent to me by Virginia Skogland, a descendant of William.

From Family History Library Film # 0431217

The Gloucestershire Journal
June 7, 1773

Monday the house of John Wood, of Tainton, was broke open, and robbed of near 40#, which the poor man had earned with great industry, and had put by to support him in his old age. --- The money was hid in some old rags in a clock-case. The thieves prove to be James and Wm. Markey, two young carpenters, who lived in that parish, but who have lately fallen into an idle habit from frequenting alehouses. Wm. Markey is brought to our castle, but the other escaped, and carried off the money with him.

The Gloucestershire Journal
Monday, August 2, 1773

On Saturday Evening the commission was opened for holding the assizes for this city and county; among the criminals to be tried here are Geo. Giles, an Exciseman, for forging the hand-writing of Mrs. Price; the Supervisor; Wm. and James Markey, for stealing 40 guineas out of the house of John Wood; and 18 others for thefts, &cc

The Gloucestershire Journal
Monday, August 9, 1773

Wednesday last came on to be tried at our assizes, before Mr. Baron Eyre, an indictment against one George Giles, for a forgery, with an intention to defraud the excise revenue. -- It appeared in evidence that the prisoner, who was an Exciseman at Winchcomb, in this county, used to charge a maltlter (?) with a certain sum which he alledged was the excise dues, but when he carried in his account to the Supervisor, he charged himself with only a part of the sum, and carried back to the maltlter a receipt of his own manufacturing for the whole money he had received. The prisoner was, on some other account, discharged by the Board from his office; but his own indiscretion, in repeatedly writing to the Board, representing the injustice of his dismission, induced them to make a thorough scutiny into his conduct, and to commence this prosecution against him, upon which he was capitally convicted. He is a native of Cricklade; in Wiltshire; and has a wife and four small children.

James Markey was also capitally convicted for burglary, but afterwards reprieved. Jane Hibbs, Sarah Hibbs, Charles Hale and Wm Hughes, for different thefts, were ordered to be transported for seven years; James Jones, for stealing wheat, was burnt in the hand; Richard Evans, for stealing abb yarn, and Ann Griffin, for stealing clothes, were ordered to be whipped. Six were aquitted and eight discharged by proclamation. William Markey, having the small-pox, could not take his trial.

Justices of Assize for the Oxford Circuit
St. James's 14th Sept. 1773


The following persons having been tried and convicted before you respectively in the last Oxford Circuit of the several crimes hereinafter specified, viz.
( here are some eighteen named, # 11 is)
James Markey at Gloucester, for the County of Gloucester, for housebreaking.

And you, having by certificate under your hands humbly recommended them as proper objects of His Majesty's Royal Mercy, on condition of Transportation, His Majesty has thereupon been graciously pleased to extend His Royal Mercy to them upon the said condition, and has commanded me to signify the same to you, that you may accordingly give the necessary orders for the Transportation of the said(names and sentences) --- and the said James Markey, Samuel Jones, Thomas Harvey, Edward Taylor, and John Gough, for the term of their natural lives to some of His Majesty's Colonies or Plantations in America, pursuant to the Act of Parliament in that Behalf.

(signed) Jam Rickford

The Gloucestershire Journal
Monday, April 4, 1774

At our Assices last week no less than 16 criminals received sentence of death, viz. Josiah Gardiner, James Donnald and Wm. Catenech, for breaking open the house of Mr. Huntley, of Hascomb; Rich. Palkner, for robbing and cutting the throat of John Bird, of Stonchouse; Wm. Townsend, for attempting to murder Rich. Newell, of Ampney; Wm. Markey, for breaking open the house of John Wood; John Pyke, for horsestealing; Thomas Rudder for stealing cloth from Fromhill Mill; Wm. Wicks and James Brown for stealing cloth from Mr. Tipports, of Dursley; Robert Brown for horsestealing; Thomas Rayer and John Lewis, for breaking open the cellar of Mr. Stone; John Prewitt for sheepstealing; Wm Hale for stealing cloth; and Charles Pettyford, for a burglary. However the Judge reprieved the eleven last, and left the five first for execution.

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