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A cousin, Martha B. Hendrix, sent me a copy of this newspaper article, I'm sorry, the name of the newspaper is not on the copy, only the date is handwritten.  The graveyard is located in north west Alexander Co., NC. near the Wilkes Co. line.  Names include BUMGARNER, WHISNANT, SPRADLING, ROBINETTE.




     The Fourth Annual Bumgarner Family Reunion was held at the Little River Baptist Church in October.

    The first reunion which was held in 1979 was an impromptu gathering of Bumgarners and various other families which are related to the Bumgarners.

     Subsequent reunions held each year since 1979, have resulted in much interest in Bumgarner genealogy, especially through the family of Alfred A. Bumgarner, who was born in 1823.

     One of his children, Andrew Monroe Bumgarner, who was considered the historian of the family, was the one to whom the 1982 reunion was dedicated.  A relative, Tommy J. Bumgarner of Stanley, N.C., said that "had it not been for him, we would not have a present day reunion.  His desire as early as 1920 was for the family to come together in late summer or early fall and each contribute something towards buying grave markers and placing them at the grave sites of JACK SPRADLING and JAMES ROBINETTE."

    According to Tommy Bumgarner, these two men were Andrew's great grandfather and great-great grandfather.  They were well known life long residents of this county and descendants of these two were the Reverend W. J. Bumgarner and the Reverend George Z. Bumgarner, brothers of Andrew Bumgarner.  Reverend Ernest V. Bumgarner, a well known Baptist preacher throughout this area, was the son of W. J. Bumgarner.

     Andrew never lived to see his dream fulfilled.  Time passed, families moved to other areas, some died, and the family reunions were eventually discontinued.  That is, until 1979, some 60 years later.

     Tommy Bumgarner says that he obtained a copy of a book written by Andrew Bumgarner and began to search into his ancestral roots.  Out of this effort, the family reunion was reinitiated, and out of this reunion, A. M. Bumgarner's dream has come true.

     Through contributions of family members, a memorial grave marker was purchased and erected in the Bumgarner Cemetery, in memory of JACK SPRADLING AND JAMES ROBINETTE, who are buried just east and west of the cemetery.

     A memorial service was held recnetly which was attended by some 50 people.  An opening address was delivered by Tommy Bumgarner.  A stirring address, written by the late Rev. Ernest V. Bumgarner and was originally delivered to the Bumgarner Reunion held in 1920, was read by Mrs Pauline WHISNANT, Rev. E. V. Bumgarner's daughter.

     After Rev. Bumgarner's address, the benediction was given by the retired Rev. D. I. Bumgarner.

     Tommy Bumgarner and other members of the Bumgarner families have expressed appreciation to those who made contributions toward making the placement of the memorial grave marker a possibility.

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