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JAMES3 SPRADLING was born 1740 in VA, and died February 07, 1805 in Wilkes Co., NC. He married SARAH Abt. 1762 in Wilkes Co., NC. He is thought to be the son of a John Spradlin and grandson of Charles Spradlin, I haven't been able to find any information to either prove or disprove this.

In his will, James mentioned "my son John, my daughter Fannie Robinet, my worthy sons John (Spradling) and James Robnet". A witness is Sary (or Saly) Spradlin. Some think this is the James who married Sarah Scott, it is not, that couple moved to Tennessee.

Per Paul Owen - "Charles' will of 1780 had an entry that appeared to be an inadvertent entry of James as an executor. It looked as though there was an attempt to blot out the name after it was written. Charles Spradling & John Bell bought 420 ac. of land in Chester Co, SC Nov 1778. After the death of Charles Sr. a Charles Spradling is listed in 1790 census Charleston Dist, Dorchester Co, SC. On 6 Mar 1792 a Charles Spradling witn. will of John Bell Sr. a St. George Parish, Dorchester Co. planter. This certainly sounds like Charles Spradling Jr. & eliminates him from being the Charles Spradling of Wilkes Co, NC. I believe the Charles Spradling of Wilkes Co. was more likely the man listed with James in Halifax Co. 1771. I also think that the Halifax & Wilkes Cos. Charles was James eldest son. Remember he died in 1796 before James.

"Jack Spradling's property was located up toward the headwaters of the main branch of Little River. He lies buried on his homeland." From A History of Alexander Co, NC by S. G. White, publ. Taylorsville Times 1926, p7, 22, 23.

Alexander Co. Pioneers, Taylorville Times, 6 July 1978 James Spradling

James Spradling made an entry of 400 acres of land in Burke County on December 6, 1778. The survey was not made until March 10, 1789 and William Sanders and O. Spradling were the chain carriers. The land was on the Lower Little River near Pearson Knob. The land joined Enock Chapman, William Witten, William Sanders, and Charles Forester. The Spradling family was a large family and came from Halifax Co, Virginia about 1778 and settled in Burke County on Lower Little River. The U.S. census of 1790 shows James Spradling, James Spradling Jr., Charles Spradling and Jesse Spradling. John Spradling and David Spradling were also shown in Burke Co. & Wilkes Co. records. John Spradling was a Rev. War soldier where he served under Col. Holmes and Capt. Charles Forester. James Spradling was also in the Rev. War. His pension record states he married Sarah Scott** January 11, 1783. The Spradlings bought and sold land. James Spradling bought the 280 acre tract of William Lenoir and sold it to Thomas Scott February 3, 1793. Early in 1800 the Spradlings sold their land in Burke & Wilkes counties and moved to TN. The bottom land on the Lower Little River and the Middle Little River makes it understandable why our pioneers would leave the rough and hilly land of Alexander Co. to go west for better land"

**(This is incorrect, that was a different James, that couple moved to Tennessee)

Following is from Pittsylvania/Halifax Co, VA Land Entry Bk. (Pittsylvania Co. formed 1766 from Halifax Co); and Pittsylvania Co, VA Land Entries 1737-1770; and Land Entry Bk. for VA Cos. - Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin & Patrick by Dodson; VA State Archives

18 Mar 1763 Halifax Co, VA; James Spradlin; 400 acres beginning at head of 2nd fork of Birches Creek running down each side for quantity. (land situated on border of Pittsylvania & Halifax Cos) James Spradlin; 400 acres adjoining I. M. Womack's land beginning at white oak sapling on s. side Birch Creek. James Spradlin; 400 acres beginning at R. Walton's, J. Payne's & Rd. Anderson's corner on Polecat Creek.

28 Nov 1764 Halifax Co, VA, a list of poll taken at Burgess election -- Jas. Spradling 215. List of Voters for Elections of Burgesses, 1764-1769, Halifax Co, VA, Introduction Section (a list of voters for elections of Burgesses was found in back of Deed Bk. 3 (p389-411), Halifac Co, VA. Election yrs. represented were 1764, 1765, 1769. Over 3000 votes are listed) p392 in original document, p4 in reference. by Marion Dodson Chiarto. Info submitted by Robert Sikes

1765 Halifax Co, VA Land Grants Bk. 36, Crozier's VA Co. Records p108; James Spradlin & wife Mary, 302 acres, 2nd fork Birch Creek.  The question is, is this our James or another?

17 July 1765 Halifax Co, VA a list of poll at Burgess election

Jas. Spradlan 209

James Spradlin 189

Submitted by Robert Sikes -- see 1764 Halifax Co. entry for source (p395 original document, p8 in reference) (Note: the "other" James may be James (known to have served Rev. War from Henry Co.) as James Jr. would have been only age 15.

1767 Halifax Co, VA; James Spradling appointed exec. of estate of Joseph Spradling. (He sold a cow to Mr. Going. James sued Going for nonpayment & Going sued James because someone (Susannah Sneed Spradling, Joseph's widow) stole the cow. James was Susannah's brother-in-law. Info received from Paul Owen.

24 Aug 1767 Halifax Co, VA. Vestry Book of Antrim Parish p105; By order of Co. Court of Halifax dated 16 July last past for this Vestry to appoint Processioners & according to Law, it is ordered that John Wall, William Payne, Wm. Russell & James Spradling do procession the bounds of every particular persons lands between north side of road called Miller's Rd. Birche's Creek & Co. line, and it is further ordered that processioners aforesaid do begin their said work on 2nd day of Nov. next & take & return to Vestry on or before last day of Marsh next ensuing an account of every person's lands they shall so procession & of the persons present at same & what lands in their precincts shall fail to procession & particular reasons for failure.

7 Dec 1767 Halifax Co, VA Vestry Book of Antrim Parish p108; Thomas Spencer, George Stubblefield, George Dardin & Moses Eckols returned a report of processioning by them performed since 2 Nov last in words & figures following a return of processioning in year 1768 ............... James Spradling, processioned himself. Extract; see 2262 manual file for entire context.

21 May 1767 Halifax Co, VA Deeds; Deed Bk. 6, p654 James Spradling of Halifax to Thomas Ward for 10 lbs, 65 acres lower side of 2nd fork Burches Crk, being part of larger tract granted by patent to James Spradling in 1765.

2 Dec 1768 Halifax Co, VA; List of Voters for Elections of Burgesses, p402, Halifax Co, VA Voter Records, Halifax Co. Courthouse. Poll taken at Burgess election -- James Spradling, no poll(s) listed.

14 July 1769 Halifax & Pittsylvania Cos, VA; James Spradling Land Patent for 400 acres

16 July 1770 Halifax Co, VA; Deed Bk. 7 p522 James Spradling & Mary his wife sell to James Moore for 100 lbs, 238 acres. Part of larger tract granted to James 16 Sep 1765 lying on both sides of 2nd fork Burch Crk. Wit. George Brown, Sam Slate, Geo. Stubblefield.

1771 Halifax Co, VA; Vol. 3, No. 2, Southside Virginian by Kolbe, Cincinnati Public Library; Halifax Co, VA Tithables Jas. Spradlin, Chas. Spradlin -2 Jas. Spradling Jr. -1

30 Oct 1772 Halifax Co, VA Deed Bk. 9, p47, James Spradling of Halifax and Mary his wife sell to James Henry of Accomac Co, for 100 lbs. a tract of land in Halifax & Pittsylvania Cos. granted by patent 14 July 1769 to James Spradling, unto Theophilus Lacy & by him conveyed to Spraddling, 400 acres. Witn: John Wimbush, John Wooding, Wm. Ryburn. Entry also listed p336 History of Halifax Co, VA by Wirt John Carrington, Richmond, VA 1924

1 Aug 1772 Pittsylvania Co, VA; James Spradling patented 176 acres for 20 shillings, land on both sides of 2nd fork of Burch Crk, adjoining Terry

18 Apr 1776 Halifax Co, VA Deed Bk. 10 p69 James Spradling of Halifax Co. sells to John Spradling for 10 lbs., tract on Burchs Creek, 100 acres.

15 May 1776 Halifax Co, VA Deed Bk. 10 p125 James Henry of Accomack Co, VA sells to James Spradling a tract on 2nd fork of Burch Crk beginning near W. fork of James Moore's, Henry's mill; 400 acres for 21 yrs. for 30 shillings per year. James Spradling must plant 500 peach & 500 apple trees, build a house & outbuildings. Witn: Sam Slate, John Spradling, Charles Spradling

Apr 1778 Burke Co, NC; Burke Co, NC Land Records, 50 acres N. Fork Little River adjoining old survey (?). Witn: Adam Fulington & David Spradling

2 Oct 1778 Burke Co, NC Land Entry Records, #884, p292, James Spradling for 540 acres, "Ye Rich Cove", beginning under foot of brushy mountain near creek above improvements, being branch of Little River, running south thence east, including improvements whereon he lives. Entered 2 Oct 1778

6 Dec 1778 Burke Co, NC; Burke Co, NC Land Records 1778 by E. W. Huggins Vol. 1 p133 Edwin Brown transferred 400 acres on Lower Little River, above George Brown, to James. Warrant ordered, no # assigned. Survey made 10 Mar 1789. O. Spradling was chain carrier. See 1784 deed entry below & 10 Mar 1789 survey entry below & 3 Apr 1794 entry - sold land.

1784 Burke Co, NC Deed Bk.; James, 400 acres, Lower Little River. Witn. O. Spradling, Wm. Sanders. Adjoined land of George Brown, Enoch Chapman, Bevers, Sanders, Forister. Alexander Co. Pioneers, Taylorsville Times, 6 July 1978 edition.

10 Mar 1789 Burke Co, NC Survey, land on Pearsons Knob, Lower Little River, entered 6 Dec 1778. O. Spradling carried chains.

1780 Burke Co, NC tax

1781 Burke Co, NC tax

18 July 1780 Burke Co, VA; per Alexander Co, NC Pioneers, Taylorsville Times, 6 July 1978 edition. Henry Hereford was sworn in as a constable in Burke Co. George Brown & James Spradling were bondsmen. His oath was taken before JP John Bradburn, Esq

Dec 1786 Burke Co, VA; per NC Archives, file LP 71, Legislative Papers, by John H. Scalf, transcribed by Mrs. W. O. Absher, GRS; Wilkes Co. Gen. Society Qrtrly Vol. 15, No. 4 Winter 1981; Abstract General Assembly Meeting re: petition of inhabitants of the Co. of Wilkes & adjasent cos. of Morgan Dist. "Humbly sheweth that some time in the month of Aug. 1785 a sertain James Smith a well known horse theaf was found in the Co. of Burke dead & supposed to have been shot & at Sep. term of Morgan Superior Court in 1786 a bill of inditement was found by the Grand Jury against Thomas Nethery, principle & Amrous Carlton aiding & abiting for killing said Smith. Both men are of the co. of Wilkes. Your petitioners fair from incouraging any act of murder of vilence to be done or the laws of our Country violated by any man or set of men; yet after your being made acquanited ith the vilinous charactor & conduct of that most attrotious & notoreous horce theaf which we flatter ourselves will be done by the worthy Members ofthe Assembly from Morgan Dist. we do most humbly conseive & hope that you will be gratiously pleased to pass an Act of Indemnity in favor of Thomas Nethery & Ambrous Carlton or releave them in some manner as you in your wisdom may think best & your petitioners as in duty bound will every pray (signed by many) signatures included James Spradlen, In Senate Dec 1786 read & referred to the committee on petitions. In House Dec 1786 read & referred (Petition of Wilkes for Bill of Indemnity)

1 June 1787 Burke Co, NC; Deeds recorded Jan. 1787 & entry for Jan. to June 1787 -- William Lenoir to James Spradling. Burke Co, NC Land Records Vol. 11 & Miscellaneous Records 1777-1800 p104, p114, p132 & More Important Misc. Records 1751-1809 p130.

2 June 1787 Burke Co, NC; Court; Charles Forrester vs. James Spradling Sr., account. Witn. John Bradburn. Burke Co, NC Land Records Vol. 11 & Miscellaneous Records 1777-1800 p104, p114, p132 & More Important Misc. Records 1751-1809 p130.

18 July 1787 Burke Co, NC; Deeds recorded July 1787 -- Henry Hereford. Witn. Geo. Brown, James Spradling & Jno. Bradburn. Burke Co, NC Land Records Vol. 11 & Miscellaneous Records 1777-1800 p104, p114, p132 & More Important Misc. Records 1751-1809 p130.

July 1788 Wilkes Co, NC; Inventory estate of Thomas Elledge deceased; per accounts due estate; account received from estate to James Spradling. Wilkes Co, NC Gen. Society Qrtrly, Vol. 17 #3 p8, Fall 1983; Wills

1790 Wilkes Co, NC Census 3-0-1; 3 males over 16 b. before 1774 & 1 female. Who is the other male over 16?

1790 Wilkes Co, NC tax, 400 acres, 0 poll, Capt. Foristers Dist. 14.

Apr 1790 Wilkes Co, NC Land Records, Deed Bk. B-1 p74; James Spradling to Jesse Spradling of Burke Co, NC, 209 acres both sides of the New Line (in both Wilkes & Burke Cos.) on Lamberts Fork Lower Little River of the Catawba, adjoins Charles Spradling corner. Witn. Charles Spradling, John (X) Spradling, William Lenoir. Signed James (X) Spradling.

from Robert Sikes -- Wilkes Co, NC Court Minutes Abstracts Vol. 3 (1779-1793) abstracted & compiled & indexed by Mrs. M. O. Absher, Wilkes Co. Gen. Soc. p13-14; Court, 28 Apr 1790. Present: Joseph Herndon, Jesse Franklin, William Nall, Esqrs. Deed Gift from James Spradling to Jesse Spradling 109 acres

1791 Wilkes Co, NC tax, 400 acres, 0 poll, Forristers Dist. 14

27 Apr 1791 Wilkes Co, NC Court; Present: Joseph Herndon, Charles Gordon, Nathaniel Vannoy, Esqrs. Six cases tried before court this date. Jury: Mourtoen Jones, James Laws, Patrick Bray, Andrew Bryan, Francis Vannoy, Joseph Ferguson, Zeppeniah Horton, Nathan Horton, Spilsby Trible, Wm. Reynolds, James Spradlin & Jesse Hall. per Robert Sikes 1998 -- Wilkes Co, NC Court Minutes Abstracts, Vol. 4 (1794-1794) abstracted, compiled & indexed by Mrs. M. O. Absher, Wilkes Gen. Society p22-23

? - 1792 Wilkes Co, NC tax, 250 acres, 1 poll, Forristers Dist. 14

26 Jan 1792 Wilkes Co, NC Court Records; NC Archives; Court Bk. 12; Court, Present: Charles Gordon, Richard Allen, William Nall, Esqrs. Ordered by court that the road be extended from Moses Smith's Mill up Three Forks N. fork New River & George Barreer be overseer of said road. Ordered by court that new marked road be laid from Ridge Rd. leading to Burke Courthouse beginning at Jacob Elledges & crossing Boons Gap down by George Browns to Iredell Co. line. Ordered by court that new road be laid from road new David Law's to go through Brushey Mtn. at Greers Gap best way by Thos. Bradburns Mill by George Browns & following jury lay off last 2 roads: Jury of Solomon Barnes, Henry Hereford, Edwin Brown, John Spradlin, Charles Spradlin, James Spradlin, John Chapman, Enoch Chapman, William Archer, George Brown, Esq, Wm. Whittin, Wm. Phillips, Wm. Sanders, Wm. Russell, Reuben Barnes per Robert Sikes -- also found in source -- Wilkes Co, NC Court Minute Abstracts Vol. 4 (1794-1797) by Mrs. M. O. Absher, Wilkes Gen. Society p30

3 Feb 1793 Wilkes Co, NC; between James Spradling Sr. to Thos. Scott for 50 lbs, 290 acres on Randolph Creek, Lower Little River of Catawba River (land Wm. Lenoir conveyed to James Sr.). James (X) Spradling signed. Witn. George Brown, Samuel Sloan, Charles Fouster. Deed Book B-1, Gen. Society of Wilkes Co, NC p301 Note: Thos. Scott d. in 1793. Land conveyed 5 Nov 1793 Court by deed delivered by James Spradlen, Sr. to Thos.' son Wm. Scott by oath of Geo. Brown, Esq. Source? per Robert Sikes 1998 -- Wilkes Co, NC Court Minute Abstracts Vol. 4 (1794-1797) by Mrs. M. O. Absher, Wilkes Co. Gen. Society p49-50

1793 Wilkes Co, NC tax, 400 acres, no poll

3 Apr 1794 Wilkes Co, NC Deed Bk. B-1 James Spradling Sr. sold 400 acres to Jacob Issacs for 200 lbs. land on both sides of Lower Little River, a creek of Catawba River adjoining George Brown's & Chapman's lines, Bevers, Sanders & Forister corners - see 6 Dec 1778 entry & 1784 entry & 10 Mar 1789 entry. Signed by George Brown, Aaron Smith, Wm. Isaac. James (X) Spradling. 4 Aug 1794 Wilkes Co, Court; deed presented from James Spradling to Jacob Issacs; oaths given by Aaron Smith & E. Isaacs

1795 Burke Co, NC taxables, Vol. 4; 1795 taxables. James Spradling 300 acres, no polls.

Deed Bk. B-1, Genealogical Soc. of Wilkes Co, NC James Spradling witn. deed of Smith by Power of Attorney to Geo. Brown for land s. fork Middle Fork Lower Little River of Catawba on n. side of mountain at William Smith Sr. corner. Signed George Brown. Other witn. John Hood & Martha Lay

1 Feb 1796 Wilkes Co, NC; court; Ordered by court that letters of Administration be issued to Fannie Spradling for the estate of Charles Spradling; security by James Spradling. Burke Co, NC Records 1755-1821, Vol. 4 p115-116

May 1796 Wilkes Co, NC; court; Burke Co, NC Records 1755-1782 Vol. 4 p117; James appointed exec. of Charles Spradling estate inventory. Witn. John Spradling, Charles Forrester, Edwin Brown

1796 Burke Co, NC; James Spradling; 300 acres, no polls; Tax Records, Burke Co, NC 1755-1821, Vol. 4 p115-116

2 Aug 1796 Wilkes Co, NC; Deed Bk. D; NC State Archives Deed between Jacob Isaacs & Tunace Hagland of Iredell Co, NC, 200 lbs. for 400 ac. land as conveyed from James Spradling to Jacob Isaacs, in Wilkes Co. but formerly in Burke Co, being both sides Lower Little River, near road up river to Geo. Browns, Enoch Chapmans line & Beverlys corner. Signed John Bradburn, Geo. Brown, Charles Forester. Signed Jacob Isaacs

1797 Wilkes Co, NC tax, James Sr. 156 acres, 1 poll. (land of Charles Spradling, dec'd)

4 May 1797 Wilkes Co, NC; Burke Co, NC Records 1755-1821 Vol. 4 by E. Warren p48-49; Court; Ordered by court that the following attend next term of county court as jurors:..............James Spradlin

8 July 1797 Wilkes Co, NC; claims officer for co. of Burke orders survey of 100 acres near Walkers & Bradburns lines. 100 ac. N. Fork of Middle Little River joining James Spradlings line

22 July 1797 Wilkes Co, NC; Deed Bk. B-1 p737; George Brown Sr. & James Robinett for 80 lbs. for 150 acres S. fork Middle fork Lower Little River, branch Catawba River, bounded by Wm. Smith Jr. & John Spradling. Signed James Spradling, John Chapman, John Mitchell. Signed by George Brown.

10 Oct 1797 Burke Co, NC - James bought 100 acres Middle Little River from Walker; witn. Adam Forister & Jesse Spradling; proved by Wm. Archer

1800 Burke Co, NC 50 acres, Middle Little River; cc O. Spradling & S. Christia. C. Thompsons improvement

1800 Wilkes Co, NC census James Spradlin 10001-0011; James over age 45; male under 10; female 25-45; female 16-26

23 Jan 1801 Wilkes Co, NC; Deed Bk. C-1; Tunace Hogland & Jacob Isaacs Sr., of Iredell Co, NC for 200 lbs. for 400 acres as granted James Spradling; by deed to Jacob Isaacs; from Isaacs to Francis Hoagland; from him to Tunace Hoagland; both sides Lower Little River, George Brown's corner, Enoch Chapman's line, Bever's corner, Sanders corner, Forester's corner. Signed Tunace Hogland. Witn. George Brown, John (X) Spradling, John Brown

31 Feb 1801 Wilkes Co, NC; Deed Bk. C-1; John Scott & Wm. Kerby for 40 lbs. for 100 acres on Grassy Fork of Lower Little River, bounded by Charles Forester & Reuben Phillips. Conditional line made by Wm. Shamlin & David Stewart. Signed John Scott. Witn. George Brown, James Spradling, Joseph Jones

From Marilou Werrell, 1803 Wilkes Co, NC; Signed deed between heirs of Charles Spradling David Spradling.  I

1805 Wilkes Co, NC; Lambeth Creek of Little Lower River; James Spradling sold land to Jesse Spradling. Obediah Spradling was witness. Adjoining land of John Spradling & Obediah Spradling.


30 Sep 1805 Wilkes Co, NC Will Bk. 2 p169-170 In the name of God Amen. I James Spradling of Co. of Wilkes being of sound & perfect mind and memory, blessed be God for it, do this 30 day of September in the year of our Lord 1805 make & publish this my last will & testament in manner following that is to say first I give & bequeath unto my daughter Fanney Robnet my bed & furniture. Secondly I give unto my son John Spraddlin & Fanny Robnet the whole of my property to be equally divided between after our desis. John Spradlin is to hold the property & take care of his mother as long as she lives & I make & ordain my worthy sons John Spradlin & James Robnet executors of this my last will & testament in witness whereof I the same James Spradlin have to this my last will & testament sit my hand & seal the day & year above written signed sealed published & declared by the said James Spradlin, the testator, as his last will & testament in the presents of us who was present at the time of signing & sealing thereof. James (his mark) Spradlin. Test, Gilbert Buie (or Basie?), Sarah (her mark) Buie (or Davy Basie?), Saly (her mark) Spradlin. The within will was duly proven Feb. term 1805 Wilkes Co, NC in open court by oath of Gilbert Buie.

1797 Wilkes Co, NC tax p37 14 Levi Forkner; 15 Solomon Forkner; 17 James Spradling; 18 John Chapman; 22 Ferd Forkner; 26 John Spradling; 35 James Robinet; 37 Dred Forkner

Early American Marriages: Atlantic South - Betsey Chapmon m. John Spradlen 15 May 1802 Wilkes Co, NC

Marriages, Wilkes Co, NC; John Spradlen to Betsy Chapman 15 May 1802. Marriage proofs: bondsman - James Robinett Witn. W. James Robnett & William Lenoir. Genealogical Society of LDS


11 Dec 1994 Karen Heggen abstracted following notes from copy of family Bible copywrited 1821 contained in vertical files of the McClung Collection, Knoxville, TN Public Library:

James Spradling Sr b. 11 Apr 1750, d. 15 May 1835 age 85.

Spouse, Sarah, d. 12 Jul 1841, age 75.

James Spradling, Jr. b. 5 Mar 1803 d. 2 Mar 1876 age 72 years 11 mo. 27 days, m1 Polly (Mary) Carpenter, dau of Yelverton Carpenter and Hannah Allen. m2 Orlena Bagwell nee Mills wid of Beverly Bagwell of Tazewell (Claiborne Co TN). Son, William Henderson Spradling b. 7 Aug 1827/8

Refers to Howard's Qtr. community of Claiborne Co TN

Above records submitted by Bruce E Johnson, Rt. 3, Keith Dr, Maynardville TN

37807, 615/992-4263. Owner of Bible listed as Clay Spradling, Snake Hollow Rd.,

Sneedville TN 37869.


Notes for SARAH:

James' will is signed and witnessed by 'Saly Spradlin' 'her mark'  James' wife was not the Sarah Scott who married the Rev. War veteran, James Spradling. That family moved to Tenn where James died on May 15, 1835 and Sarah died on 7-12-1841.   Daughter Mary Mullins (a widow) made claim as heir for her mother's Rev War Widow's Pension benefits, per a statement dated 6 Sep 1841. (Documentation may be in the court records of Claiborne Co TN. I have seen a photocopy of the primary record)..   Ref.  Karen Heggen.

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