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Ralph's will, dated 19 Jan 1838 recorded 13 Feb. 1838

--this my last will and testament.

Item 1st I give and bequeath to my dearly beloved wife Ruth, my yellow gelding known by the name of Highflyer which is to be in leiu of one hundred dollars which is allowed her by the provision of the Statute of the State of Indiana which is to the exclusion of the one third part of my personal estate which she is to receive

Item 2nd It is my will that Jonathan Cain shall receive one hundred dollars of my estate in specie at my decease and fifty dollars at the distribution of my personal estate.

Item 3rd It is my will that my son Henry shall receive out of my estate fifty dollars in cash or to take the amount thereof in any of the goods and chattles of my personal estate as he may chose.

Item 4 It is my will that the remainder of my estate be equally divided amongst all my children share and share alike.

Item 5th I hereby constitute and appoint my dearly beloved wife Ruth Colescott and John Furman Dickerson my Executors of this my last will and testament revoking all others.

Signed Ralf x Colescott (his mark)

witnessed by Elijah Barwick and James S. Colescott


Ref: Franklin Co Ind. Court Records 1811-1842

Complete Record Probate Book 3

pg 370 John F. Dickeson executor named in the will of Ralph Colescott deceased, was confirmed as executor

and filed bond for $800. with Elijah Barwick, J. S. Colescott and G. W. Kimble.

In the final settlement of this estate the widow Ruth received her one third and $86. was received by Othniel Colescott, James Logan and Harrison Colescott. August 1840. In a later entry Henry Colescott received $86. from the settlement and $86. is also mentioned for Ralph Colescott.


Ref. Court Order Book 6 Franklin Co., In.

pg 407 John F. Dickerson executor of the will of Ralph Colescott deceased,

files his account for final settlement of this estate. Aug. 1840.

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