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Patricia O'Connor, R. G.

We know very little about our Colescott family.  We begin with Ralph Colescott, born ca 1766 in Maryland.  We can't find his parents as we have found very few Maryland/Delaware books and records.

An early Maryland census shows in that in 1778 there are two men in Caroline Co., MD., Tuckahoe Hundred, William and John Colscutt, Sr.  But I have been unable to find any further information on them.


Ralph is not on the 1790 census which was taken from a tax list, there is only a John listed.

The 1800 census of Caroline Co., MD, Mispellon Hundred, shows Ralph Colescott, one male aged 16-26 , with a female aged 26-45, a female under 10 and one 10-16.  If this was Ralph, he would have been born between 1774-1784.  It is believed that he was not at home and was not on the census.  There is also a William Colescott in the same county, aged over 45.  This might be a brother.

The 1810 census has Ralph Colescott in Kent Co., DE, Mispellon Hundred with 2 males under 10, 1 10-16, 2 16-26, and he is over 45.  He has females: 1 under 10, 1 16-26 and 1 26-45. 

The 1820 census of Kent Co., DE, Mispellon Hundred shows him with  2 males under 10, 1 16-18, and 1 26-45; Females, 1 under 10, 2 10-16, 1 16-26, 1 26-45 and 1 over 45.  

On the 1827 census of Brookville, Indiana, Ralph is enumerated with 9 persons.  There is no breakdown.

The 1830 census shows he is aged 70-80,  with 2 males 10-15, 2 20-30; females, 2 15-20, and 1 40-50.  

If we try to find his age from the census reports, in 1810, he was b. ca 1765, in 1820, 1775-1794, and in 1830, 1750-1760.  In 1827, when he married Ruth, his age is given as 60.  (Source Indiana Source book pg 62 "Additional Information From the Franklin Depository"  Dec. 4, 1826. Married: Ralph Colescott, late of Maryland, age 60, to Mrs. Ruth Updyke, October 17, 1826. She was his fifth bride, he her third husband.")

We have assigned him a birth year of ca 1766.  His brother John was born ca 1770.  Other men thought to be brothers or possibly, cousins include James S., b. ca 1780; Thomas W., b. ca 1805; Henry, b ca 1765-1784  (1810 Kent Co., DE census) and William, b. bef 1765.  (1810 Caroline Co., MD census)     


     We know of only four marriages, although he was married five times.  On Aug. 5, 1789, in Caroline Co., MD, Ralph Colescott married Mary Swiggett.  His second wife is unknown and we can't find a record of his third, but in 1799 Thomas Cain, Jr. died in Kent Co., DE.  In his will, he names his children: Nancy Brown, Daniel, John and Rhoda Cain, and a grandson, Tilghman Brown.  Ralph Colescott appeared in court with the executors of the eastate, widow Eunice and son, John.  Then, on October 19, 1804, when the estate was paid out, we find this:

Rhoda Cain
To Cash paid Ralf Colscutt as ___ of this date     18 L 11s    0 1/2 d
By one cow and yearlin                                             4 L   0s    0 d
1 bed furniture                                                           8 L   0s    0 d
total                                                                          30 L  11s    1/2 d

So, Rhoda's portion was paid to Ralph Colescott, obviously her husband.  Ralph apparently had three children with Rhoda, Henry, b. 1800-1810, Rhoda, b. ca 1812 and Elizabeth, b. ca 1813.

Ralph married Rebecca, either the widow or daughter of Clement Cannon ca 1817, and the source as Clement Cannon's will of 1820, Sussex Co., DE.  I have not yet received a copy of this will.  We do find the marriage at the Family Histoyy Library under microfilm Ref. # 0006417.

Last, on Oct. 17, 1826, in Franklin Co., IN, Ralph married Ruth Tharp, widow of John Dickerson.  


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