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Patricia O'Connor, R. G.

The first possible Colescott we find is Thomas COLLEOTT who 'arrived in Maryland' 1668. (Source: Liber 11, folio 372)

Next, in Dorcester Co., MD, in 1760, we find Thomas Chilcutt and Thomas Colepitt in the Colonial America census records (Source: Automated Archives, Inc. Colonial America - Pre 1790 ) (Note: in 1774, part of Dorcester became Caroline Co., MD)

On Aug. 9, 1775, in Caroline Co., MD, William Colescott married Mary Wheatley.  We can't trace this couple.

In 1778 we find Thomas and Thomas, Jr. Chilcutt in Caroline Co., Choptank Hundred. That same year John, Sr and William Colscutt are in Caroline Co., Tuckahoe Hundred. John, Sr and William are on a list of males over 18 years.  (Source: Early Maryland Census, 1700-1709 and 1740-1749)

In 1778, Caroline Co., William Colescott starts selling his goods. This sale was to James Colescott, with Henry Colescott as one of the witnesses.  (Source: Caroline Co., Maryland Land Records, by R. Bernice Leonard, publ by Helen E. Seymour.)

Other sales by William take place Nov 1778, Feb 1799, Oct 1799, and the last, Apr 1805. This last was in Tuckahoe Hundred.  (Source: Caroline County Maryland Land Records, by R. Bernice Leonard, publ. By Helen E. Seymour)

In 1783, Caroline Co., River District Hundred are John Coffcutt and William Colscott.  (Source: 1783 Tax List, Caroline Co., Maryland)

1785, Caroline Co., River District Hundred is John Colscott.  (Source 1785 Tax List, Caroline Co., Maryland)

Jan 1, 1789, in Kent Co., DE, William Colescott married Sarah Baynard

Aug. 15, 1789, in Caroline Co., MD, Ralph Colescott married Mary Swiggett.

On the 1790 census, in Caroline Co. is Ralph and William Colscott and, over in Kent Co., DE at Mispellon Hundred, is John Colescott, this last is a tax list only.  (Source: First Census of the United States, 1790. M637)    

On the 1800 census, in Caroline Co. is William Colescott (over 45) and, same county, Mispellon Hundred is Ralph Colescott, (16-26). We believe the wrong box was marked on this, he should have been in the 26-45 column. In Kent Co., DE, Mispellon Hundred, is John Colescott (26-45). In Guilford Co., NC is a Thomas Colescott (26-45)  (Sources: Second Census of the United States, 1800. M32  DE Roll 4; MD, Roll 10; NC, Roll 31)

Dec 30, 1802, in Caroline Co., MD, William Colscott married Elizabeth Miller.

On the 1810 census we find, in Caroline Co., Jas. S. Colescott (26-45) and William (over 45) Across the border, in Murderkill, Kent Co., DE is Henry Colescott (26-45) and, also in Kent, Mispellon Hundred, is Ralph Colescott. (over 45) (Sources: Third Census of the United States, 1810 M252  DE, Roll 4;  MD, Roll 15)  

To analyse these facts, we find:

1668 Thomas Colleott arrived in Maryland

1760 Thomas Chilcutt & Thomas Colepitt found in Dorcester Co., MD (later became Caroline Co.)

1778 Thomas Chilcutt & Thomas Chilcutt, Jr. found on census Caroline Co., Choptank Hundred

1795 Thomas Wheatley Colescott b. ca 1795; is on 1813 tax list for Franklin Co.,  bought land in 1816, Franklin Co.  His middle                   name might have Whiteley, pronounced Whitley.  Probably a son of William Colescott and Mary Wheatley. 

1800 Thomas Colescott census Guilford Co., NC aged 26-45 (wife Sarah ?)

1805 Thomas Jefferson Colescott b ca 1805, DE; md Nancy Agnes Templeton in Franklin Co., IN 1838 son John

1808 Thomas Colescott named as youngest son of William & Elizabeth. Thomas  lvg Caroline Co., William died Talbott Co.

1817 Thomas W. Colescott b. ca 1817 MD; died Feb 1900, Franklin Co., IN; he was a physician; is on 1880 census Franklin                   CO., listed as brother-in-law to Thomas J. Tyner. Tyner married Margaret Jane, dau of James S. & Lucretia Hardesty.

These are all the Thomas' we find, however, over the years we find thirteen Henry Colescotts and sixteen named William.

If you have any other information on the Colescott families, either corrections or additions, please let us know.  The more information we all have, the more likely to get further back in time.

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