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Patricia O'Connor, R. G.

     There were Colescotts who stayed in the Maryland/Delaware area.  John Colescott married Sarah Swiggett ca 1786 in Delaware.  John was a brother to Ralph and possibly to these other Colescott families.  However, Parker and Trish Todd have John's line on the WorldConnect site, so it's not necessary to repeat it here.  To view it, go here    


     There are several Colescott families who came to Franklin Co., IN very early.   We find Thomas Wheatley Colescott buried in the Colescott plot of the Brookville Cemetery, Brookville, Franklin, IN.  His tombstone reads, "Thomas W. Colescott, died Mar 28, 1859, aged 69 years and 5 months.  This makes him born about Oct 28, 1789.  Also buried there is Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson) Colescott, b. Mar 1, 1805, d. Nov 26, 1891 and John A. Colescott, son of Thomas Jefferson, b. Jun 29, 1839, d. Apr 1, 1905.  It is believed that Jefferson was the son of Thomas Wheatley, but not yet proven.  

In 1813, he is found on the tax list for Franklin Co.  In 1816, he purchased land, found on Ohio, 1787-1840 Land and Tax Records
Purchaser, Colescott, Thomas W. (B); Year, 1816, Date, May 03; Residence Franklin (Ind); Range 02 Twp 08 Section 08  

In the Franklin County Deed records in 1816. Book B pg 248, we find this, probably the same land.  ANDREW SHIRK JR. to THOMAS W. COLESCOTT. Brookville lot 26. Signed Andrew and Mary Shirk...

There are many land records in Franklin Co. where he bought and sold land.

At the website, www. www/inventories/franklin/church.ams, under Franklin County Inventories, page 434-435; February Term A.D. 1835, we find that Thomas W. Colescott was one of the appraisors of the estate of Amos Church, the date was 20th day of April, 1833.  

     We find him on the 1850 census of Brookville, Franklin, IN living with the Thomas Jefferson Tyner family.  Thomas Jefferson married Margaret J., daughter of James Sullivan Colescott.  We find no other records of him, he doesn't appear on any other census, although, on the 1830 census, James S. Colescott has a male living with him who was born 1780-1790.  This might be he.  He was probably a brother or cousin to James Sullivan and Ralph Colescott.

     Since finding his middle name of Wheatley (Whiteley) on a land record, we assume he was a son of William Colescott and Mary Wheatley who married in 1775 is Caroline Co.  Since he was living with Margaret and Thomas Tyner, we know he is closely related.  

We have only three Colescotts of that generation who have middle names, James Sullivan, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Wheatley.  John and Ralph, proven to be brothers, have no middle name.  The current theory is that those with middle names were probably William and Mary Wheatley's sons.  The other two are probably nephews.          


     Elizabeth Colescott married Coker F. Clarkson on May 10, 1849 in Franklin Co., IN.  Coker had four children from age six to fourteen, apparently Elizabeth never had any.  We find them on the Iowa census in 1860, 1870 and 1880.  We assume she was a daughter of either Thomas Jefferson Colescott or James Sullivan Colescott, both of whom had females in the 20-30 year age group on the 1840 census.  Elizabeth may also be a daughter of Thomas Wheatley.  Since we don't find him on an early census, we can't tell if he had any children.     


     On the 1870 census, there are two unidentified Colescott girls living with Elizabeth (Colescott) Fairfield, Franklin, IN.  We have Ann Colescott, age 16, b. Ohio and Ada Colescott, age 9, b. Ohio.  I don't find either of these girls listed in the 1860 census in either Indiana or Ohio.  I don't find any marriage for them in Franklin Co.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Ralph and Rhoda (Cain) Colescott. so they must be closely related.  Ann is the same age as Anna, the daughter of Mary (Colescott) and James Cooper, but I don't find them with a daughter named Ada.  It could be that they were the daughters of Thomas H. Colescott who married Mary A. Allen on Jun 26, 1864 in Cincinnatti.  We don't find him on the 1860 census and by the 1870, he has another wife and two children.  Probably sent his older children to an aunt or a cousin.     


     Thomas Jefferson Colescott is called by his middle name most of the time.  There are two notations of his death in the Franklin Co., IN death register.  In one he is called Thomas J., in the other, Thomas W.  He is found on the census records in Franklin Co. for 1840 through 1880.  Thomas was b. ca 1805 in Dover, Kent Co., DE.  He is buried in the Colescott plot at Brookville, Franklin, IN along with his son John A. and Thomas Wheatley, giving us reason to believe he is a son of Thomas Wheatley Colescott.

      In Franklin Co., In Court Records 1811-1842, Civil Order Book No. 5. pg 325: Jefferson Colescott was sworn in as a constable to attend the petit jury and Lewis M. Clark was appointed an officer to attend the petit jury Aug. 1837.

Pg 554 Jefferson Colescott is appointed a constable to attend upon the petit jury on the present term of this court. Feb. 1839.

In Probate Order Book C, pg 523: Jefferson Colescott named as one of several creditors owed by the estate of William N. Remy Nov. 1841

     On Jan. 25, 1838, in Franklin Co., IN., Jefferson married Nancy Agnes Templeton, daughter of Robert Templeton and Mary Jane Hanna.  She was born Apr 6, 1805 in Franklin Co. and died Mar 18, 1867.  

     Child of Thomas Colescott and Nancy Templeton:

 + 2 i. John A.2 Colescott, born June 29, 1839 in Franklin Co., IN; died April 01, 1905 in Franklin Co., IN.

Generation No. 2

2. John A.2 Colescott (Thomas 1) was born June 29, 1839 in Franklin Co., IN, and died April 01, 1905 in Franklin Co., IN. He married Emma A. Jarard in Prob Ohio. She was born Abt. 1843 in Ohio.

Children of John Colescott and Emma Jarard are:

               3 i. Elizabeth May4 Colescott, born October 03, 1865 in Franklin Co., IN (Source: Franklin Co. Cemetery List on Internet.); died December 07, 1935 in Franklin Co., IN (Source: Franklin Co. Cemetery List on Internet.). She married Samuel Alden Gifford November 11, 1886 in Franklin Co., In (Source: Fran Co. IN, Marriages 16, Bk 11, p 400.); born November 11, 1855 in Franklin Co., IN (Source: Franklin Co. Cemetery List on Internet.); died April 26, 1938 in Franklin Co., IN (Source: Franklin Co. Cemetery List on Internet.).
           + 4 ii. Adah L. Colescott, born Abt. 1869 in Franklin Co., IN.
              5 iii. Cora Agnes Colescott, born 1874 in Franklin Co., IN. She married Charles B. Hutchinson May 25, 1898 in Franklin Co., In (Source: Fran Co. IN, Marriages 16, Bk 13, p 41.).
               6 iv. Perry M. Colescott, born Abt. 1879 in Brookville, Franklin, IN.

                        Notes for Perry M. Colescott: No marr for him in Fran Co Marr book 1850-1920 He is single on the 1920 Ohio census

Generation No. 3

4. Adah L.3 Colescott (John A.2, Thomas1) was born Abt. 1869 in Franklin Co., IN. She married George E. Dennett June 28, 1893 in Franklin Co., In (Source: Fran Co. IN, Marriages 16, Bk 12, p 298.).

Children of Adah Colescott and George Dennett are:

              7 i. Male4 Dennett, born January 06, 1889 (Source: Franklin Co., IN Index to Births, H 1, 240.).

              8 ii. Boy Dennett, born January 29, 1903 (Source: Franklin Co., IN Index to Birth Records A-Z 1882-1920, H 3, 36.).

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