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ca 1750--NOV 15, 1836

To all who may see these presents

Greeting whereas I John Chapman of the county of Wilkes, being in reasonable health and of sound mind, do, in the presence of god and these living witnesses, publish and declare this to all whom it may concern as my last will and testament and that I do give ----- release unto my son Enoch Chapman and my daughter Letty Chapman all the tract of land on which I now live and own together with all its improvements and appurtenances as well as all other tracts or parcels of land which I may now own adjoining the above mentioned tract or elsewhere. I do furthermore will and bequeath to my said son and daughter, Enoch and Letty all the household and kitchen furniture, stock of horses, cattle, hogs, sheep and poultry as well as all other household goods and perishable property of which I may die in possession of, share and share alike. The conditions in the above mentioned will is that myself and my wife Leanna Chapman is to have our support out of the said land or it's proceeds,as well as all other property as long as we both, or either of us may live, but after the decease of the last survivor of myself or wife Leanna, then it shall be legal for my son Enoch and daughter Letty, if they may think it proper so to do, to proceed to divide all the said lands mentioned as this my last will and testament share and share alike so that the share of one shall be agreed in point of value to that of the other, or if they may think it best so to do, they may put it up either at public sales or private sales and sell it either for cash or credit or for trade and share the proceeds each share and share alike. that whereas I have given to all my other heirs and legal representatives what I conceive to be their fair share of my estate and worldly goods. That I do now give and bequeath unto each of my children Enoch and Letty excepted, the sum of one dollar each to be paid by my son Enoch and daughter, Letty, out of any funds they may have on hand or out of the proceeds of the sale of my personal property that may be left by myself or wife Leanna whichever of us two may be the last survivor of the two. It is furthermore provided that my son Enoch and daughter Letty shall have as full and ample contract of the possession and benefits of all the lands and other property mentioned in the will as this myself or wife Leanna __ out of existance

The above instrument has been duly signed and sealed in the presence of us witnesses:

William C. Emmit ____

Elisha Chapman signed with an X for John Chapman

Manley Brown

This article signed and sealed and delivered on the 1st day of September, 1834


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