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1850 Census of Franklin County, IN
transcribed by
#Patricia O'Connor#

There are 41 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Adam, Jacob
Allene, Mary
Allene, Mary
Allene, Solomon
Ames, Ambrose
Ames, Sarah
Ames, William
Ariance, Augustus
Ariance, Mary
Ariance, Philip
Ashman, Catherine
Ashman, Granville
Ashman, James
Ashman, John
Ashman, Joseph
Ashman, Joseph
Ashman, Matilda
Aug, Andrew
Aug, Caroline
Aug, Charlotte
Aug, Fanny
Aug, Ferdinand
Aug, Mary
Baden, Augustus
Baker, Andrew
Baker, Catherine
Baker, Daniel
Baker, Emily
Baker, Martha
Baker, Maxwell
Baker, Oliver
Baker, Sarah
Ball, Caroline
Ball, Catherine
Ball, Elizabeth
Ball, Erwin
Ball, Erwin
Ball, Jacob
Ball, John
Ball, John
Ball, Mary
Ball, Paul
Ball, Valentine
Barrick, Adam
Barrick, Belshozer
Barrick, Christian
Barrick, Christopher
Barrick, Henry
Barrick, Lucinda
Barrick, Philip
Barrick, William
Barrick, William
Barricks, Catherine
Barricks, Elizabeth
Barricks, Henry
Barricks, Jont
Bassett, Abraham
Bassett, Abraham
Bassett, Catherine
Bassett, Elizabeth
Bassett, Elizabeth
Bassett, Jacob
Bassett, Philip
Bath, David
Bath, Elizabeth
Bath, Gulford
Bath, John
Bath, Margt
Bath, Maria
Bath, Mary
Bath, Michael
Bath, Michael
Bath, Nicholas
Bath, Peter
Bath, Simon
Beard, Elizabeth
Beard, Mary
Beard, Mulford
Benicer, Fred
Benicer, Fredrick
Benicer, Henry
Benicer, Margt
Bennett, Clarissa
Bennett, Erastas
Bennett, Frances
Bennett, James
Bennett, Joab
Bennett, Jonithan
Bennett, Lucinda
Bennett, Lydia
Bennett, Mary
Bennett, Oliver
Bennett, Preston
Bennett, Prudence
Bennett, Robert
Bennett, Samuel
Bennett, Sarah
Bennett, Stephen
Bennett, Thomas
Bennett, William
Bennett, Wm
Bernts, Fred
Bernts, Hermine
Bernts, Hermine
Bernts, Sophia
Bernts, William
Blackburn, Cornelius
Blackburn, David
Blackburn, David
Blackburn, William
Bob, Henry
Bob, Henry
Bob, John
Bob, Sophia
Bob, William
Bockhouse, Allen
Bockhouse, Caroline
Bockhouse, Eleanor
Bockhouse, Jane
Bockhouse, John
Bockhouse, Susan
Bockhouse, Theodore
Boler, Christian
Boler, Christian
Boler, Christiana
Boler, George
Boler, Jacob
Boler, Louisa
Boler, Maria
Borer, Catherine
Borer, Frederick
Borer, George
Borer, Roseann
Bossert, Jacob
Bossert, Peter
Bossert, Sophia
Bower, Alloways
Bower, Catherine
Bower, Felix
Bower, Francis
Bower, Helene
Bower, Hetta
Bower, Josephine
Bower, Martha
Bower, Mary
Bower, Valentine
Braniff, Andrew
Braniff, Cummel
Braniff, Emilene
Braniff, Isabel
Braniff, Nancy
Braniff, Sarah
Braniff, William
Brant, Sarah
Brontz, Armena
Brontz, Christana
Brontz, Henry
Brontz, Henry
Brooks, Charlotte
Brooks, Lucinda
Brooks, Sarah
Brooks, William
Brosey, Elizabeth
Brosey, John
Brosey, John
Brosey, Josephine
Brosey, Josephine
Brosey, Mary
Brosey, Mathias
Bubman, Christiana
Bubman, Henry
Bubman, John
Bubman, Margt
Bubman, Mary
Bubman, William
Butterson, Benjamin
Butterson, Mary
Butterson, William
Cabnett, Caroline
Cabnett, Catherine
Cabnett, John
Cabnett, Margt
Cabnett, Mary
Cabnett, William
Caldwell, David
Caldwell, Elizabeth
Caldwell, John
Caldwell, Sarah
Case, Arthur
Case, Eugene
Case, Indiana
Case, John D.
Case, Joseph
Case, Lucinda
Case, Mariah
Case, William
Chambers, Artemis
Chambers, Emanuel
Chambers, Josephus
Chambers, Minerva
Chapman, Albert
Chapman, Araminta
Chapman, Calista
Chapman, Catherine
Chapman, Eliza
Chapman, George
Chapman, Hesekiah
Chapman, James
Chapman, John
Chapman, Lydia
Chapman, Nancy
Chapman, Susan
Chapman, Thomas
Chapman, William
Chappelus, Mary
Chappelus, Mary
Chappelus, Thomas
Christian, Catherine
Christian, Elizabeth
Christian, Julia
Christian, Philip
Christian, Philip
Christian, Philope
Clark, Caroline
Clark, Charles
Clark, Hannah
Clark, Philip
Clark, Raymond
Clark, Sarah
Clark, William
Clifton, Deborah
Clifton, Elizabeth
Clifton, James
Clifton, John
Clifton, Margt
Clifton, Mary
Clifton, Rebecca
Clifton, Richard
Clifton, Sarah
Clifton, Sevilian
Clifton, Simon
Cline, Catherine
Cline, Isaac
Cline, Phebe
Clover, Samuel
Conrett, Francis
Conrett, Francis
Conrett, Gertrude
Conrett, Josephine
Conrett, Mary
Cooly, Andrew
Cooly, Caroline
Cooly, D. F.
Cooly, Ebenezer
Cooly, Fanny
Cooly, J. C.
Cooly, John
Cooly, Lettice
Cooly, Margaret
Cooly, Mary
Cooly, Sarah
Cooly, William
Cotrell, Brad
Cotrell, Caroline
Cotrell, Eliza
Cotrell, Elizabeth
Cotrell, Elizabeth
Cotrell, James
Cotrell, Jane
Cotrell, Mary
Cotrell, Morris
Cotrell, William
Coxen, Clara
Coxen, Mary
Coxen, Sarah
Coxen, Sophia
Coxen, William
Crary, Eliza
Crary, Emiline
Crary, Henry
Crary, jJohn
Crary, John
Crary, Lewis
Crary, Lydia
Crary, Lydia
Crary, Mary
Crary, Samuel
Crary, Thomas
Crary, Willia
Criggas, John
Crisman, Catherine
Crisman, Elizabeth
Crisman, Eve
Crisman, Magdalina
Crisman, Martin
Crisman, Martin
Crisman, Mary
Crist, Abner
Crist, Eve
Crist, Mary
Crist, Mary
Crist, Michael
Cross, Clarinda
Cross, Hannibal
Cross, Jane
Cross, Liberty
Dant, George
Daubling, Catherine
Daubling, Frederick
Daubling, Henry
Daubling, Louiza
Daubling, Margt
Davis, Angeline
Davis, James
Davis, Lydia
Davis, Mary
Davis, Thomas
Davis, William
Determan, Christian
Determan, Christiana
Determan, Fritz
Determan, Mary
Determan, Mary
Determan, Sophia
Dickerson, Agnes
Dickerson, Barnett
Dickerson, Catherine
Dickerson, Elizabeth
Dickerson, Hannah
Dickerson, Henry
Dickerson, Joseph
Dickerson, Mary
Dickinson, Caroline
Dickinson, Clara
Dickinson, Elizabeth
Dickinson, Joseph
Dickinson, Mary
Dickinson, Rudolph
Dickson, Robert
Dier, Enos
Dill, Baldice
Dill, Catherine
Dill, Elizabeth
Dill, Henry
Dill, John
Dill, Laborious
Dill, Margt
Dill, Margt
Dill, Metioma
Dill, Valentine
Doty, Anne
Doty, Elizabeth
Doty, Jeremiah
Doty, John
Doty, Phebe
Doty, Silas
Dutle, George
Dutle, George
Dutle, Inda
Dutle, John
Dutle, Mary
Dutle, Reymond
Dutle, Samuel
Eagle, William
Efmire, John
Efmire, Louiza
Efmire, Margt
Eisenman, Catherine
Eisenman, Francisca
Eisenman, William
Ellerman, Armenal
Ellerman, Caroline
Ellerman, Christ
Ellerman, Christian
Ellerman, Eliza
Ellerman, Frederick
Ellerman, Frederick
Ellerman, Garrett
Ellerman, Garrett
Ellerman, Hannah
Ellerman, Henry
Ellerman, Henry
Ellerman, Hermine
Ellerman, John
Ellerman, John
Ellerman, John
Ellerman, Margaret
Ellerman, Mary
Ellerman, Mary
Ellerman, Sophia
Ellerman, Sophia
Ellerman, William
Ellerman, William
Elritch, Barbery
Elritch, Christian
Elritch, Elizabeth
Elwell, Rachel
Elwell, Samuel
Emerine, Margt
Emerine, Midal
Emerine, Simon
Erpick, Catherine
Erpick, Clara
Erpick, John
Erpick, Magdelina
Erpick, Margt
Everling, Charlotte
Everling, Eliza
Everling, Elizabeth
Everling, John
Everling, Mary
Everling, Philipena
Everling, Roseana
Falnsbee, Andrew
Falnsbee, Josephine
Falnsbee, Lucretia
Farris, Lear
Farris, Mary
Farris, Washington
Fasner, Anna
Fasner, Antony
Fasner, John
Fasner, John
Fasner, John
Fasner, Margt
Fasner, Mary
Fasner, Mattias
Fasner, Nathan
Fasner, Susan
Felts, Adam
Felts, Adam
Felts, Catherine
Felts, Frederick
Felts, John
Felts, Philip
Fender, Amelia
Fender, Charles
Fender, Conrad
Fender, Elizabeth
Fender, Elizabeth
Fender, Jacob
Fender, Jemima
Fender, Joab
Fender, John
Fender, Mary
Fetly, Barbery
Fetly, Charles
Fetly, Dorothy
Fetly, Frederick
Fetly, George
Fetly, Henry
Filten, Hannah
Filten, Harriett
Filten, Mary
Filten, Mary
Filten, Thomas
Filten, Thomas
Filten, William
Fisher, Amanda
Fisher, Amanda
Fisher, Amherst
Fisher, Antony
Fisher, Catherine
Fisher, Elizabeth
Fisher, Emily
Fisher, Henry
Fisher, Jacob
Fisher, John
Fisher, Mary
Fisher, Mary
Fisher, Peter
Fisher, Virginia
Foozner, Adam
Foozner, Catherine
Foozner, John
Foozner, John
Foozner, Mary
Foozner, Mathias
Forrister, David
Forrister, James
Forrister, Jane
Forrister, John
Forrister, Mary
Forrister, Sarah
Forrister, Susan
Fred, Abigal
Fred, Abigal
Fred, Abner
Fred, Albert
Fred, Andrew
Fred, Benjamin
Fred, Camelia
Fred, Charles
Fred, Eleanor
Fred, Eliza
Fred, Emmett
Fred, Enoch
Fred, G. M.
Fred, Isaac
Fred, James
Fred, James
Fred, John
Fred, John
Fred, Louisa
Fred, Malaki
Fred, Martha
Fred, Mary
Fred, Mary
Fred, Milton
Fred, Peter
Fred, Rebecca
Fred, Ruth
Fred, Samuel
Fred, Sarah
Fred, Sarah
Fred, Sarah
Fred, Sarah
Fred, Thomas
Fred, William
Fred, William
Fred, William
Frihul, John
Frihul, Margt
Fritz, John
Fritz, John
Fritz, Urs
Games, Alfred
Gant, Eliza
Garick, Anne
Garick, John
Garick, Regina
Garner, Benjamin
Garner, Eliza
Garner, Elizabeth
Garner, Jane
Garner, John
Garner, Mary
Garner, Mary
Gazel, Angeline
Gazel, Apolonio
Gazel, Christiana
Gazel, Philip
Gazel, Philip (Jr)
George, Eliza
George, Margt
George, Powell
Gesell, Caroline
Gesell, Frederick
Gesell, Jacob
Gesell, Jacob
Gesell, John
Gesell, John
Gesell, Lewis
Gesell, Magdelina
Gesell, Peter
Gesell, Philip
Gesell, Philipena
Gibson, Thomas
Gice, Barbary
Gice, Catherine
Gice, Catherine
Gice, Catherine
Gice, Eliza
Gice, Francis
Gice, Frederick
Gice, George
Gice, John
Gice, John A.
Gice, Joseph
Gice, Josephine
Gice, Margt
Gice, Mary
Gice, Mathias
Gice, Mathias
Gice, Michael
Gice, Michael
Gice, Sarah
Gice, William
Giger, Benedict
Giger, Catherine
Giger, Constantine
Giger, Odelia
Giger, Pises
Giger, Stephen
Giger, Terissa
Gilderbloom, Jane
Gilderbloom, John
Gilderbloom, Mary
Glaser, Frederick
Glaser, Magdelina
Grace, Agnatus
Grace, Barbry
Grace, Isaac
Grace, Margt
Griffin, Margt
Griffin, Patrick
Grossman, Christiana
Grossman, Francis
Grossman, Lucy
Grossman, Mary
Grossman, Michael
Grossman, Terrissa
Grouse, Adam
Grouse, Caroline
Grouse, Edward
Grouse, John
Grouse, John
Grouse, Mary
Grouse, Oliver
Grouse, Terressa
Guider, Joanna
Guider, John
Guider, Nancy
Haber, Catherine
Haber, Catherine
Haber, Frederick
Haber, George
Haber, George
Haber, Godfrey
Haber, Godfrey
Haber, Henry
Haber, Henry
Haber, Jacob
Haber, Julia
Haber, Lewis
Haber, Louiza
Haber, Margt
Haber, Margt
Haber, Michael
Hagerswiler, Adam
Hagerswiler, Catherine
Hagerswiler, Christian
Hagerswiler, Frederick
Hagerswiler, George
Hagerswiler, Louiza
Haker, Motlany
Halberstadt, Catherine
Halberstadt, Elvira
Halberstadt, Hannah
Halberstadt, James
Halberstadt, John
Halberstadt, John
Halberstadt, Lana
Halberstadt, Mary
Halberstadt, Nelson
Halberstadt, Oliver
Halberstadt, Robert
Halberstadt, Ruth
Halberstadt, Samuel
Halberstadt, Sarah
Halberstadt, Theodore
Halberstadt, Thomas
Halberstadt, William
Harden, Lazarus
Harden, Mary
Harden, Sarah
Harden, Thomas
Hardin, John
Hardin, Mancy
Hardin, Omer
Harding, Almira
Harding, Jane
Harding, Jane
Harding, John
Harding, John
Harding, Sarah
Hart, George
Hart, Isaac
Hart, John
Hart, Joseph
Hart, Martha
Hart, Mary
Hart, Mary
Hart, Robert
Haw, Anna
Haw, James
Haw, John
Haw, Sarah
Haw, Thomas
Haw, William
Hays, Asa
Hays, Emily
Hays, John
Hays, Mary
Hays, Randall
Hays, Synthia
Hays, William
Heartman, Elizabeth
Heartman, John
Heartman, John
Heim, John
Heim, Margt
Herenweeder, Herenweeder
Herenweeder, Mary
Herenweeder, Peter
Hesler, Albert
Hesler, Francis
Hesler, Harriet
Hesler, Henry
Hesler, John
Hesler, Laborious
Hesler, Mary
Hilbert, Adaline
Hilbert, Adeline
Hilbert, Benjamin
Hilbert, George
Hilbert, George
Hilbert, Henry
Hilbert, Henry
Hilbert, Henry
Hilbert, Herman
Hilbert, John
Hilbert, John
Hilbert, Mary
Hilbert, Mary
Hilbert, Mary
Hiler, Abram
Hiler, Judith
Hiler, Martha
Hock, Amanda
Hock, Caroline
Hock, Catherine
Hock, Emily
Hock, George
Hock, Jastia
Hock, John
Hock, Martha
Hock, Mary
Hock, Michael
Hock, Philip
Hock, Sarah
Hock, Susan
Hock, William
Hoffman, Barbery
Hoffman, Caroline
Hoffman, Catherine
Hoffman, Catherine
Hoffman, George
Hoffman, Henry
Hoffman, Jacob
Hoffman, John
Hoffman, John
Hoffman, Mary
Hoffman, Mary
Hoffman, Roseann
Hoffman, Sophia
Hofman, John
Hofman, Mary
Hofman, Renopha
Hofman, Timothy
Holbert, Benjamin
Holbert, Lewis
Holbert, Mary
Hoochter, Catherine
Hoochter, Ignatus
Hoochter, Ignatus
Hoochter, Joseph
Hoochter, Mary
Hoochter, May
Horning, August
Horning, August
Horning, Christ
Horning, Earnest
Horning, Freal
Horning, John
Horning, Mary
How, Thompson
Hower, Hellene
Hower, Hiram
Hower, Isabel
Huber, Abigail
Huber, Catherine
Huber, Catherine
Huber, Catherine
Huber, Christian
Huber, Crist
Huber, Elizabeth
Huber, Elizabeth
Huber, George
Huber, George
Huber, henry
Huber, Henry
Huber, John
Huber, John
Huber, Julia
Huber, Lewis
Huber, Louiza
Huber, Louiza
Huber, Mariah
Huber, Mary
Huber, Mercy
Huber, Michael
Huber, Peter
Huber, Peter
Huber, Peter
Huber, Peter
Huber, Thomas
Huber, William
Hudson, Jeremiah
Hudson, Martha
Hudson, Mary
Hudson, Phebe
Hudson, Phebe
Hudson, Wm
Humm, Antony
Humm, Catherine
Humm, Frances
Humm, Joseph
Humm, Margt
Humm, Peter
Humm, Rebecca
Jacob, Anne
Jacob, Barbery
Jacob, Francis
Jacob, John
Jacob, Margt
Jacob, Michael
Jacob, Peter
Jacobs, Jesse
Jacobs, John
Jacobs, Mary
Jacobs, Mary
Jacobs, Samuel
Jacobs, Sarah
Jacobson, Jacob
Jacobson, Samuel
Jacobson, Sophia
Jacobson, Susan
Jaliffe, Eli
Jallop, Jane
James, Ellen
John, Frederick
John, Margt
Johnson, Adam
Johnson, Alexander
Johnson, Alfred
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Ellen
Johnson, Franklin
Johnson, Hannah
Johnson, Leonidas
Johnson, Louiza
Johnson, Phebe
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sydney
Jones, Anne
Jones, Clarence
Jones, Daniel
Jones, Debra
Jones, Eliza
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, George
Jones, James
Jones, James
Jones, James R.
Jones, Mary
Jones, Minerva
Jones, Sarah
Keipp, Catherine
Keipp, Emery
Keipp, George
Keipp, Lucy
Keipp, Otto
Kelotz, Barbery
Kelotz, Constantine
Kelotz, Francis
Kelotz, Joseph
Kelotz, Joseph
Kelotz, Krisena
Kelotz, Madison
Kendall, Abigal
Kendall, Amanda
Kendall, Emilene
Kendall, Ralph
Kendall, Thomas
Kier, Detrick
King, Elizabeth
King, Jacob
King, Philip
Klemme, Apolana
Klemme, Catherine
Klemme, John
Klemme, John
Klemme, Mary
Klemme, Mary
Klemme, Philip
Klemme, William
Klemme, William
Klemme, Wm
Knear, Catherine
Knear, Elizabeth
Knear, Jacob
Knear, Peter
Knowles, Albert
Knowles, Christina
Knowles, John
Knowles, John
Knowles, Sarah
Knowles, Susan
Knowles, William
Koon, Andrew
Koon, Catherine
Koon, George
Koon, Odelia
Lewar, Elizabeth
Linder, Alloways
Linder, Magdalina
Linder, Thursey
Little, Charlotte
Little, Debora
Little, Elizabeth
Little, John
Little, Mary
Little, Thomas
Little, William
Mascher, Elizabeth
Mascher, Fred
Mascher, Frederick
Mascher, Harry
Mascher, Hermine
Mascher, John
Mascher, Josephine
Mascher, Mary
Mascher, Mary
Mascher, William
Masters, Adaline
Masters, Isaac
McAnally, Jackson
McCity, Patrick
McFee, Allen
McGugen, Patrick
McGugen, Sarah
McKee, Fletcher
McKee, Sarah
McKee, Wesley
McNally, Francis
McNally, Mary
McNally, William
McNally, Wm
Menor, Philip
Mergenthal, Catherine
Mergenthal, John
Mergenthal, Louiza
Mergenthal, Mary
Mergenthal, Michael
Mergenthal, Michael
Mergenthal, Peter
Mergenthal, William
Mesmer, Ann
Mesmer, Fred
Mesmer, Magdalena
Mesmer, William
Mesner, Idia
Metz, Catherine
Metz, George
Metz, George
Metz, John
Metz, Stephen
Millb, Jacob
Millb, John
Millb, Mary
Miller, Alice
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Debora
Miller, Frances
Miller, Frances
Miller, Isaac
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, Jonah
Miller, Marsha
Miller, Mary
Miller, Penelope
Minnerman, Christiana
Minnerman, Fred
Minnerman, Fred
Minnerman, Lewis
Minnerman, Mulvina
Mints, Francis
Mints, Lorenzo
Mints, Martha
Mints, Martha
Mints, Philip
Mints, Ruth
Mints, Sarah
Mints, William
Mire, Ann
Mire, George
Mire, Joseph
Mire, Mary
Mire, Willila
Mizener, Aaarn
Mizener, Catherine
Mizener, Charles
Mizener, Eliza
Mizener, John
Mizener, John
Mizener, Margt
Mizener, Mary
Mizener, Nancy
Mizener, Sarah
Mizener, William
Moodcreek, Elizabeth
Moodcreek, Fred
Moodcreek, Jacob
Moodcreek, Louiza
Moodcreek, Mary
Moodcreek, Susana
Moody, Arthur
Moody, Baby
Moody, Ellen
Moody, James
Moody, Jane
Moody, John
Moody, Missouri
Murratt, Hannah
Murratt, John
Murratt, Lear
Murratt, William
Norman, David
Norman, George
Norman, George
Norman, John
Norman, Martha
Norman, Nancy
Pappy, Augustus
Pappy, Henry
Pappy, Hermine
Pappy, Hermine
Pappy, William
Parmer, Elizabeth
Parmer, George
Parmer, Martha
Parmer, Nancy
Patscamp, Catherine
Patscamp, George
Patscamp, Henry
Patscamp, Henry
Pausch, Daniel
Pausch, Sarah
Pausch, Susan
Pausch, Valentine
Pausch, Van B.
Peter, Andrew
Peter, Barbery
Peter, Catherine
Peter, Frances
Peter, Francis
Peter, Francis
Peter, Henry
Peter, Henry
Peter, Henry
Peter, John
Peter, John
Peter, Sebastian
Petersen, Almira
Petersen, Benjamin
Petersen, Emiline
Petersen, Florence
Petersen, Francis
Petersen, Mary
Petersen, Samuel
Petersen, Sarah
Peterson, Ann
Peterson, Clarissa
Peterson, Edith
Peterson, Hannah
Peterson, John
Petty, Allen
Petty, Louisa
Petty, Reuben
Petty, Samuel
Petty, Sarah
Petty, Sarah
Petty, Winifred
Poe, Abram
Poe, Benjamin
Poe, Eliza
Poe, James
Poe, John
Poe, Jonathan
Poe, Lanal
Poe, Wilson
Price, George
Price, Jefferson
Price, Joseph
Price, Lorena
Price, Ruth
Price, Samuel
Prifogle, Catherine
Prifogle, Eliza
Prifogle, George
Prifogle, Jacob
Prifogle, John
Prifogle, John
Prifogle, Julia
Prifogle, Louiza
Prifogle, Peter
Prifogle, Phebe
Prifogle, William
Prifogle, William
Quartz, Augustas
Quartz, Christian
Quartz, Frederick
Quartz, John
Quartz, John
Quartz, Lewis
Quartz, Margt
Quartz, Sophia
Quartz, Sophia
Quartz, William
Quick, Emmett
Quick, John H.
Quick, Mary
Quick, Sarah
Radmore, Charles
Radmore, John
Radmore, Rebecca
Radmore, Robert
Radmore, William
Ranch, Eve
Ranch, George
Reberger, John
Reiley, Albert
Reiley, Elizabeth
Reiley, Francis
Reiley, John
Reiley, Maria
Reiley, Mary
Rickner, Adam
Rickner, Catherine
Rickner, Elizabeth
Rickner, Gertrude
Rickner, John
Rickner, Peter
Ripperger , Agnes
Ripperger, Barbery
Ripperger , George
Ripperger, Helena
Ripperger, John
Ripperger , John
Ripperger , Magdalina
Ripperger, Margt
Ripperger, Mary
Ripperger , Michael
Ripperger, Mutlena
Ripperger, Peter
Ripperger, Rogina
Ripperger, Rosana
Ripperger, Rosana
Rippinger, Adam
Rippinger, Alloways
Rippinger, Antony
Rippinger, Catherine
Rippinger, Isadore
Rippinger, John
Rippinger, Joseph
Rippinger, Margt
Rippinger, Margt
Rippinger, Mary
Rippinger, Mary
Rippinger, Michael
Rippinger, Michael
Ristleman, Catherine
Ristleman, henry
Ristleman, Jacob
Ristleman, Lewis
Ristleman, William
Robeson, Benjamin
Robeson, Elizabeth
Robeson, Henry
Robeson, India
Robeson, James
Robeson, John
Robeson, Nancy
Robeson, Sarah
Robeson, Sophronia
Robeson, Sophronia
Robeson, Thomas
Robinson, Abraham
Robinson, Eliza
Robinson, James
Robinson, Sarah
Robinson, Susan
Rockefeller, Indiana
Rockefeller, John
Rogers, Augustus
Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Sarah
Rogers, Sarah
Roop, Charles
Roop, Christian
Roop, Jacob
Roop, Mary
Roop, Philip
Roop, Philip
Roop, William
Roseberry, Adam
Roseberry, Isaac
Roseberry, Isabel
Roseberry, James
Roseberry, Lemuel
Roseberry, Marg
Roseberry, Martha
Roseberry, Mary
Roseberry, Saml
Roseberry, Sarah
Roseberry, Sophia
Ross, John C.
Row, Henry
Row, Joseph
Row, Mary
Row, Nicholas
Sam, Adam
Sam, Elizabeth
Sam, Ignatus
Sam, John
Sam, John
Sam, Martin
Sam, Mary
Sam, Terrissa
Samonial, C. B.
Samonial, Catherine
Samonial, Charles
Samonial, Charles
Samonial, Eve
Samonial, Francis
Samonial, Louiza
Samonial, Mary
Samonial, Victor
Sars, Anny
Sars, Edith
Sars, Joseph
Sars, Samuel
Sars, Sarah
Sars, William
Sars, William
Schlicht, Caroline
Schlicht, Caroline
Schlicht, Catherine
Schlicht, George
Schlicht, Henry
Schlicht, John
Schlicht, John
Schlicht, Margt
Schoonover, Benjamin
Schoonover, Elizabeth
Schoonover, Jack
Schoonover, Kaeziah
Schoonover, Roswell
Schoonover, Thomas
Schunner, Asa
Schunner, Francis
Schunner, Synthia
Serfat, Barbery
Serfat, Catherine
Serfat, George
Serfat, John
Serfat, Joseph
Serfat, Mary
Sevendollar, Adam
Sevendollar, Conrad
Sevendollar, David
Sevendollar, Dorothy
Sevendollar, Elizabeth
Sevendollar, Elizabeth
Sevendollar, Frederica
Sevendollar, Frederick
Sevendollar, George
Sevendollar, George
Sevendollar, George
Sevendollar, Godfrey
Sevendollar, Godfrey
Sevendollar, Henry
Sevendollar, Jacob
Sevendollar, Louiza
Sevendollar, Margaret
Sevendollar, Margt
Sevendollar, Mary
Sevendollar, Philip
Sevendollar, Philip
Sevendollar, Sarah
Sevendollar, Susana
Shank, Rachel
Shareq, Catherine
Shareq, Charlotte
Shareq, Frederick
Shareq, Jacob
Shareq, Louiza
Sheat, Eagle
Sheat, Elizabeth
Sheat, Henry
Sheat, Mary
Sheat, Sheat
Sheat, William
Shingle, Amelia
Shingle, Margt
Shingle, Peter
Shingledecker, George
Shingledecker, Jacob
Shingledecker, Jacobena
Shingledecker, Louiza
Shingledecker, Margt
Shingledecker, Margt
Shingledecker, Sarah
Shock, Caroline
Shock, Christiana
Shock, Frederick
Shock, John
Shock, Lewis
Shock, Lewis
Shock, Rachel
Shock, Roose
Shuck, Christina
Shuck, Elizabeth
Shuck, Francis
Shuck, Harriet
Shuck, Harriet
Shuck, Jacob
Shuck, John
Shuck, Margt
Shuck, Wemda;
Shuck, Wendal
Shunk, Elizabeth
Shunk, Henry
Shunk, Jacob
Shunk, John
Shunk, Philipina
Shunk, Thedon
Shunk, Thedon
Sibley, Catherine
Sibley, George
Sibley, George
Sibley, Godfrey
Sibley, John
Sibley, Josephine
Sibley, Margt
Sibley, Margt
Sibley, Michael
Simms, Catherine
Simms, Eve
Simms, George
Simms, George
Simms, John
Simms, William
Smith, Adam
Smith, Augustus
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Eve
Smith, Nicholas
Smith, Susana
Snyder, Margt
Snyder, Mary
Sparks, Albert
Sparks, Elizabeth
Sparks, Elizabeth
Sparks, James
Sparks, John
Sparks, Sarah
Spraddling, Caroline
Spraddling, Elizabeth
Spraddling, John
Spraddling, Lear
Spraddling, Levi
Spraddling, Richard
Spraddling, Ruth
Spraddling, Solomon
Spraddling, Sophia
Spradling, Alfred
Spradling, Anny
Spradling, Elizabeth
Spradling, Elizabeth
Spradling, Emery
Spradling, Hartley
Spradling, John
Spradling, John
Spradling, Sarah
Stallman, Andrew
Stallman, Catherine
Stallman, Elizabeth
Stallman, George
Stallman, Henry
Stallman, John
Stallman, Margt
Stallman, Mary
Sterwood, Anne
Sterwood, Elizabeth
Sterwood, Henry
Sterwood, Minor
Sterwood, William
Sterwood, William (Sr.)
Stewart, Amanda
Stewart, Anna
Stewart, Anne
Stewart, James
Stewart, John
Stewart, Mary
Stewart, Mary
Stewart, Robt
Stewart, William
Stockinger, John
Stockinger, Sophia
Stowell, Antony
Stowell, Applena
Stowell, Michael
Suck, Eve
Suck, Magdalina
Suck, Margt
Teavis, Johntn
Teavis, Louisana
Teavis, Missouri
Teavis, Sarah
Thomas, Eliza
Thomas, Levi
Thomas, Parnal
Thomas, Thomas
Titus, Elizabeth
Titus, George
Titus, Joseph
Trager, Christian
Trager, Christiana
Trager, Jacob
Trager, John
Trager, Sophia
Utsler, Frederick
Utsler, Fredf
Utsler, Hannah
Utsler, Henry
Utsler, Isaac
Utsler, John
Utsler, Martha
Utsler, Shelby
Utsler, Tabitha
Utsler, William
Wagoner, Catherine
Wagoner, Catherine
Wagoner, Charlotte
Wagoner, Conrad
Wagoner, Francis
Wagoner, George
Wagoner, henry
Wagoner, Jacob
Wagoner, Jacob
Wagoner, Louiza
Wagoner, Mary
Wagoner, Mary
Wagoner, Mathius
Wagoner, Nicholas
Wagoner, Reiner
Walber, Catherine
Walber, Henry
Walber, Hermine
Walber, Jolene
Walber, Louiza
Walber, Margt
Walber, Mary
Walber, Sophia
Waldruff, John
Waldruff, Phebe
Waldruff, Philip
Waldruff, Sarah
Waldruff, William
Walker, Amelia
Walker, Ann
Walker, Catherine
Walker, Frederick
Walker, Harmon
Walker, Henry
Walker, John
Walker, Mary
Walker, Mary
Walker, Wm
Wanderliff, Adam
Wanderliff, Margt
Wanderliff, Martha
Wanderliff, Simeon
Wanderliff, Wendall
Ward, Aley
Ward, Angeline
Ward, David
Ward, Elizabeth
Ward, Franklin
Ward, John
Ward, Louiza
Ward, Sarah
Ward, Susan
Ward, Thomas
Ward, William
Watts, David
Weaver, Harriet
Weaver, Joseph
Weaver, Margt
Weber, Antony
Weber, Eliza
Weber, John
Weber, John
Weber, Kenneth
Weber, Mariah
Weber, Mary
Weesil, Andrew
Weesil, Conrad
Weesil, Conrad
Weesil, Elizabeth
Weesil, Francis
Weesil, Gertrude
Weesil, John
Well, Catherine
Well, Christian
Well, Eliza
Wesley, Augustus
Wesley, Charles
Wesley, Henry
Wesley, Henry
Wesley, Lotta
Wesley, Willimenia
Whitman, Anne
Whitman, Barbert
Whitman, Catherine
Whitman, Catherine
Whitman, Francis
Whitman, George
Whitman, Henry
Whitman, John
Whitman, Magdalena
Whitman, Margt
Whitman, Margt
Whitman, Matilda
Whitman, Stephen
Whitman, Terressa
Whitney, Clarissa
Whitney, Elizabeth
Whitney, Jeremiah
Whitney, Joseph
Whitney, Joseph
Whitney, Mary
Whitney, Olive
Whitney, Olive
Whitney, Thomas
Whitney, William
Wiley, John
Wiley, Rachel
Wiley, Rebecca
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Henry
Williams, James
Williams, John
Williams, Sophia
Williamson, Elizabeth
Williamson, George
Williamson, Henry
Williamson, Isaac
Williamson, John
Williamson, John
Williamson, John
Williamson, Maria
Williamson, Mary
Williamson, Mary
Williamson, William
Williamson, William
Wilson, Alfred
Wilson, Harriet
Wilson, James
Wilson, Joardon
Wilson, Lear
Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Michael
Wilson, Susan
Wise, India
Withers, Amanda
Withers, Anne
Withers, Emanuel
Withers, Jerome
Withers, Sarah
Withers, Thadius
Withers, Tulane
Wolf, Anne
Wolf, Danby
Wolf, Daniel
Wolf, Elizabeth
Wolf, Lydia
Wolf, Ruth
Wolf, Sarah
Wood, Eleanor
Wood, Eliza
Wood, Elizabeth
Wood, Ellen
Wood, Hannah
Wood, Mary
Wood, Richard
Wood, William
Wood, Winfield
Woodward, Hannah
Woodward, John
Woolvert, Henry
Woolvert, John
Woolvert, Sevilla
Yakely, Clary
Yakely, Eve
Yakely, Josephine
Yakely, Mary
Yakely, Mary
Yakely, Mary
Yakely, Phebe
Yakely, Pleasant
Yakely, Towlene
Yakely, Valentine
Yakely, Valentine
Yoder, Francis
Yoder, John
Yoder, Martin
Yoder, Terrissa
Yoder, William
Young, Angeline
Young, George
Young, Jacob
Young, Margt
Young, Margt
Young, Philip
Young, Philip
Zink, Ann
Zink, Margt
Zink, Mathias

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