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Annie Elizabeth EHLY

First Generation

Annie Elizabeth EHLY was born on 28 Jun 1888 in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. She died1 on 4 Feb 1967 in Cheverly, Prince Georges, Maryland. The cause of death was Heart failure.  Her parents were Horace A. Ehly and Mary Goodyear.

Annie married 3 William E. HERTZOG on 2 May 1907 in Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. William was born4 on 14 Feb 1887 in Nazareth, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. He died5 in Washington, DC.  His mother's first name was Amelia.  Annie and William's marriage ended in divorce. 

Annie's marriage license to her first husband William Hertzog identified they were married on 5-2-1907. Her father, Horace Ehly had to consent to the marriage. She was 18 years old at the time. She was living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It lists her birth place as Easton, Pennsylvania on 6-28-1888. (The day and year match her military dependent card and the census data found. Month is off.) Annie's marriage license to Charles H. Fulmer listed her birth place as Easton, Pennsylvania. She was 65 years old at the time of this marriage. She listed her birth date as 6-28-1890. (This is different than what was listed on her first marriage to William where her father had to sign.) She stated that she had been married twice before. First husband (William Hertzog) she divorced for desertion in 1932. Second husband (Elsworth Yale) died in 1940. It listed her parents Horace Ehly and Mary Goodyear which both were born in Pennsylvania.

Uncle Howard, Annie's son, shared some stories and information about himself and his family. He stated that while growing up with his parents, they lived at East Wilkes-Barre St., then West Wilkes-Barre St, and 11th Street between Washington and Butler after living at 1143 Butler Street. This is in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. When they lived in Doylestown, Pennsylvania it was during the time Hoover was running for president. They lived at the west end of State Street. This would be around the year 1929. While in Doylestown, Bella (Annie's step sister) married and moved to Pompton Lakes, Passaic, New Jersey. Bella had lived with Annie and her sons to help out.  Annie also helped her sister during this time because she had eye problems. After living in Doylestown, Pennsylvania; Uncle Howard remembers moving to Absecon, Atlantic, New Jersey. After that, his mother remarried to a man named Lewis Cox (according to Uncle Howard) and they lived at Freemansburg Ave, in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania. (However, I have yet to find a record of this marriage, they may have just been living together. Marriage license to Fulmer states only 2 previous marriages which would be to Hertzog and Yale.) On record, Annie married Mr. Yale and then Mr. Fulmer. Annie and Elsworth Yale were neighbors with Mr. Fulmer and his wife at 2700 Wm Penn Highway. Annie married Mr. Fulmer after both their spouses passed away. This is in Palmer Township and was next to the Messinger business. Uncle Howard said that he was in 7th grade about this time and my Dad was in 6th grade. This is the last address that Uncle Howard lived at with the family. He lived here with the family for about 7 years. Uncle Howard left home in 1935.

Second Generation

Horace A. Ehly and Mary Goodyear were Annie Elizabeth Ehly's parents.

Horace A. EHLY was born6 in Aug 1870 in Pennsylvania, USA. He died7 in New Jersey, USA. He married8 Mary GOODYEAR on 4 Dec 1888 in Phillipsburg, Warren, New Jersey.

Mary GOODYEAR died before 1896.

1880_Census: Found a child Horace Ehly listed with this family. Not sure if this is our Horace. But this lead is good. He was born Abt 1871 according to the age listed--9. He was born in Pennsylvania.

1900_Census: Horace Ely (spelling off) listed as a teamster. He and his parents were born in Pennsylvania. It lists his birth date as Aug 1870 and that he was 29 years old at the time of the census. It also states that he was married to Bell A. for 4 years at the time of the census. It lists Anna and Horace as children. They also had a lodger? named Anna Loudenburger. (She may be related to his second wife.)

Horace married Arabella A. Laudenberger Abt 1896.  They had two children:  Horace and Arabella (Bella being the stepsister that lived with Annie). His wife Arabella died in 1908.  He married a third time to Amelia Van Horn in 1909.  They had one child named Roy.

 Phone call on 9-24-01 with Uncle Howard. He said that his grandfather Horace Ehly used to make beer. He lived in Bethlehem and he remembers going to his house with my dad "George", his mother and Bella (his aunt). They would help "put the beer together". He also said that is grandfather was an alcoholic. He stated that he was asked to leave Bethlehem or go to jail because of making this beer. 

Per an email on 9-26-01 from Uncle Howard. He stated that his grandfather was living in Pompton Lakes, Passaic, New Jersey when he died. Uncle Howard remembered one time that his mother, Annie, took him and his younger brother George (my dad) to visit their grandfather. He was giving a clam bake. At that time one of his sons visited there, he came there on his motorcycle, and that evening he took Uncle Howard for a ride for about 50 miles or so. It was the first time Uncle Howard ever had a ride on a motorcycle. Uncle Howard stated that his grandfather died from a fire that occurred in a plant that he was working at.

Third Generation

This is my best lead for Horace A. Ehly's parents. Still researching to verify.

Daniel A. EHLY was born about 1845 in Pennsylvania, USA. He died on 20 Jun 1896 in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, USA. He married Martha B. UNKNOWN. The marriage ended in divorce; records found indicating they were both remarried.

Martha B. UNKNOWN was born about 1850 in Pennsylvania, USA.


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3. Marriage License--William E. Hertzog and Annie E. Ehly.  On William and Annie's marriage license application, it states that William was born on 2-14-1887 in Nazareth, Northampton, PA. His mother consented to the marriage and she signed her name Amelia Kuhns. They were married on 5-2-1907 in Bethlehem, Northampton, PA. Annie was 18 at the time of the marriage. Annie E. Ehly listed her birth date as 28 June 1888. She was born in Easton, Northampton, PA. Her father, Horace Ehly consented to the marriage. Also, note that on Annie and Charles Fulmer marriage license application, Annie noted that first marriage ended with a divorce due to desertion and it happened in 1932.
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Created:  3/24/02;  Last Updated:  03/13/04