Notes for Philippe Delano

Descendant of six Mayflower Passengers, Mary Allerton, and her parents, Isaac Allerton and Mary Norton, Richard Warren, John Cooke and his father Francis Cooke. RICHARD WARREN m. Elizabeth Walker; Sarah Warren m. JOHN COOKE, son of FRANCIS COOKE and Heather Mahieu; Esther Cooke m. Thomas B. Taber; Ebenezer Perry m. Abigail Fessenden; Samuel m. Susannah Swift; Deborah Perry m. Joseph Church; Deborah Church m. Warenne Delano. RICHARD WARREN m. Elizabeth Walker; Nathaniel Warren m. Sarah Walker; Mercy Warren m. Lt. Jonathan Delano; Thomas Delano m. Jane Peckham; Ephraim Delano m. Elizabeth Cushman. ISAAC ALLERTON m. MARY NORTON; MARY ALLERTON m. Thomas Cushman; Eleazer Cushman m. Elizabeth Royal Combes; James Cushman m. Sarah Hatch; Elizabeth Cushman m. Ephraim Delano; Warene Delano m. Deborah Church; Warenne Delano m. Catherine Robbins Lyman.

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