Notes for Deborah Hopkins

Mayflower descendant.

From: Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume Six, Stephen Hopkins, p. 9-10.

4 DEBORAH2 HOPKINS (Stephen1) b. about 1625 in Plymouth, MA; died after 1666.

She m. Plymouth 23 April 1646 ANDREW RING, b. England 1616; d. Plymouth 22 Feb. 1693/4 in his 75th yr.; son of widow Mary Ring, perhaps widow of William Ring of England. He m. (2) prob. Plymouth ca. 1674 widow Lettice Feb. 1690/91; she m. (1) John Morton, who d. 1673. His gravestone may still be seen on Burial Hill in Plymouth.

Daughter Deborah Hopkins was mentioned in the 1644 will of her father Stephen Hopkins and in the division of Stephen's personal estate by Caleb Hopkins and Myles Standish the same year. In said documents she was uniformily mentioned before Damaris, Ruth and Elizabeth, her sisters, indicating that she was the oldest of the four.

Andrew Ring prob. came to New England on the second Mayflower in 1629. He was a proprietor at Plymouth by 1640 and also had lands at Middleboro. He was admitted a freeman of Plymouth 2 June 1646 and was sworn as constable 1 June 1647. He served on the grand, trial and coroner's juries many times and was surveyor of highways in 1654, 1668 and 1673-4. At his death, he was listed as a member of the Plymouth Church.

By his will, dated 14 Dec. 1691 and proved 22 March 1692/3, Andrew Ring remembered elder son William; son Eliezer; grandson John Mayo (son of dau. Elizabeth, late of Eastham, deceased); granddaus. (unnamed; daus. of said dau. Elizabeth Mayo); grandson Andrew Ring (son of Eliezer); dau. Mary Morton; granddau. Mary Morton (dau. of Mary); daus. Deborah and Susannah [both without surname].

Children (RING) b. Plymouth:

21 i ELIZABETH' b. 19 April 1652.

22 ii WILLIAM b. ca. 1653.

23 iii ELEAZER

24 iv MARY b. ca. 1658.

v DEBORAH alive in 1691.

vi SUSANNA3 alive in 1691.

NOTE: SUSANNA3 poss. the woman of that given name who m. William Walker [see no. 39], b. Eastham 2 Aug. 1659; d. there in Jan. 1743/4; son of William and Sarah (Snow) Walker and a desc. of Pilgrim Stephen Hopkins.

NOTE: The allegation by Davis in (PLYMOUTH) ANC LANDMARKS that Samuel "Ring" had children at Plymouth 1670-1694 is a mistake for Samuel King (see Plymouth VR p. 39).

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