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Descendant of three Mayflower Passengers, Francis Cooke, Stephen Hopkins and Elizabeth Fisher. FRANCIS COOKE m. Hester Mahieu; Jacob Cooke m. Damaris Hopkins, daughter of STEPHEN HOPKINS and ELIZABETH FISHER.

From Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol. 12, p. 82-83:

17. Elizabeth3 Cooke (Jacob2, Francis1) born in Plymouth 18 January 1647/8,[1] died in Plymouth 21 November 1692 in her 44th year.[2]

Elizabeth married in Plymouth about 1667 John Doty,[3] born in Plymouth about 1639/40 (in April 1661 he received a musket in a distribution of guns and swords belonging to the town of Plymouth),[4] died in Plymouth 8 May 1701;[5] son of Edward and Faith (Clark) Doty.[6] Edward Doty was a passenger on the Mayflower. John Doty married (2) in Plymouth 22 November 1694 Sarah Jones,[7] daughter of Joseph and Patience (Little) Jones, by whom he had Sarah, Patience and Desire. Patience Little was a descendant of Pilgrim Richard Warren.

Evidence for the marriage of Elizabeth3 Cooke and John Doty is found in a legal suit, dated 7 July 1676 and brought by John Doty against "...the executors & overseers of the last will of Jacob Cooke, deceased, and the rest of the children concerned in that estate...". Plymouth Colony Court determined that he should receive payment from the children of Jacob2 Cooke, hence he was married to one of Jacob's daughters.[8]

In March of 1687/8, John Doty was ordered to care for his relatives Thurston and Henery Clarke.[9]

The will of John Doty, Sr. of Plymouth, dated 15 April 1701, proved 3 June 1701, names his eldest son John Dotey; wife Sarah; four younger sons Isaac, Samuel, Elisha and Josiah; daughter Elizabeth Moss; four younger daughters Martha, Sarah, Patience and Desire; and brother John Rickard. His wife Sarah was appointed executrix.[10]

On 19 June 1701 Samuel4 Dotey chose his uncle Jacob, and Elisha4 Doty chose his brother John as their guardians. On 23 December 1709 Martha4 Doty chose her brother Isaac as her guardian, and, on 25 June [date between 1701 and 1709], Josiah4 Doty chose John Rickard as his guardian.[11]

For the continuation of this line, see MF Doty Family.

Children (Doty/ Doten), born in Plymouth.[12]

91 i John4, born 24 August 1668.

92 ii Edward, born 28 June 1671; died young.

93 iii Jacob, born 27 May 1673; died young.

94 iv Elizabeth, born 10 February 1675/6.

95 v Isaac, born 25 October 1678.

96 vi Samuel, born "last of" January 1682.

97 vii Elisha, born 13 July 1686.

98 viii Josiah, born in October 1689.

99 ix Martha, born in October 1692. [Her mother was then 44.]

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