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Mayflower Descendant

From Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol. 11 p. 5-7:

JOHN2 DOTY (Edward1) b. Plymouth by 1640 (In Apr. 1661 he received a musket in a distribution of guns and swords belonging to the town of Plymouth [1]). He d. Plymouth 8 May 1701 [2].

On 2 July 1667, liberty was granted to Edward Dotey and his brother John Dotey to look out for some supplies of land. [3] On 17 Jan. 1667/8 John Dotey and Thomas Dotey sold to John Smith their seventh parts of a share of Dartmouth land from the estate of their father [4].

John Doty m. (1) Plymouth before 1668 ELIZABETH COOKE, b. 18 Jan. 1648/9, dau. of Jacob and Damaris (Hopkins) Cooke [5], a granddaughter of Pilgrims Stephen Hopkins and Francis Cooke. The mother of John Doty's first nine children is identified as Elizabeth [6]. On 19 June 1701, his son Samuel Dotey chose his uncle Jacob Cooke as his guardian [7]. Elizabeth Doty died 21 Nov. 1692 [8] in her 44th year [9].
On 9 May 1671, Faith Phillips sold the house and lands left to her by her husband Edward Doty to her son John Dotey of Plymouth [10].

On 7 July 1676, in a dispute between John Doten and the executors and overseers of the will of Jacob Cooke, the Court ordered that John Doten receive two acres of marsh or a sum of money to be paid out of the estate [11].
In 1686, John, Edward, Jacob, Elizabeth, Isaac, Samuel and Elisha, the children of Elizabeth Dotey, were baptized in the Plymouth Church [12].

On 1 Apr. 1690, the Court gave John Dotey of Plymouth, the nephew of Thurston and Henry Clark, control of their estate, to dispose of it as needed to defray the expenses of their care [13].

He m. (2) Plymouth 22 Nov. 1694 SARAH JONES [14], b. Hingham 12 Sept. 1671 [15], dau. of Joseph and Patience (Little) Jones [16], a descendant of Pilgrim Richard Warren. She m. (2) 23 Aug. 1704 Joseph Peterson [17], a descendant of Pilgrim George Soule. Sarah and Joseph Peterson, Jr., baptized as adults in 1730 [18] may have been their children. She was living 10 July 1752, when the accounting of the estate of Joseph Peterson mentions "necessaries set off to the widow" [19].

On 9 July 1695 John Dotey and Thomas Faunce were appointed the guardians of the orphan children of Edward Dotey, namely Samuel, Mercy and Benjamin [20].

The will of John Dotey, Senr. of Plymouth, signed 15 Apr. 1701, proved 3 June 1701, names eldest son John Dotey; wife Sarah; four youngest sons Isaac Dotey, Samuel Dotey, Elisha Dotey and Josiah Dotey; dau. Elizabeth Moss; four youngest daus. Martha, Sarah, Patience, and Desire; wife Sarah to be sole executrix, with brother [in law] John Rickard to assist her. His inventory was taken 17 May 1701 and presented 3 June 1701 [2].

On 18 June 1701, John Rickard was appointed guardian to Josiah Doty, one of the orphaned children of John Dotey [21]. The next day Samuel Dotey chose his uncle Jacob Cooke to be his guardian; and Elisha Cooke chose his brother John as guardian [7]. On 23 Dec. 1709 Martha Doty chose her brother Isaac Doty to be her guardian; and on 10 Feb. 1713, Desire Doty chose Ephraim Little to be her guardian [7].

No guardianship records for Sarah or Patience Doty have been found. Patience is known to have survived and married Kenelm Baker [22]. Sarah appears in her father's will but may have died as a child, a presumption supported by the fact that her mother appears to have had a dau. Sarah by her second husband Joseph Peterson [18].
In Sept. 1703 John Doten, Isaac Doten and Samuel Doten were charged with killing and stealing a sheep "on the Gurnett" [23].

On 30 May 1716 Isaac Doten, Samuel Doten, Elisha Doten and Josiah Doten all of Plymouth deeded land that had been granted to their father John Doten in Plymouth, to their sister Elizabeth, wife of Joshua Morse [24].

Children (DOTY) b. Plymouth by first wife Elizabeth [25]:

18 i JOHN3 b. 24 Aug. 1668
ii EDWARD b. 28 June 1671; prob. d. bef 15 Apr. 1701 (not in father's will [2])
iii JACOB b. 27 May 1673; prob. d. bef. 15 Apr. 1701 (not in father's will [2])
19 iv ELIZABETH b. 10 Feb. 1675/6
20 v ISAAC b. 25 Oct. 1678
21 vi SAMUELL b. "last of Januawary" 1682/3
22 vii ELISHA b. 13 July 1686
23 viii JOSIAH b. Oct. 1689
24 ix MARTHA b. Oct. 1692

Children (DOTEY) b. Plymouth by second wife Sarah [26]:

x SARAH b. 19 Feb. 1695/6, living 15 Apr. 1701 ( in father's will); prob. d. bef 1712 (birth of Sarah Peterson [12])
25 xi PATIENCE b. 3 July 1697
26 xii DESIRE b. 19 Apr. 1699

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