Notes for William Snow

WILLIAM SNOW, the immigrant, was born in England in 1624, he sailed to New England in the ship "Susan and Ellen" in 1635, with Richard Derby, who settled at Plymouth. William is an apprentice, and his age is listed to be eighteen at that time, although he is but eleven. He is assigned to Edward Doten in 1638, to serve seven years at Plymouth. In 1643 his name appears on the resident list of those able to bear arms at Plymouth. William Snow settled at Duxbury and is afterward one of the proprietors and first settlers of the town of Bridgewater, Massachusetts where he took the oath of fidelity (Freeman) in 1657, listed as a Husbandman. His Last Will and Testament is dated in 1699, and proved in 1708, he died 31st January 1708 at Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He lived to the great age of eighty-four and in his last years is supported by his son William.

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