Notes for Anna Warren

Mayflower descendant.

From Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol. 18 Part 1 Third Edition.

3. ANNA2 WARREN (Richard1) b. prob. England ca. 1612 (deposition); d. Marshfield after 19 Feb. 1675/6 (son's will).

She m. Plymouth 19 April 1633 THOMAS LITTLE, d. Marshfield March 1671/2 buried there 12 March 1671.

The first record of Thomas Little in Plymouth is the 25 March 1633 tax list.

The will of Thomas Little Sr. dated 17 May 1671, exhibited 1 July 1672, names wife; sons Isacke and Ephraim; younger sons Thomas and Samuel; grandchild John Jones; Sarah Bonney (no relationship stated). Anna Little, widow, swore to the inventory July 1672.

On 6 June 1672 Anna little "aged sixty yeares or therabouts" deposed to the will of Ralph Chapman. On the same day, Ephraim Little "aged 22 yeares or therabouts" deposed to the same.

Children of Thomas and Anna (Warren) Little, first seven b. Plymouth, last two b. Marshfield:

17 i ABIGAIL LITTLE3, b. ca. 1635
ii RUTH LITTLE d. aft. 19 Feb. 1675/6 (will of brother Thomas); prob. unm.
18 iii HANNAH LITTLE, b. ca. 1637
19 iv PATIENCE LITTLE, b. ca. 1639 (based on age at d.)
20 v MERCY LITTLE, b. ca. 1645
21 vi ISAAC LITTLE, b. ca. 1646 (based on age at d.)
22 vii EPHRAIM LITTLE, b. 17 May 1650
viii THOMAS LITTLE, b. bef. 19 Feb. 1654/5 (if over 21 when he wrote will); killed by Indians 26 March 1676 in King Philip's War; unm. The will of Thomas Little Sr. dated 19 Feb. 1675, sworn 31 May 1676, names brother Samuel; sisters Ruth, Hannah, Patience and Mercye (no surnames) and his mother.
23 ix SAMUEL LITTLE, b. ca. 1656 (based on depos.)

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