Notes for Damaris Hopkins

Mayflower descendant.

From Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol. 6 p. 11:

DAMARIS2 HOPKINS (Stephen1) b. Plymouth ca. 1628; d. bet. 20 Oct. 1666 and 18 Nov. 1669.

She m. prob. Plymouth shortly after 10 June 1646 JACOB COOKE, b. in Leyden, Holland, ca. 1618; d. Plymouth bet. 11 and 18 Dec. 1675; son of Pilgrim Francis Cooke and Hester (Mayhieu) Cooke; Jacob m. (2) Plymouth 18 Nov. 1669 Elizabeth (Lettice) Shurtleff, b. ca. 1637; d. at Swansea 31 Oct. 1693 in 57th yr.; dau. of Thomas and Anne ( ----- ) Lettice; Jacob Cooke had daus. Sarah (b. Plymouth ca. 1681) and Rebecca (alive 11 Dec. 1675) by second wife Elizabeth; she m. (1) Plymouth 18 Oct. 1655 William Shirley [Shurtleff]; she m. (3) Plymouth 1 Jan. 1688/9 Hugh Cole.

Jacob Cooke came with his mother in the Ann in 1623. On 10 June 1646 a marriage contract between Jacob Cooke and Damarise Hopkins was recorded whereunder Francis Cooke would give them one hundred acres of land when they were married. Jacob Cooke and his wife acknowledged a deed on 20 Oct. 1666. On 14 July 1674 Jacob deposed that he was "aged fifty six years or there about."

The will of Jacob Cooke of Plymouth, dated 11 Dec. 1675, was proved 8 March 1676. He provided that "my engagement unto my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth Cooke att or before my marriage with her be truely and honestly prformed unto her." He left livestock to wife Elizabeth "towards the bringing up of my three youngest Daughters." He also gave her the products of "the orchyard that I planted by or in the place I lived in att my first Marriage." He provided for eldest son Caleb Cooke, sons Jacob and Francis, and six daughters, who were named. The record was worn when transcribed by Bowman, and is read "my six Daughters viz, "Mary [worn]kah Cookes." Also mentioned were "my Cozen Daniell Wilcockes" and "my brother John Thompson." The widow and son Caleb were named executors. Inventory of the estate was taken 18 Dec. 1675 and presented to the court 8 March 1675/6.

Children (COOKE) b. Plymouth:

i ELIZABETH3 b. 18 Jan. 1647/8.
ii CALEB b. 29 March 1651.
iii JACOB b. 26 March 1653.
iv MARY b. 12 Jan. 1657/8.
v MARTHA b. 16 March 1659/60.
vi FRANCIS b. 5 Jan. 1662/3.
vii RUTH b. 17 Jan. 1665/6; alive 11 Dec. 1675.


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