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6. Jacob2 Cooke (Francis), born in Leyden, Holland about 1618 [deposed 14 July 1674 "aged fifty-six years or thereabout",[1] died in Plymouth between 11 and 18 December 1675.[2]

Jacob married (1), probably in Plymouth and shortly after 10 June 1646 [date of marriage gift], Damaris Hopkins,[3] born in Plymouth probably shortly after 22 May 1627 [as she does not appear in the 22 May 1627 Division of Cattle],[4] died before 18 November 1669;[5]] daughter of Pilgrim Stephen and Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins.[6]

Jacob married (2) in Plymouth on 18 November 1669 to Elizabeth (Lettice) Shurtleff,[7] born between 1 November 1636 and 31 October 1637 [per age at death];[8] died in Swansea 31 October 1693 in her 57th year;[9] daughter of Thomas and Anna (--) Lettice and widow of Thomas Shurtleff.[10]

When Jacob was about nineteen he volunteered to fight the Indians. This was in June 1637 when the first actual Indian War with the Pequot tribe was threatening and the Plymouth court voted that the colony should raise a company of about thirty men to assist Massachusetts and Connecticut. Jacob Cooke was one of those offering to go. The war was practically won before the Plymouth contingent was ready to march, so they were not called into service. [11]


[The following transcription of the will and inventory of Jacob2 Cooke was prepared by George Ernest Bowman and printed in The Mayflower Descendant, Vol. III, p. 236-242 (Boston, 1901).]

[p.1] The last Will and Testament of Jacob Cooke senir: of Plymouth in New England late Decased exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth aforsaid the 8th Day of March 1676 on the oathes of Mr Edward Gray and Leift: Joseph howland as followeth;

Know all men to whom these prsents shall come that I Jacob Cooke senir of the Towne of Plymouth in New England; being att this prsent very weake in body through many Infeirmities and Deseas; that are upon mee; but of sound and prfect understanding and memory; Doe make and ordaine this to be my last Will and Testament to Continewe for ever feirme and Inviolable; Imprimis my will is that my engagement unto my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth Cooke att or before my marriage with her be truely and honestly prformed unto her; Item I will and bequeath unto my said wife Elizabeth Cooke one yoake of oxen and one cow, towards the bringing up of my three youngest Daughters; and for her and theire more comfortable subsistence; I Give unto her my said wife Dureing her widdowhood; the use benifitt and Improvement of the orchyard that is by my Now Dwelling house; and the orchyard that I planted by or in the place I lived in att my first Marriage; alsoe During her widdowhood I Give her free Comonage for her stocke of Cattle of all sorts to Depasture in and upon those my lands att Rockey nooke; and my will is that my said wife take into her Costody the portions of my three youngest Daughters; To Cecure them untell they are of Capassitie to receive them; if shee please; Item I will and bequeath unto my eldest son Caleb Cooke; a Double portion of all my lands; that is to say one halfe of them for quantitie and quallitie; and my will is that hee shall have in his prte of them, the one halfe of my meddow that lyeth att Pyny point alsoe three quarters of my two Great Lotts of meddow that lyeth in Joneses River meddow; and all my meddow that lyeth att home on Joneses River and the remainder of his proportion of lands; hee shall have them out of my Lands that I now live on; and my lands in Rockey Nooke; and my thirty acrees of wood land that lyeth att the head of my lots; onely what meddow or Grasse I have engaged unto my wife aforsaid; shee shall have it out of his lott and half of Meddow att Jonses River meddow; and hee shall not Deney my said wife but lett her have ffree egresse and regresse for Pastureing on those lands in Rockey nooke which shalbe Considered to him when [wom]n is made; Item I will and bequeath unto my son Jacob Cooke

one share of [worn] lands, that is one quarter prte of them for quantitie and quallitie; and my [worn]at hee shall have in his prte of them; my sixty acrees of upland that lyeth [worn] all that my meddow and upland that lyeth next unto [worn] Gave and possessed, by my brother John Thomson [worn]nd in Rockey nooke; alsoe hee shall have the onehalf [worn] lyeth next unto John Dunhames meddow att [worn] of mddow that lyeth in Joneses river meddow; and [worn] amount to his proportion for quantitie [worn] payed by one of his brothers [worn] that in mony, soe hee to alow them if otherwise [worn]on ffrancis Cooke one share of my lands [worn]antitie and quallitie; and my will is that in his [worn] my forty five acrees of upland [worn]rother Wrights land; alsoe the onehalfe of my [worn] Winnatucksett next John Dunhames Meddow [worn] meddow; that lyeth att Jonses River meddow and [worn] what these severall prsells shall want of [worn]mainder out of the lands I live upon or [worn]es of age; by his brother Caleb; if those to [worn]s my will see cause; that my son ffrancis [worn]ny; and that they; att the Devision Determine [worn] prformance; Item I will and betweath unto [worn]s haveing Don formerly, according to [worn]th unto my six Daughters viz Mary [worn]kah Cookes my Debts and legacyes [worn]s monyes Debts Goods [p.2] Cattle Chattells and whatsoever moveable estate appertaineth unto mee to be equally] Devided betwixt them six onely what Come and provision shalbe found in being shal[worn] be Devided; but spent by my wife and Children that are with her; and my Desire is that my executors take the best Course they Can, to Cecure theire portions, to the time of theire marriage or that they Come of age; And I Doe by these prsents appoint make and ordaine my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth Cooke; and my loveing son Caleb Cooke my executors of this my Last Will; and testament; to Adminnester upon my said estate to receive all such Debtes as are Due to mee and; to pay all such Debts and legacyes as I owe or are Given by these prsents; and I Doe alsoe Impower and Authorise my said executors by these prsents to give unto my Cozen Daniell Wilcockes a Deed of that land att Punckateesett; which I sold him, and hee hath payed mee for; Alsoe to Give & take a Deed of my brother John Thompson for the land and meddow that hee and my selfe exchanged, one with the other; alsoe that my executors see that my body be Decently buried, and out of my estate to Defray the Charge therof; and my will is that my loveing frinds my brother John Thompson and Wiliam Crowe; Doe see the prformance of this my last Will, and the settlement of my estate; and I Doe therefore Desire order and Impower them; for to be healpfull to my wife and Children in all their Devisions above mensioned; and to Determine what and how any matter shalbe between them; as neare as they Can according to the true Intent of this my last Will and Testament; And by these prsents I revoake all former wills; thus hopeing that this my last Will and Testament wilbe kept and prformed according to the true Intent and meaning thereof: I Commit my body to the Dust and my soule to God that Gave it mee; In Witnes whereof I Jacob Cooke senir: have sett to my hand and seale this eleventh Day of December one thousand six hundred seaventy and five; alsoe for my fifty acrees of Land att or about Joneses river meddow; I would have it Devided to my sonnes as my other lands, either to all of them or else to one of them hee paying his brothers for their pies;

Signed and sealled in the Jacob Cooke senir:
presence of us to be his his X marke and a (seale)
Joseph howland
Edward Gray his marke
Isacke Wright his marke

On the list of "The Names of all the Males that are able to beare Armes from xvj. Yeares old to 60 Yeares, wthin the seurall Towneshipps" will be found Jacob Cooke, 5.[12] [Of the 147 names on this list a total of 19, beginning with Robte Eldred, 1 through Jacob Cook, 5, and John Cooke, Jur, his boy, 6, had numbers written after their names on the original. The meaning of these numbers is unclear but possibly this was a company of militia.]

He was admitted freeman in June 1648. He served on trial juries in 1653, 1655, 1657-60, 1666 and 1670; on grand juries in 1650, 1662 and 1667; as constable of Plymouth in 1671, and as supervisor or surveyor in 1647-8, 1664 and 1666.[13]

On 6 October 1659 an Inventory of the estate of Elizabeth Hopkins was taken which was then in the hands of Jacob Cooke [her brother-in-law] which totaled the sum of L26-14-00.[14]

The will of Thomas Lettice of Plymouth,[15]dated 1678 [no month or day given], mentions his daughter Elizabeth Cooke, widow. Elizabeth Lettice married (1) in Plymouth 18 October 1655 William Shurtleff ("Shirtley" in marriage record),[16] by whom she had children William, Thomas and Abiel. Elizabeth married (3) in Plymouth 1 January 1688/9 Hugh Cole.[17]

The marriage date for Jacob Cooke and Damaris Hopkins is determined by a "Deed of gift" dated 10 June 1646 in which Francis Cooke agreed to give the couple 100 acres of land at North River as well as one half of all future divisions of land acquired by his father's right as a shareholder in the Plymouth Company upon their marriage. The deed also gave him one ox, one cow, one calf, and one colt; assistance in building a house at "Rockynooke" and, after the death of both parents, "the teame with all the furniture belonging thereunto. Hesther (Mahieu) Cooke signed this deed, making her mark; no other instance of her signature has been found.[18]

On 11 July 1649 Thomas Prence sold to Jakob Cooke of Plymouth a parcel of upland of about 40 acres lying in "Rocky noocke near Plymouth" for 21 pounds 10 shillings.[19]

On 9 April 1650 Francis Cooke acknowledged his deed of gift to Jacob and on the same day Jacob sold the hundred acres for £16 sterling to Moris Truant. On 11 July 1649 Jacob bought of Thomas Prence, for £21-10-0, about forty acres in "Rocky Noocke near Plymouth". In May 1665 and in July 1672 he sold and exchanged land at Dartmouth which had come to him from his father.[20]

On 14 July 1674 Jacob Cooke deposed that he was "aged fifty six years or there about".[21]

The will of Jacob Cooke "senir" of Plymouth, dated 11 December 1675, exhibited 8 March 1676, names wife Elizabeth Cooke, eldest son Caleb Cooke, to whom he gave "a Double portion of all my lands; that is to say one halfe of them for quantitie and quallitie", son Jacob Cooke, "brother" John Thomson, son Francis, "Cozen" Daniel Wilcockes, "[worn]rother Wrights land", "my six Daughters viz Mary [worn]kah Cookes". Caleb and the widow were executors of the estate. The inventory is dated 18 December 1675 and showed a personal estate of more than £104 besides a large amount of land. On 8 March 1676/7, the lands of Jacob Cooke were divided among his sons Caleb, Jacob and Francis.[22]

Children (Cooke), born in Plymouth; i through vii by Damaris, viii and ix by Elizabeth:[23]
+ 16 i Elizabeth', born 18 January 1647/8.
+ 17 ii Caleb, born 29 March 1651.
+ 18 iii Jacob, born 26 March 1653.
+ 19 iv Mary, born 12 January 1657.
+ 20 v Martha, born 16 March 1659[/60].
+ 21 vi Francis, born 5 January 1662.
22 vii Ruth, born 17 January 1665; living 11 December 1675.
+ 23 viii Sarah [possible], born about 1671; living 11 December 1675.
24 ix Rebecca [probable], living 11 December 1675.

NOTE: It is possible that Ruth3 was the Ruth who married Hezekiah Tinkham, but proof of this has not been found.

NOTE: Daughters Sarah3 and Rebecca3 are not proven. In the will of Jacob2 Cooke, the phrase " six Daughters viz Mary [worn]kah Cookes..." appears. Four of these daughters (Elizabeth, Mary, Martha and Ruth) are accounted for by their birth records. A Sarah Cooke married Robert Bartlett on 1 April 1691 in Plymouth; she was probably the daughter of Jacob2 Cooke, but evidence for this is not in hand. Of "[worn]kah," [probably Rebecca], no further record has been found.

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From: Francis Cooke of the Mayflower -- The First Five Generations p. 46-55

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