Notes for Mary Warren

Mayflower descendant.

From Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol. 18 Part 1 Third Edition.

2. MARY2 WARREN (Richard1) b. England ca. 1610; d. Plymouth 27 March 1683 in 73rd yr.
She m. after 22 May 1627, perhaps in 1629 ROBERT BARTLETT*; d. Plymouth bet. 19 Sept 1676 (date of will) and 29 Oct 1676 (date will proven); perhaps the son of Robert and Alice (Barker) Bartlett

Robert Bartlett arrived on the Anne in 1623 and received one acre in the 1623 Division of Land. He was unmarried in the 1627 Division of Cattle. He was in the 1633 list of Freemen.

On 1 July 1633 Mrs. Warren and Robt Bartlet were to mow where they did last year, implying a marriage to Mary by 1632 or earlier.

On 27 June 1659 Robert Bartlett took a lease for 10 years of the lands of his late son-in-law Richard Foster.

On 4 March 1673/4 Mary Bartlett the wife of Robert Bartlett owned she had received full satisfaction for her share of the estate of Mistris Elizabeth Warren Deceased.

On 14 July 1670 Robert Bartlett, wine cooper of Plymouth, deeded land to son-in-law James Barnabey, cordwainer, and dau. Lydia Barnabey his wife.

On 14 July 1673 Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, wine cooper, gave son Joseph Bartlett all of his farm.

The will of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, dated 19 Sept 1676, proved 29 Oct. 1676, gave all his estate to his wife to dispose among his children. On 6 March 1676/7 letters of administration were granted unto Mary Bartlett and Joseph Bartlett to administer the estate of Robert Bartlett, dec. On 13 Feb. 1677, ack. same day, Mary Bartlett, widow of Robert Bartlett, sold all the estate to her son Joseph Bartlett

In 1683 (no date mentioned) Benjamin Bartlet Sr. of Duxborough and Joseph Bartlet of Plimouth, yeomen, confirmed that their father Robert Bartlet of Plimouth in his will made a bequest to William Harlow Jr. of Plymouth his grandson, 50 acres of land in Plymouth and that their mother Mary Bartlet now deceased did during her widowhood affirm the gift.

Children of Robert and Mary (Warren) Bartlett, b. Plymouth:

9 i BENJAMIN BARTLET]2, b. bef. 6 June 1633. (He was a Freeman 6 June 1654 and must have been at least 21 years old.)
10 ii REBECCA BARTLETT, b. bef. Dec. 1634 (if 16 or older, when married)
11 iii MARY, b. ca. 1634 (if 17 when married)
13 v JOSEPH BARTLETT, b. ca. 1639 (based on age on g.s.)
14 vi ELIZABETH BARTLETT, b. ca. 1643 (if m. at 18 & 45 when last ch. b.)
15 vii LYDIA BARTLETT, b. 8 June 1648
16 viii MERCY BARTLETT, b. 10 March 1650/1

*TAG 55:164-8 suggests Robert may be the Robert Bartlett, bp. 27 May 1603 at Puddletown, Dorset, England.

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