Notes for Pelatiah Mason

A tradition, probably from the records gathered by a grandson of Pelatiah Mason, says that he married a second, third and fourth wife and lived with the last wife for twenty-one years. There appears to be no recorded proof of any but the first marriage and the conveyances by Pelatiah Mason recorded after the death of his wife Hepsibeth, make no mention of a wife nor is there any release of dower. He was a tanner and shoemaker by trade and his homestead was on the highway leading from the Great Bridge, now known as Myles Bridge, to Mattapoisett, now Gardner's Neck in Swansea. He made no will, having distributed his real estate among his sons some years prior to his death.
On 28 APR 1724, he conveyed to his eldest son, Job Mason, a lot of forty acres of land probably adjoining his own homestead. On 31 AUG 1747, he conveyed to his sons Job, Russell and John, several lots of land for love and small sums of money and it is probable that these lots included all his real estate. He held several minor town offices in Swansea and appears to have been an active member of the Second Church. He is buried in a small family burial lot in an orchard probably a part of the homestead conveyed to his son Job in 1724. The location is a little more than a mile north-west from the meeting house of the Second Church. His grave is marked by a rough, field stone bearing the inscription P.M. - 94 - 1763. The grave of his wife is marked by a similar stone inscribed H.M. 1727.

Mr. Pelatiah Mason of Swansey Deceased this nLife March ye 29:1763 aged 94 years and the Last Zurvier of Six Breathren the youngest was 70 years of age when he deceased.

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