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The Learned-Dill Genealogies

Being the Family Histories of Dorothy Jane Learned and Robert Allan Dill

Welcome to the home page of Dotty and Bob Dill. Here you'll find our genealogies and some old family photos. Both genealogies are principally of New England people although there are some from Ireland, Canada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Dotty's Genealogy:
Names most commonly found include:
Bartlett(25), Coolidge(16), Learned(15), Abbott(14), Hill(11), Warren(10), Boyden(10), Bright(10), Phippen(9), Stratton(9)

This 1983 photo shows 4 generations with Dotty holding her grandaughter Heather, with daughter Terry, and her mother Pauline.

Click here to view a Gallery of Dotty's Computer Generated Art

Bob's Genealogy:
Names most commonly found include:
Dill (8), Leonard (11), Nichols (9), Parker (8), Bacon (8), Bellows (6), Farnsworth (6), Fisher (14), Gilbert (6), Hall (9), Hathaway (8), Hendricks (6), Holbrook (10), Moore (6), Pratt (8), Sherman (7), Smith (13), Stone (7), Wetmore (6), White (6)

The Leonard family moved from Bridgewater, MA to Pomfret, VT. This 1901 photograph shows a family reunion with all 26 people in the photograph identified. Also included is a photograph of Harvey Binghams Leonard's children and Henry Owen Leonard and his family, all taken in the early 1900s.

The Eels family of Brattleboro, VT is recorded in photographs dating from 1874. See photographs of George Asa, his brother Herbert, his wife Jenny and their three children.

Dill Family History
The history of the Dill family of Nova Scotia has not been accurately reported in the literature and this document attempts to correct some of the errors.

Dills in 1871 Census
This is a listing of the Dills in the 1871 Hants County Census with parentage indicated where known.

David's Genealogy
David Dill was perhaps the eldest brother and many of his descendants live in Windsor, Nova Scotia today. Among them is Howard Dill, the Pumpkin King and the annual Pumpkin Weighoff and Regatta draw many to Windsor in October.
Here is David's genealogy based mostly on work by Pearl Aubene (Cochrane) Brown with updates and corrections.

Mungo's Genealogy
Beulah Wright, Tess Dill and Maribelle Smiley have published genealogies on the Dill half-brother, Mungo. Here is an updated version based on their work.

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